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Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth

Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth
10 Jahrgänge | 2018 - 2021


Sustainability in Business is increasingly becoming the forefront issue for researchers, practitioners and companies the world over. Engaging with this immense challenge, Future Earth is a major international research platform from a range of disciplines, with a common goal to support and achieve global sustainability. This series will define a clear space for the work of Future Earth Finance and Economics Knowledge-Action Network. Publishing key research with a holistic and trans-disciplinary approach, it intends to help reinvent business and economic models for the Anthropocene, geared towards engendering sustainability and creating ecologically conscious organizations.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth

2021 | Buch

Ecologically Conscious Organizations

New Business Practices Based on Ecological Commitment

This book investigates the value orientation of ecologically conscious business. It analyzes, in a systematic and comparative way, the value commitments and business models of exemplary ecologically conscious businesses from around the world.

2020 | Buch

Responsible Research for Better Business

Creating Useful and Credible Knowledge for Business and Society

This book gathers original, empirical and conceptual papers that address the complex challenges of conducting responsible research in the business and management professions. It includes contributions related to, and reflecting on, the vision of …

2020 | Buch

Ecological, Societal, and Technological Risks and the Financial Sector

Today’s financial sector faces multiple challenges stemming from ecological, societal, and technological risks such as climate change, political extremism, and cyber-attacks. However, these non-traditional risks are yet to be fully identified and …

2019 | Buch

Sustainable Business Models

Innovation, Implementation and Success

This book provides a comprehensive exploration into the identification and development of sustainable business models as well as their implementation, management and evaluation. With ever-increasing pressure on organisations to respond to societal …

2019 | Buch

Sustainable Real Estate

Multidisciplinary Approaches to an Evolving System

This edited collection broadens the definition of sustainable real estate based on industry trends, research, and the Paris Climate Agreements. Discussions encompass existing and new buildings throughout their life cycle, the financing of their …

2019 | Buch

Innovation for Sustainability

Business Transformations Towards a Better World

The aim of this edited book is to provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges related to innovation for sustainability. Combining work from both emerging and established scholars in different academic fields, this book …

2019 | Buch

Caring Management in the New Economy

Socially Responsible Behaviour Through Spirituality

This edited book frames a new ethos of management that cares for society, future generations and nature whilst also serving the interests of business and the wider community. Employing the practical wisdom of faith traditions, the chapters develop …

2018 | Buch

Progressive Business Models

Creating Sustainable and Pro-Social Enterprise

This book presents and analyses exemplary cases of progressive business, understood as ecologically sustainable, future-respecting and pro-social enterprise. The authors present a number of companies following progressive business practices from a …

2018 | Buch

Designing a Sustainable Financial System

Development Goals and Socio-Ecological Responsibility

This edited collection brings together leading theoretical and applied research with the intent to design a sustainable global financial future. The contributors argue that our world cannot move toward sustainability, address climate change …

2018 | Open Access | Buch Open Access

RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation

Taking the business model as point of departure, this open access book explores how companies and organizations can contribute to a more sustainable future by designing innovative models that are both sustainable and profitable. Based upon years …