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MTZ worldwide

2002 - 2024
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Ausgabe 7-8/2024
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Ferrari Opens New e-Building Plant

Ferrari has opened its e-building. The new plant will build sports cars with combustion engines and hybrid drives as well as Ferrari's first electric model.

Ford Presents the Limited Edition Mustang GTD

17.07.2024 Sports Car News

The Ford Mustang GTD celebrated its European premiere at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The limited racing version of the pony car is also available to order in Germany.

On the Road to Cognitive Power Electronics

Wide-bandgap semiconductor technology, information technology and AI are jointly revolutionizing power electronics. Soon, cognitive power electronics could react independently to incidents. 

Only a Small Majority Has Confidence in Assistance Systems

According to a recent TÜV survey, only a small majority of German citizens trust the reliability of assistance systems. A clear majority would like to see independent testing of the systems. 

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MTZ worldwide

is always in pole position when it comes to engine development and technology. Packed with detailed reports from research and development for highly specialised engineers.

MTZ worldwide is essential reading for technology-oriented management in the automotive industry with a special focus on engine development. Expert authors from industry and technology report on research projects.

MTZ worldwide
Jahrgang 63/2002 - Jahrgang 85/2024
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