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A Stackelberg game-based approach for interactions among Internet service providers and content providers

This paper studies non-neutral market share where Internet service providers (ISPs) charge content providers (CPs) for the content delivery. Each provider seeks to maximize its own profit by determining its price and their service qualities …


The brave new world of digital personal assistants: benefits and challenges from an economic perspective

The paper applies modern industrial economic theories to give an overview of the emerging phenomenon of digital personal assistants (DPAs). A DPA is an automated system that serves personal usage only and interacts with the user in natural …


Towards 5G: Techno-economic analysis of suitable use cases

The evolution of mobile networks towards the Fifth Generation (5G) introduces many concerns from the technical and economic points of view. Expected new applications exceed mobile networks’ current capabilities, and 4G networks will have to evolve …

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The journal Netnomics is intended to be an outlet for research in electronic networking as well as in network economics.
As more and more transactions are carried out electronically, important economic issues and problems arise. A network-based real-time macroeconomy has emerged with its own set of economic characteristics, creating a wealth of opportunities for economic research as well as important linkages to information systems. Topics that could be addressed are pricing schemes for electronic services, electronic trading systems, data mining and high-frequency online data as well as big data, real-time forecasting, filtering, economic software agents, distributed database applications, electronic money and tickets, and many more. Evidently, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, we attempt to disclose important research questions in the field of network economics. This may reflect networks in their widest sense regarding,
for instance, telecommunications, electronic networks, supply chain networks, networks in traffic and transportation such as the airline and maritime shipping industries, or even electricity networks and smart grids. Papers of Netnomics describe cutting edge research and applications in these areas.

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