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01.09.2014 | Article | Ausgabe 3/2014 Open Access

Journal of Modern Transportation 3/2014

Optimal control system of the intermittent bus-only approach

Journal of Modern Transportation > Ausgabe 3/2014
Jie Jiang, Yu-lin Chang


To guarantee bus priority with a minimum impact on car traffic at intersections, an optimal control system of the intermittent bus-only approach (IBA) was proposed. The problems of the existing system are first solved through optimization: the judgment time of the IBA system was advanced to allow a bus to jump car queues if the bus was detected to arrive at the intersection, and the instant that the IBA lane became available to cars was controlled dynamically to increase the capacity of the IBA lane. The total car delay in one cycle was then analyzed quantitatively when implementing the optimal control system. The results show that in comparison with the existing system of the IBA, the car delay is greatly reduced and the probability of a car stopping twice is low after optimizing the IBA system.
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