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01.06.2011 | Ausgabe 5-6/2011

Annals of Telecommunications 5-6/2011

Network coding for MPR-based flooding in ad hoc wireless networks under mobility conditions

Nour Kadi, Khaldoun Al Agha


We propose a novel distributed coding scheme for broadcast over mobile ad hoc networks. In this scheme, we combine MPR technique with network coding. Only multipoint relay (MPR) nodes perform coding using a rateless code. Rather than waiting for a large number of encoded packets to be received before MPR nodes could decode and resend coded packets, we design a new degree distribution that enables the nodes to start decoding even when small number of encoded packets are received. Thus, we decrease the delay introduced at the intermediate nodes. The main advantage of using a rateless code for encoding instead of using a random linear combination of the previously received packets is to reduce significantly the encoding and decoding complexities. We provide a performance evaluation using a simulation to demonstrate the efficiency of our code even under mobility condition.

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