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Analyzing the business models for circular economy implementation: a fuzzy TOPSIS approach

The concept of the circular economy has acquired importance in the academic world. The corporate firms and governments believe that the pressure on the environment can be reduced by implementing the circular economic system. The switching of a …

29.05.2021 Open Access

Stress testing supply chains and creating viable ecosystems

Businesses and governments are becoming increasingly concerned about the resilience of supply chains and calling for their review and stress testing. In this conceptual essay, we theorize a human-centred ecosystem viability perspective that spans …


A scenario-based robust time–cost tradeoff model to handle the effect of COVID-19 on supply chains project management

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak deeply impressed supply chains in different aspects. In response to this unexpected situation, supply chain managers have decided to recover and reinforce their supply chains. Considering the expanse of these …

17.05.2021 Open Access

Challenges to competitive manufacturing in high-cost environments: checklist and insights from Swedish manufacturing firms

Research on competitive manufacturing (CM) in high-cost environments has earlier indicated that firms struggle to remain competitive and that manufacturing operations often have been offshored to low-cost environments. The purpose of this research …


The impact of food supply chain traceability on sustainability performance

Increasing quality and risk issues have made food supply chain traceability a worldwide societal concern. This paper aims to examine how exactly traceability practices improve firm sustainability performance. Through structural equation modeling …

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