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Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications OnlineFirst articles


DWT-based reversible information hiding scheme using prediction-error-expansion in multimedia images

This article presents an information hiding scheme for Multimedia IoT (MIoT) applications, with particular concern the services where the context of cover multimedia is fully reserved. The proposed scheme develops an algorithm of …


Guest editorial: Special issue on software defined networking: Trends, challenges, and prospective smart solutions

The constraints of currently implemented networks (e.g. vendor dependence, complex and time consuming activities of implementing network wide policies, and adding and moving devices, high risk of service disruption, inability to scale easily) were …


A provably secure aggregate authentication scheme for unmanned aerial vehicle cluster networks

Providing integrity, non-repudiation and validity for transmitted data is always very attractive in unmanned aerial vehicle cluster networks (UAVCN). Currently, “one by one” data authentication schemes with expensive computations can hardly be …


FDFA: A fog computing assisted distributed analytics and detecting system for family activities

Researches have shown that taking parting in family activities could establish good relationships with family members. Fine-grained family activities detection is proven effective for increasing self-awareness and motivating people to modify their …


RELOAD/CoAP architecture for the federation of wireless sensor networks

Sensing devices are expected to interconnect over large geographical areas and federations of wireless sensor networks are expected in a near future. In such environments a critical issue is how to discover the resources available at devices in a …

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Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications disseminates state-of-the-art research and development results to facilitate effective deployment of P2P networking and applications. The journal brings together and fosters interaction among academic and industrial communities to promote further research that leads to new P2P applications and services.

This journal not only addresses research topics related to networking and communications theory, but also considers the standardization, economic, and engineering aspects of P2P technologies and their impact on software engineering, computer engineering, networked communication, and security. It includes papers addressing system, application, and service issues.

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications publishes original research papers, tutorials, reviews, case studies, and correspondences from the research, development, and standardization communities.

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Best Practices für die Mitarbeiter-Partizipation in der Produktentwicklung

Unternehmen haben das Innovationspotenzial der eigenen Mitarbeiter auch außerhalb der F&E-Abteilung erkannt. Viele Initiativen zur Partizipation scheitern in der Praxis jedoch häufig. Lesen Sie hier  - basierend auf einer qualitativ-explorativen Expertenstudie - mehr über die wesentlichen Problemfelder der mitarbeiterzentrierten Produktentwicklung und profitieren Sie von konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen aus der Praxis.
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