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01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015 Open Access

Journal of Modern Transportation 1/2015

Obtaining vehicle parameters from bridge dynamic response: a combined semi-analytical and particle filtering approach

Journal of Modern Transportation > Ausgabe 1/2015
R. Lalthlamuana, S. Talukdar


Dynamic load imposed on the bridge by moving vehicle depends on several bridge–vehicle parameters with various uncertainties. In the present paper, particle filter technique based on conditional probability has been used to identify vehicle mass, suspension stiffness, and damping including tyre parameters from simulated bridge accelerations at different locations. A closed-form expression is derived to generate independent response samples for the idealized bridge–vehicle coupled system considering spatially non-homogeneous pavement unevenness. Thereafter, it is interfaced with the iterative process of particle filtering algorithm. The generated response samples are contaminated by adding artificial noise in order to reflect field condition. The mean acceleration time history is utilized in particle filtering technique. The vehicle-imposed dynamic load is reconstructed with the identified parameters and compared with the simulated results. The present identification technique is examined in the presence of different levels of artificial noise with bridge response simulated at different locations. The effect of vehicle velocity, bridge surface roughness, and choice of prior probability density parameters on the efficiency of the method is discussed.
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