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Ausgabe 1/2023

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Open Access Original Article

Two-step Shapley-solidarity value for cooperative games with coalition structure

Rong Zou, Wenzhong Li, Marc Uetz, Genjiu Xu

Open Access Original Article

Intraday power trading: toward an arms race in weather forecasting?

Thomas Kuppelwieser, David Wozabal

Open Access Original Article

A classification scheme for local energy trading

Jens Hönen, Johann L. Hurink, Bert Zwart

Original Article

Combining simulation and optimization to derive operating policies for a concentrating solar power plant

Jesse G. Wales, Alexander J. Zolan, William T. Hamilton, Alexandra M. Newman, Michael J. Wagner

Open Access Original Article

Cost-neutral reduction of infection risk in picker-to-parts warehousing systems

Maximilian Löffler, Michael Schneider, Ivan Žulj

Open Access Original Article

Cost minimizing planning of container inspection and repair in multiple facilities

Mikhail Y. Kovalyov, Mikhail N. Lukashevich, Erwin Pesch

Open Access Original Article

A lexicographic maximin approach to the selective assessment routing problem

Mohammadmehdi Hakimifar, Vera C. Hemmelmayr, Fabien Tricoire

Open Access Original Article

Machine learning techniques for cross-sectional equity returns’ prediction

Christian Fieberg, Daniel Metko, Thorsten Poddig, Thomas Loy

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