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OR Spectrum 4/2020
OR Spectrum

Ausgabe 4/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (9 Artikel)

Open Access 19.06.2020 | Regular Article

Railway crew scheduling with semi-flexible timetables
Christian Rählmann, Ulrich W. Thonemann

23.06.2020 | Regular Article

A two-phase stochastic programming approach to biomass supply planning for combined heat and power plants
Daniela Guericke, Ignacio Blanco, Juan M. Morales, Henrik Madsen

Open Access 21.07.2020 | Regular Article

The multi-mode resource investment problem: a benchmark library and a computational study of lower and upper bounds
Patrick Gerhards

Open Access 27.07.2020 | Regular Article

Integrating nurse assignment in outpatient chemotherapy appointment scheduling
Alireza F. Hesaraki, Nico P. Dellaert, Ton de Kok

Open Access 25.07.2020 | Regular Article

Strategyproof auction mechanisms for network procurement
Martin Bichler, Zhen Hao, Richard Littmann, Stefan Waldherr

Open Access 17.08.2020 | Regular Article

Robust spotter scheduling in trailer yards
Giorgi Tadumadze, Nils Boysen, Simon Emde

17.08.2020 | Regular Article

Blood supply chain: a two-stage approach for tactical and operational planning
Ana Margarida Araújo, Daniel Santos, Inês Marques, Ana Barbosa-Povoa

Open Access 17.08.2020 | Regular Article

Robust post-disaster route restoration
Aakil M. Caunhye, Nazli Yonca Aydin, H. Sebnem Duzgun

Open Access 18.08.2020 | Regular Article

Endogenous stochastic optimisation for relief distribution assisted with unmanned aerial vehicles
Jose Escribano Macias, Nils Goldbeck, Pei-Yuan Hsu, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Washington Ochieng

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