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The Relevance of Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility in Management Education: Insights from Classical Indian Wisdom

In this technology-driven Digital Age, Management Education is primarily engaged in development of skills and techno-economic competence of students with dominant thrust on sharpening their rational faculties and quantitative ability. Deeper …


The Influence of Demonstrated Concern on Perceived Ethical Leadership: A Levinasian Approach

This paper brings empirical and theoretical studies of ethical leadership into conversation with one another in an effort to determine the antecedent(s) to perceived ethical leadership. Employing a Levinasian perspective, I argue that ethical …

02.06.2020 Open Access

Six Actionable Canons for Rationality in Strategy Practice

For strategists working in and for firms, acquiring knowledge about the business world is dependent on a rational process of collecting, organizing, and interpreting information. As such, these individuals are best conceived not as knowers, but as …


Artefacts, Surprise and Managing During Disaster: Object-Oriented Ontological and Assemblage-Theoretic Insights

Despite the applicability of assemblage theory to extreme events, the relational ontology that assemblage thinkers employ makes it hard to ground the potential of artefacts to undergo substantial change. To better understand how artefacts can be …


The Quest for Verticality: an Inquiry into the Infinite Nature of Self-Perfection

If there is one question that has perplexed the best minds in every society, it is how to raise the individuals from their present state to a higher state of existence and perfection? The answers have been tried using different formulations in …

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Philosophy of Management is published three times a year. It offers an independent, refereed forum for philosophers, theorists and management practitioners to apply philosophical scrutiny to management theory and practice. It seeks to define and develop the field of philosophy of management and is directed to philosophers working in all traditions.

Now in its twelfth year, Philosophy of Management is the leading forum for philosophically-informed thinking about management in theory and practice. Through its pages, conferences, seminars and discussion list it defines and develops the field of philosophy of management.

Journal readers include thinkers, scholars, teachers, consultants and practitioners in 20 countries. The Journal is for philosophers working in all traditions, for management thinkers concerned with the philosophical foundations and validity of their subject and practising managers seeking to engage with the philosophical issues raised by what they believe and do. Contributors have included leading philosophers, management scholars, consultants and managers.

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