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08.05.2021 | Special Issue on Computational Intelligence-based Control and Estimation in Mechatronic Systems

Neural network-based robust finite-time attitude stabilization for rigid spacecraft under angular velocity constraint

In this paper, the problem of attitude stabilization control of spacecraft under angular velocity constraint is investigated. A state-constrained finite-time attitude control scheme is designed by making full use of the model feature of the …

08.05.2021 | S.I on NC for Industry 4.0

Video analysis of intelligent teaching based on machine learning and virtual reality technology

In this paper, we study and analyse the teaching video of oil painting art through machine learning combined with virtual reality computing. Since the current oil painting, image acquisition method cannot meet the user's demand for …

07.05.2021 | Original Article

Hybrid DeepGCL model for cyber-attacks detection on cyber-physical systems

The urgency of solving the problem of ensuring the security of cyber-physical systems is due to ensure their correct functioning. Cyber-physical system applications have a significant impact on different industrial sectors. The number and variety …

07.05.2021 | S.I. : New Trends of Neural Computing for Advanced Applications Open Access

Elite and dynamic opposite learning enhanced sine cosine algorithm for application to plat-fin heat exchangers design problem

The heat exchanger has been widely used in the energy and chemical industry and plays an irreplaceable role in the featured applications. The design of heat exchanger is a mixed integer complex optimization problem, where the efficient design …

07.05.2021 | Original Article

A hybrid artificial bee colony with whale optimization algorithm for improved breast cancer diagnosis

Breast cancer is the most common among women that leads to death if not diagnosed at early stages. Early diagnosis plays a vital role in decreasing the mortality rate globally. Manual methods for diagnosing breast cancers suffer from human errors …

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Neural Computing & Applications is an international journal which publishes original research and other information in the field of practical applications of neural computing and related techniques such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems.

All items relevant to building practical systems are within its scope, including contributions in the area of applicable neural networks theory, supervised and unsupervised learning methods, algorithms, architectures, performance measures, applied statistics, software simulations, hardware implementations, benchmarks, system engineering and integration and case histories of innovative applications.

Featured contributions fall into several categories: Original Articles, Review Articles, Forum Presentations, Book Reviews, Announcements and NCAF News.

The Original Articles will be high-quality contributions, representing new and significant research, developments or applications of practical use and value. They will be reviewed by at least two referees. The Forum Presentations will be summaries of oral presentations made at quarterly meetings of the Natural Computing Applications Forum which will generally be reviewed by one referee.

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