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01.09.2020 | Ausgabe 5/2020

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences 5/2020

Optimal Trajectory Planning and Control for Automatic Lane Change of in Wheel Motor Driving Vehicles on Snow and Ice Roads

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences > Ausgabe 5/2020
Zhongyang Wang, Di Tan, Guangcheng Ge, Shuaishuai Liu


In the process of vehicles changing lanes, ice and snow pavement is a very common special working condition, and the research on automatic lane change is usually based on medium and high adhesion coefficient roads. Aiming at the special situation of low adhesion coefficient of ice and snow pavement, this paper studies the process of automatic lane change of vehicles on low adhesion roads driven by the front drive automobile driven by in-wheel motor. First, a dynamic model of a front drive automobile driven by in-wheel motor is established. Then, the trajectory planning is performed based on the fifth-degree polynomial method; the lateral acceleration threshold to ensure the safety of the lane change is deduced; the optimization function of the lane change time and the longitudinal driving displacement is established; and the optimal trajectory to ensure the safety and the lane change efficiency is obtained. Finally, the controller is established based on the fuzzy adaptive PID control algorithm, and the driving torque of the hub motor is distributed through the torque distribution strategy to perform the trajectory tracking control of the vehicle. Simulation results show that the vehicle can safely and smoothly change lanes along the planned trajectory.

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