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Palgrave Studies in Water Governance: Policy and Practice

Palgrave Studies in Water Governance: Policy and Practice
2 Jahrgänge | 2018


Looking at the issues of water governance through the perspective of the social sciences, books in the Palgrave Series in Water Governance take a global perspective on one of the key challenges facing society today: the sustainable development of water resources and services for all. In stepping away from the traditional focus on engineering and geophysics, the series takes a more holistic approach to both consolidate and generate knowledge that can be applied to different geographic areas by academics, researchers, policy-makers, NGOs and the private sector. This series emphasises the link between science and policy through considering water as a socio-ecological system, water and the territoriality of action, and water in the context of conflicts.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Palgrave Studies in Water Governance: Policy and Practice

2018 | Buch

Modernization and Urban Water Governance

Organizational Change and Sustainability in Europe

This book describes the impact of modernization on the organization and sustainability of Urban Water Systems in Europe (UWSEs). Bolognesi explains that the modernization of UWSEs was a regulatory shock that began in the 1990s and was put into …

2018 | Buch

A Critical Approach to International Water Management Trends

Policy and Practice

This edited volume provides a critical discussion of particular trends that are widely recognised to influence water management by comparing them with what is actually happening in the field. Among others, these trends include water security …