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OR Spectrum 1/2021
OR Spectrum

Ausgabe 1/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (9 Artikel)

Open Access 21.09.2020 | Regular Article

Last-mile delivery concepts: a survey from an operational research perspective
Nils Boysen, Stefan Fedtke, Stefan Schwerdfeger

13.10.2020 | Regular Article

Preventive healthcare facility location planning with quality-conscious clients
Ralf Krohn, Sven Müller, Knut Haase

28.10.2020 | Regular Article

Tactical waste collection: column generation and mixed integer programming based heuristics
Jens Van Engeland, Jeroen Beliën

29.10.2020 | Regular Article

Column generation algorithms for mother plate design in steel plants
Qi Zhang, Shixin Liu, Ruiyou Zhang, Shujin Qin

09.11.2020 | Regular Article

A novel vehicle routing problem for vaccine distribution using SIR epidemic model
Nafiseh Shamsi Gamchi, S. Ali Torabi, Fariborz Jolai

Open Access 09.10.2020 | Regular Article

Improving effectiveness of spare parts supply by additive manufacturing as dual sourcing option
N. Knofius, M. C. van der Heijden, A. Sleptchenko, W. H. M. Zijm

08.09.2020 | Regular Article

Multi-fidelity surrogate-based optimization for decomposed buffer allocation problems
Ziwei Lin, Nicla Frigerio, Andrea Matta, Shichang Du

14.10.2020 | Regular Article

An interval efficiency analysis with dual-role factors
Mehdi Toloo, Esmaeil Keshavarz, Adel Hatami-Marbini

Open Access 30.11.2020 | Regular Article

Exploration of a disrupted road network after a disaster with an online routing algorithm
Lorena Reyes-Rubiano, Jana Voegl, Klaus-Dieter Rest, Javier Faulin, Patrick Hirsch

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