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Optimization and Engineering

International Multidisciplinary Journal to Promote Optimization Theory & Applications in Engineering Sciences

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16.10.2021 | Research Article

Automatic update of Gaussian and multiquadric shape parameter for sequential metamodels based optimization

Several metamodeling techniques and strategies have been developed in recent decades for assisting the global optimization process of costly functions. These have been applied in two ways mainly: through the construction of a unique metamodel that …

07.10.2021 | Editorial Open Access

OPTE special issue on PDE-constrained optimization

The accurate modeling of complex physical and technical systems relies heavily on PDEs. The resulting systems live in infinite-dimensional function spaces and can involve nonlinearity, nonsmoothness, or uncertainty. Optimization with PDE …

04.10.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Multi-objective optimization of energy-efficient production schedules using genetic algorithms

The optimization of production schedules to be more energy efficient while still meeting production goals is a difficult task: How to schedule and distribute production tasks to meet production goals, while making best use of fluctuating energy …

04.10.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Improving the efficiency of reinforcement learning for a spacecraft powered descent with Q-learning

Reinforcement learning entails many intuitive and useful approaches to solving various problems. Its main premise is to learn how to complete tasks by interacting with the environment and observing which actions are more optimal with respect to a …

03.10.2021 | Research Article Open Access

A column generation algorithm for solving energy system planning problems

Energy system optimization models are typically large models which combine sub-models which range from linear to very nonlinear. Column generation (CG) is a classical tool to generate feasible solutions of sub-models, defining columns of global …

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Optimization and Engineering promotes the advancement of optimization methods and the innovative application of optimization in engineering. It provides a forum where engineering researchers can obtain information about relevant new developments in optimization, and researchers in mathematical optimization can read about the successes of and opportunities for optimization in the various engineering fields.

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