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MTZ worldwide

2002 - 2023
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Ausgabe 6/2023
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The steady success of Chinese e-cars poses a major threat to European automakers. Competition from Chinese imports is particularly high due to the comparatively open market in Europe.

Silicon wafers are turned into chips in four repeated processes. Lithography is the heart of the complex production process. And if you want to stay competitive, you have to get a handle on the reject rate.

The chip shortage has long burdened the car industry. In order to be better prepared for such crises in the future, ISF Munich provides the automotive industry with guidelines for an optimized semiconductor strategy. The six measures at a glance.

Cariad is reorganizing: Peter Bosch from Bentley becomes the new CEO, Dirk Hilgenberg has to go. The software subsidiary is to be linked even more closely to the Volkswagen Group brands.

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MTZ worldwide

is always in pole position when it comes to engine development and technology. Packed with detailed reports from research and development for highly specialised engineers.

MTZ worldwide is essential reading for technology-oriented management in the automotive industry with a special focus on engine development. Expert authors from industry and technology report on research projects.

MTZ worldwide
Jahrgang 63/2002 - Jahrgang 84/2023
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