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08.09.2021 Open Access

On the generative capacity of matrix insertion-deletion systems of small sum-norm

A matrix insertion-deletion system (or matrix ins-del system) is described by a set of insertion-deletion rules presented in matrix form, which demands all rules of a matrix to be applied in the given order. These systems were introduced to model …




Conjugate word blending: formal model and experimental implementation by XPCR

This paper introduces conjugate word blending as a formal model of molecular processes that occur during a DNA experimental protocol called cross-pairing Polymerase Chain Reaction (XPCR). We analyze this formal word and language operation from a …




Committed-format AND protocol using only random cuts

In the research area of card-based cryptography, designing committed-format AND protocols that are efficient in terms of the number of required cards is a major topic. Such an AND protocol should receive two pairs of face-down (physical) cards …

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Natural Computing refers to computational processes observed in nature, and human-designed computing inspired by nature. When complex natural phenomena are analyzed in terms of computational processes, our understanding of both nature and the essence of computation is enhanced. Characteristic for human-designed computing inspired by nature is the metaphorical use of concepts, principles and mechanisms underlying natural systems. Natural computing includes evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, molecular computing and quantum computing.

The journal Natural Computing provides a forum for discovery in natural computing, offering links among researchers and insight into trends in an emerging specialty. The journal reports on theory, experiments, and applications, and covers natural computing from a very broad perspective, including use of algorithms to consider evolution as a computational process, and neural networks in light of computational trends in brain research.

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