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09.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 4/2018

TechTrends 4/2018

Not in our Journals – Digital Media Technologies and the LGBTQI Community

TechTrends > Ausgabe 4/2018
Deepak Prem Subramony


This position paper highlights the mainstream educational communications and technology (ECT) research and development community’s continued lack of interest towards issues located at the intersection of digital media technologies and LGBTQI stakeholders, providing evidence and commentary in this regard. The paper goes on to articulate a rationale for why our field needs to pay more attention to this increasingly visible and significant segment of the stakeholder population, basing its arguments on demographics, intersectionality, and systems thinking. Finally, the paper presents the following potential areas to explore in regard to digital media technologies and LGBTQI stakeholders: workplace/performance issues, cyberbullying, assisting at-risk learners, media for empowerment/emancipation, and identity construction within mediated spaces.

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