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Optimization and Engineering

International Multidisciplinary Journal to Promote Optimization Theory & Applications in Engineering Sciences

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02.07.2020 | Research Article Open Access

A surrogate-based cooperative optimization framework for computationally expensive black-box problems

Most parallel surrogate-based optimization algorithms focus only on the mechanisms for generating multiple updating points in each cycle, and rather less attention has been paid to producing them through the cooperation of several algorithms. For …

01.07.2020 | Research Article

Bayesian optimization of variable-size design space problems

Within the framework of complex system design, it is often necessary to solve mixed variable optimization problems, in which the objective and constraint functions can depend simultaneously on continuous and discrete variables. Additionally …

27.06.2020 | Research Article

A nonlinear programming approach to solve MADM problem with triangular fuzzy preference and non-preference information

In this paper, we present a new approach to solve multi-attribute decision making (MADM) problems considering subjective preferences and non-preferences of the decision maker in the form of triangular fuzzy preference relations and triangular …

26.06.2020 | Research Article

Optimization of structural similarity in mathematical imaging

It is now generally accepted that Euclidean-based metrics may not always adequately represent the subjective judgement of a human observer. As a result, many image processing methodologies have been recently extended to take advantage of …

25.06.2020 | Research Article

Simultaneous orthogonal collocation decomposition method for extended Lion and Man problems

Lion and Man problems are classical examples of pursuit and evasion games. However, the traditional analytic methods and indirect numerical methods only can handle the generalization of Lion and Man problems in games with small scales and simple …

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Optimization and Engineering promotes the advancement of optimization methods and the innovative application of optimization in engineering. It provides a forum where engineering researchers can obtain information about relevant new developments in optimization, and researchers in mathematical optimization can read about the successes of and opportunities for optimization in the various engineering fields.

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