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2018 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

9. No Vacancy: History and Meaning of Contemporary Ruins in a Regional Australian City

verfasst von : Nancy Cushing, Michael Kilmister, Nathan Scott

Erschienen in: Ruin Porn and the Obsession with Decay

Verlag: Springer International Publishing



This study seeks to determine the value and use of contemporary ruins in the centre of Gosford, a regional city of New South Wales, Australia, where aspirations to progress are offset by stories and physical traces of abandonment and decay produced as a consequence of urban decline. In Gosford, local public sentiment typically positions decay as hindrance to progress, and representative of broader perceptions of the city’s stagnation. Yet these dilapidated structures are spaces of unconventional and transient historical significance. The condemned buildings occupy an uneasy space between commercial or civic functions, and rejuvenation or demolition, and are frequented by urban explorers, street artists and the city’s youth. This study will form the groundwork for an interactive audio geography tour in the public sphere.

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The project is supported by a $1000 pilot grant for interdisciplinary research, funded by the Faculty of Education and Arts, UON.
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No Vacancy: History and Meaning of Contemporary Ruins in a Regional Australian City
verfasst von
Nancy Cushing
Michael Kilmister
Nathan Scott