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08.02.2017 | Ausgabe 6/2017 Open Access

Mobile Networks and Applications 6/2017

Outage Probability of Device-to-Device Communications in Frequency Reuse-1 Networks

Mobile Networks and Applications > Ausgabe 6/2017
Marcin Rodziewicz


In this paper, we analyse the outage probability of Device-to-Device (D2D) communications in a multi-cell frequency reuse-1 (FRF-1) system. We derive a formula for outage probability of a D2D link in the FRF-1 system when uplink resource sharing between cellular users and D2D users is enabled in the network. Based on this analysis, we propose a location-based power control mechanism for D2D which can enhance the outage performance of the D2D link, and at the same time, reduce the transmit power required for communication.

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