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What do we want to know about reshoring? Towards a comprehensive framework based on a meta-synthesis

This study aims to develop a framework for reshoring research, specifying the aspects encompassing a full case description. The article reports an analysis of existing case-based research focusing on manufacturing reshoring and the previous …


Performance evaluation of a carousel configured multiple products flexible manufacturing system using Petri net

This study presents a schematic approach to model, simulate and analyze the overall performance of an FMS, comprising a carousel layout surrounded by manufacturing and assembly cells capable to deliver a variety of multiple products. All …


Matching entrepreneurial orientation and operations strategy for manufacturing firms in China

This study investigates the interaction between entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and efficiency/flexibility strategy (EFS) and its performance implications for manufacturing firms in China’s transitional economy. Based on survey data from 208 …

21.02.2020 Open Access

Enterprise IT service downtime cost and risk transfer in a supply chain

In this paper we present an economic model for analyzing enterprise IT service downtime cost, first on a standalone basis and then in a supply chain setting. With a baseline probability model of Poisson arrival frequency with random downtime …


Customer degree centrality and supplier performance: the moderating role of resource dependence

This study builds on social network and resource dependence perspectives and examines whether the central position occupied by a customer firm affects supplier financial performance. The research setting for this study is the manufacturing and …

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