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01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1-2/2011

Annals of Telecommunications 1-2/2011

Parametric distributions of connection lengths for the efficient analysis of fixed access networks

Catherine Gloaguen, Florian Voss, Volker Schmidt
Wichtige Hinweise
This work was supported by Orange Labs Research agreement 46143714.


The access network displays an important particularity that the locations of the network components strongly depend on geometrical features such as road systems and a city’s architecture. This paper deals with the distributions of point-to-point connection lengths that play a major role in current problems in the analysis and planning of networks. Using the mathematical framework of stochastic geometry to model both the road system and the locations of network nodes, we derive analytical formulas for distributions of connection lengths. These formulas depend explicitly on a few parameters that can be computed easily and fast avoiding time-consuming reconstructions. We validate the approach by a comparison with actual network data and show its adaptability by considering several policies for nodes location and examples of use.

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