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Quantitative Approaches in Management

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16.10.2018 | Regular Article Open Access

The two-region multi-depot pickup and delivery problem

Logistics networks are constantly evolving such that new and more varied structures arise and need to be studied. Carriers are aiming for opportunities to save costs by efficient planning. Motivated by this, we define the two-region multi-depot …

15.10.2018 | Regular Article

Robust resource-constrained max-NPV project scheduling with stochastic activity duration

This study investigates the robust resource-constrained max-NPV project problem with stochastic activity duration. First, the project net present value (NPV) and the expected penalty cost are proposed to measure quality robustness and solution …

05.10.2018 | Regular Article

Dual-mode inventory management under a chance credit constraint

We study a dual-mode inventory management problem of a high-value component where the customer demand and the regular transportation lead time are stochastic, and the review periods of the two modes are different. The manufacturer is subject to a …

27.09.2018 | Regular Article

Flexible estimation of time-varying effects for frequently purchased retail goods: a modeling approach based on household panel data

In most previous applications of brand choice models, possible time-varying effects in consumer behavior are ignored by merely imposing constant parameters. However, it is very likely that trends or short-term variations in consumers’ intrinsic …

24.09.2018 | Regular Article

Analysis of a fork/join station with inputs from a finite population subnetwork with multi-server stations

Forks/join stations are commonly used to model synchronization constraints in queuing networks. This paper presents an exact analysis of a fork/join station with inputs from stations composed of multiple exponential servers. The queue length …

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The journal provides an international forum for academics and practitioners from areas such as quantitative management science, mathematical operations research, and related fields of engineering and information systems. It publishes high-quality, original papers belonging to the following types of contributions: Surveys, theoretical papers, application-oriented papers, and case studies. Papers must be written in English. All contributions are reviewed by at least two referees.

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Blockchain-Effekte im Banking und im Wealth Management

Es steht fest, dass Blockchain-Technologie die Welt verändern wird. Weit weniger klar ist, wie genau dies passiert. Ein englischsprachiges Whitepaper des Fintech-Unternehmens Avaloq untersucht, welche Einsatzszenarien es im Banking und in der Vermögensverwaltung geben könnte – „Blockchain: Plausibility within Banking and Wealth Management“. Einige dieser plausiblen Einsatzszenarien haben sogar das Potenzial für eine massive Disruption. Ein bereits existierendes Beispiel liefert der Initial Coin Offering-Markt: ICO statt IPO.
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