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25.09.2017 | Communication | Ausgabe 11/2017 Open Access

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 11/2017

On a Testing Methodology for the Mechanical Property Assessment of a New Low-Cost Titanium Alloy Derived from Synthetic Rutile

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A > Ausgabe 11/2017
L. L. Benson, L. A. Benson Marshall, N. S. Weston, I. Mellor, M. Jackson
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Manuscript submitted June 2, 2017.


Mechanical property data of a low-cost titanium alloy derived directly from synthetic rutile is reported. A small-scale testing approach comprising consolidation via field-assisted sintering technology, followed by axisymmetric compression testing, has been designed to yield mechanical property data from small quantities of titanium alloy powder. To validate this approach and provide a benchmark, Ti-6Al-4V powder has been processed using the same methodology and compared with material property data generated from thermo-physical simulation software. Compressive yield strength and strain to failure of the synthetic rutile-derived titanium alloy were revealed to be similar to that of Ti-6Al-4V.
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