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Neural Computing and Applications

Ausgabe 25/2023

Special Issue on LatinX in AI Research (pp.18097-18230)/ Regular papers (pp.18231-18828)

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LatinX in AI research

Juan M. Banda, Ariel Ruiz-Garcia, Laura N. Montoya, Ivan Arraut

S.I. : LatinX in AI Research

Source tasks selection for transfer deep reinforcement learning: a case of study on Atari games

Jesús García-Ramírez, Eduardo F. Morales, Hugo Jair Escalante

S.I. : LatinX in AI Research

Explainable robotic systems: understanding goal-driven actions in a reinforcement learning scenario

Francisco Cruz, Richard Dazeley, Peter Vamplew, Ithan Moreira

S.I. : LatinX in AI Research

Multi-branch deep radial basis function networks for facial emotion recognition

Fernanda Hernández-Luquin, Hugo Jair Escalante

S.I. : LatinX in AI Research

Learning a causal structure: a Bayesian random graph approach

Mauricio Gonzalez-Soto, Ivan Feliciano-Avelino, L. Enrique Sucar, Hugo Jair Escalante

Open Access S.I. : LatinX in AI Research

Transformers analyzing poetry: multilingual metrical pattern prediction with transfomer-based language models

Javier de la Rosa, Álvaro Pérez, Mirella de Sisto, Laura Hernández, Aitor Díaz, Salvador Ros, Elena González-Blanco

S.I.: LatinX in AI Research

Triplet loss-based embeddings for forensic speaker identification in Spanish

Emmanuel Maqueda, Javier Alvarez-Jimenez, Carlos Mena, Ivan Meza

S.I.: LatinX in AI Research

Effective sample size, dimensionality, and generalization in covariate shift adaptation

Felipe Maia Polo, Renato Vicente

S.I.: LatinX in AI Research

FIRe-GAN: a novel deep learning-based infrared-visible fusion method for wildfire imagery

J. F. Ciprián-Sánchez, G. Ochoa-Ruiz, M. Gonzalez-Mendoza, L. Rossi

Open Access S.I: LatinX in AI Research

Human engagement providing evaluative and informative advice for interactive reinforcement learning

Adam Bignold, Francisco Cruz, Richard Dazeley, Peter Vamplew, Cameron Foale


Few-shot semantic segmentation: a review on recent approaches

Zhaobin Chang, Yonggang Lu, Xingcheng Ran, Xiong Gao, Xiangwen Wang

Original Article

Ingot oxide slag detection using two-stage UNet network based on mixed supervised learning

Jie Wu, Degang Xu, Chunhua Yang, Weihua Gui

Original Article

A systematic analysis of deep learning methods and potential attacks in internet-of-things surfaces

Ahmed Barnawi, Shivani Gaba, Anna Alphy, Abdoh Jabbari, Ishan Budhiraja, Vimal Kumar, Neeraj Kumar

Original Article

FDDN: frequency-guided network for single image dehazing

Haozhen Shen, Chao Wang, Liangjian Deng, Liangtian He, Xiaoping Lu, Mingwen Shao, Deyu Meng

Original Article

Detection of non-trivial preservable quotient spaces in S-Box(es)

Shah Fahd, Mehreen Afzal, Dawood Shah, Waseem Iqbal, Yawar Abbas

Original Article

GAN–XGB–cavity: automated estimation of underground cavities’ properties using GPR data

Van Phuc Tran, Son Dong Nguyen, Hyun Jong Lee, Thai Son Tran, Carlo Elipse

Original Article

Hierarchical capsule network for hyperspectral image classification

Meilin Shi, Ruoxiang Wang, Jiansi Ren

Original Article

A time-varying stock portfolio selection model based on optimized PSO-BiLSTM and multi-objective mathematical programming under budget constraints

Jalil Vaziri, Dariush Farid, Mehdi Nazemi Ardakani, Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan, MohammadAli Shahlaei

Original Article

The joint detection and classification model for spatiotemporal action localization of primates in a group

Kewei Liang, Zhiyuan Chen, Sen Yang, Yang Yang, Caijie Qin, Xibo Ma

Original Article

Multi-stream ternary enhanced graph convolutional network for skeleton-based action recognition

Jun Kong, Shengquan Wang, Min Jiang, TianShan Liu

Open Access Original Article

Predicting the state of synchronization of financial time series using cross recurrence plots

Mostafa Shabani, Martin Magris, George Tzagkarakis, Juho Kanniainen, Alexandros Iosifidis

Original Article

SoURA: a user-reliability-aware social recommendation system based on graph neural network

Sucheta Dawn, Monidipa Das, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

Open Access Original Article

Stress monitoring using wearable sensors: IoT techniques in medical field

Fatma M. Talaat, Rana Mohamed El-Balka

Original Article

Adaptive radio map reconstruction via adversarial wireless fingerprint learning

Weina Jiang, Qun Niu, Suining He, Ning Liu

Original Article

Joint contrastive learning and frequency domain defense against adversarial examples

Jin Yang, Zhi Li, Shuaiwei Liu, Bo Hong, Weidong Wang

Open Access Original Article

An improved Henry gas optimization algorithm for joint mining decision and resource allocation in a MEC-enabled blockchain networks

Reda M. Hussien, Amr A. Abohany, Nour Moustafa, Karam M. Sallam

Open Access Original Article

RamanNet: a generalized neural network architecture for Raman spectrum analysis

Nabil Ibtehaz, Muhammad E. H. Chowdhury, Amith Khandakar, Serkan Kiranyaz, M. Sohel Rahman, Susu M. Zughaier

Open Access Original Article

SCRE: special cargo relation extraction using representation learning

Vahideh Reshadat, Alp Akcay, Kalliopi Zervanou, Yingqian Zhang, Eelco de Jong

Open Access Original Article

A topic-aware classifier based on a hybrid quantum-classical model

Maha A. Metawei, Mohamed Taher, Hesham ElDeeb, Salwa M. Nassar

Original Article

Deep learning-based approaches for robust classification of cervical cancer

Ishak Pacal, Serhat Kılıcarslan