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01.02.2008 | Original Contribution | Ausgabe 2/2008 Open Access

Colloid and Polymer Science 2/2008

Performance of a fast fiber based UV/Vis multiwavelength detector for the analytical ultracentrifuge

Colloid and Polymer Science > Ausgabe 2/2008
Holger M. Strauss, Engin Karabudak, Saroj Bhattacharyya, Andreas Kretzschmar, Wendel Wohlleben, Helmut Cölfen


The optical setup and the performance of a prototype UV/Vis multiwavelength analytical ultracentrifuge (MWL-AUC) is described and compared to the commercially available Optima XL-A from Beckman Coulter. Slight modifications have been made to the optical path of the MWL-AUC. With respect to wavelength accuracy and radial resolution, the new MWL-AUC is found to be comparable to the existing XL-A. Absorbance accuracy is dependent on the light intensity available at the detection wavelength as well as the intrinsic noise of the data. Measurements from single flashes of light are more noisy for the MWL-AUC, potentially due to the absence of flash-to-flash normalization in the current design. However, the possibility of both wavelength and scan averaging can compensate for this and still give much faster scan rates than the XL-A. Some further improvements of the existing design are suggested based on these findings.
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