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12.12.2018 | Networked Vehicle | News | Onlineartikel

Bosch Develops V2X Connectivity Unit for All Standards

Patrick Schäfer
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A common language for car-to-everything communication is not yet in sight. Cars currently use C-V2X, DSRC and ITS-G5 standards. A connectivity unit from Bosch has been designed to mediate data communication between these standards. 

There is still no uniform standard for vehicle connectivity. While China uses Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) based on mobile communications technology, Europe and the USA are considering transmission standards based on Wi-Fi in addition to C-V2X with DSRC and ITS-G5. Bosch's universal connectivity unit is intended to act as a common language between the various standards. 

"Bosch is taking a multi-standard approach when it comes to V2X [vehicle-to-everything]. We have developed a universal connectivity unit capable of communicating using all of the transmission standards implemented in connected automobiles," says Bosch CEO Dr. Dirk Hoheisel. For this purpose, Bosch has combined connectivity units and telematics units in one control unit for V2X communication. Software from start-up Veniam handles the connectivity management and maintains a continuous connection.

Software from Veniam should guarantee an optimal connection

By allowing the system to switch between the transmission standards at any time, the latency should also improve, optimising the function of safety-critical services. "The unique combination of Veniam's smart networking software and Bosch's connectivity unit boosts the vehicle's data-handling capacities dramatically, paving the way for innovative cloud services and much safer future mobility," says João Barros, founder and CEO of Veniam. Bosch and Veniam have been selected as CES 2019 Innovation Award Honorees in the "Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology" category for their connectivity unit.

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