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An enhanced monarch butterfly optimization with self-adaptive crossover operator for unconstrained and constrained optimization problems

Inspired by the phenomenon of migration of monarch butterflies, Wang et al. developed a novel promising swarm intelligence algorithm, called monarch butterfly optimization (MBO), for addressing unconstrained low-dimensional optimization problems.




Attractor landscapes in Boolean networks with firing memory: a theoretical study applied to genetic networks

In this paper we study the dynamical behavior of Boolean networks with firing memory, namely Boolean networks whose vertices are updated synchronously depending on their proper Boolean local transition functions so that each vertex remains at its …

27.04.2020 Open Access

Search space reduction of asynchrony immune cellular automata

We continue the study of asynchrony immunity in cellular automata (CA), which can be considered as a generalization of correlation immunity in the case of vectorial Boolean functions. The property could have applications as a countermeasure for …



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Natural Computing refers to computational processes observed in nature, and human-designed computing inspired by nature. When complex natural phenomena are analyzed in terms of computational processes, our understanding of both nature and the essence of computation is enhanced. Characteristic for human-designed computing inspired by nature is the metaphorical use of concepts, principles and mechanisms underlying natural systems. Natural computing includes evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, molecular computing and quantum computing.

The journal Natural Computing provides a forum for discovery in natural computing, offering links among researchers and insight into trends in an emerging specialty. The journal reports on theory, experiments, and applications, and covers natural computing from a very broad perspective, including use of algorithms to consider evolution as a computational process, and neural networks in light of computational trends in brain research.

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