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OR Spectrum 1/2022
OR Spectrum

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (10 Artikel)

Open Access 26.07.2021 | Original Article

Optimal bidding functions for renewable energies in sequential electricity markets
Benedikt Finnah

Open Access 28.09.2021 | Original Article

Stochastic mixed model sequencing with multiple stations using reinforcement learning and probability quantiles
Janis Brammer, Bernhard Lutz, Dirk Neumann

20.11.2021 | Original Article

Optimal pricing and capacity sizing for online service systems with free trials
Jinting Wang, Ke Sun

Open Access 05.11.2021 | Original Article

An ALNS algorithm for the static dial-a-ride problem with ride and waiting time minimization
Christian Pfeiffer, Arne Schulz

13.09.2021 | Original Article

Balancing partner preferences for logistics costs and carbon footprint in a horizontal cooperation
Thomas Hacardiaux, Christof Defryn, Jean-Sébastien Tancrez, Lotte Verdonck

18.11.2021 | Original Article

Multi-index base-stock policy for inventory systems with multiple capacitated suppliers
Chaolin Yang, Diyuan Huang, Chenyang Xu

Open Access 19.11.2021 | Original Article

Optimization of capacity expansion in potential-driven networks including multiple looping: a comparison of modelling approaches
Ralf Lenz, Kai Helge Becker

23.10.2021 | Original Article

Convexity, two-fund separation and asset ranking in a mean-LPM portfolio selection framework
Dipankar Mondal, N. Selvaraju

22.08.2021 | Original Article

Optimizing termination decision for meta-heuristic search techniques that converge to a static objective-value distribution
Ran Etgar, Yuval Cohen

23.09.2021 | Original Article

Merging two-stage series network structures: A DEA-based approach
Mohammad Khoveyni, Robabeh Eslami

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