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Neural Computing and Applications


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25.09.2022 | Review

Machine learning-based CFD simulations: a review, models, open threats, and future tactics

This review targets various scenarios where CFD could be used and the logical parts needed for exemplary computations. The machine learning aspect with algorithms that have been implemented suggests design parameters to an algorithm that can be …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

HFANet: hierarchical feature fusion attention network for classification of glomerular immunofluorescence images

The chronic kidney disease (CKD) accompanied by permanent kidney damage, has become a heavy burden for worldwide public health. Clinically, glomerular immunofluorescence (IF) images are widely-used to reveal the occurrence probability and type of …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

Investigating annotation noise for named entity recognition

Recent studies revealed that even the most widely used benchmark dataset still contains more than 5% sample-level annotation noise in Named Entity Recognition (NER). Hence, we investigate annotation noise in terms of noise detection and …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

Biometric identification system using EEG signals

This study focuses on using EEG signal-based behavioral biometric data to classify and identify persons. A person identification system based on a nonlinear model with excellent estimation accuracy was proposed. Six tasks were performed on all …

24.09.2022 | Original Article

Synchronization analysis and parameters identification of uncertain delayed fractional-order BAM neural networks

In this paper, synchronization analysis and parameters identification issues are explored for uncertain delayed fractional-order BAM neural networks. By designing pertinent state feedback control strategies and parameters updated laws, some ample …

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Neural Computing & Applications is an international journal which publishes original research and other information in the field of practical applications of neural computing and related techniques such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems.

All items relevant to building practical systems are within its scope, including contributions in the area of applicable neural networks theory, supervised and unsupervised learning methods, algorithms, architectures, performance measures, applied statistics, software simulations, hardware implementations, benchmarks, system engineering and integration and case histories of innovative applications.

Featured contributions fall into several categories: Original Articles, Review Articles, Forum Presentations, Book Reviews, Announcements and NCAF News.

The Original Articles will be high-quality contributions, representing new and significant research, developments or applications of practical use and value. They will be reviewed by at least two referees. The Forum Presentations will be summaries of oral presentations made at quarterly meetings of the Natural Computing Applications Forum which will generally be reviewed by one referee.

Neural Computing and Applications
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