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Natural Computing

Natural Computing 3/2014

Ausgabe 3/2014

Part1: Special Issue: Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014


Alex Graudenzi, Giulio Caravagna, Giancarlo Mauri

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

An investigation into irreducible autocatalytic sets and power law distributed catalysis

Wim Hordijk, Leonard Hasenclever, Jie Gao, Dilyana Mincheva, Jotun Hein

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Bounded noises as a natural tool to model extrinsic fluctuations in biomolecular networks

Sebastiano de Franciscis, Giulio Caravagna, Alberto d’Onofrio

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

A local landscape mapping method for protein structure prediction in the HP model

Andrea G. Citrolo, Giancarlo Mauri

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

An ensemble evolutionary constraint-based approach to understand the emergence of metabolic phenotypes

Chiara Damiani, Dario Pescini, Riccardo Colombo, Sara Molinari, Lilia Alberghina, Marco Vanoni, Giancarlo Mauri

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

A synthetic biology approach to bio-chem-ICT: first moves towards chemical communication between synthetic and natural cells

Giordano Rampioni, Fabio Mavelli, Luisa Damiano, Francesca D’Angelo, Marco Messina, Livia Leoni, Pasquale Stano

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Identification of components in biochemical pathways: extensive application to SBML models

Giovanni Pardini, Paolo Milazzo, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

A stochastic model of catalytic reaction networks in protocells

Roberto Serra, Alessandro Filisetti, Marco Villani, Alex Graudenzi, Chiara Damiani, Tommaso Panini

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

A cognitive-inspired algorithm for growing networks

Emanuele Massaro, Franco Bagnoli, Andrea Guazzini, Henrik Olsson

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Communication based dynamic role allocation in a group of homogeneous robots

Onofrio Gigliotta, Marco Mirolli, Stefano Nolfi

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Morphogenesis through moving membranes

Vincenzo Manca, Giovanni Pardini

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 3/2014

Immune clonal coevolutionary algorithm for dynamic multiobjective optimization

Ronghua Shang, Licheng Jiao, Yujing Ren, Jia Wang, Yangyang Li

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