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29.07.2021 | Original Article

A Bi-Integrated Model for coupling lot-sizing and cutting-stock problems

The lot-sizing and cutting-stock problems arise, in general, in manufacturing industries as subsequent processes. Many authors have addressed these problems separately; however, some studies have considered integrated approaches to these problems …

27.07.2021 | Original Article

Fixed cost allocation in two-stage system using DEA from a noncooperative view

This paper uses the data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach to solve the issue of allocating fixed costs among a set of decision-making units (DMUs) with two-stage network structure. Fixed cost allocation is a prominent issue that is encountered …

26.07.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Optimal bidding functions for renewable energies in sequential electricity markets

In most modern energy markets, electricity is traded in pay-as-clear auctions. Usually, multiple sequential markets with daily auctions, in which each hourly product is traded separately, coexist. In each market and for each traded hour, each …

17.07.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Bin packing with lexicographic objectives for loading weight- and volume-constrained trucks in a direct-shipping system

We consider a packing problem that arises in a direct-shipping system in the food and beverage industry: Trucks are the containers, and products to be distributed are the items. The packing is constrained by two independent quantities, weight …

17.07.2021 | Original Article

Planning road network restoration and relief distribution under heterogeneous road disruptions

Disasters are likely to cause disruptions on transportation networks. Such disruptions have the potential of obstructing the performance of post-disaster relief operations, whose objective is to serve the affected population promptly. Therefore …

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