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Photonic Network Communications

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15.05.2020 | Original Paper

System innovations in open WDM DCI networks

We review the most important WDM system innovations motivated by the evolution of DCI transport. State-of-the-art coherent transmission has already exceeded 6 b/s/Hz in transatlantic deployments. Moreover, the adoption of software innovations in …

13.05.2020 | Original Paper

Theoretical bounds for the bit error rate for SAC OCDMA balanced detectors with multiple photodiodes

In this paper, we derive the theoretical lower and upper bounds for bit error rate (BER) for spectral amplitude coding OCDMA balanced detector (BD) employing multiple photodiodes. The purpose of this study is to find the maximum performance …

03.06.2017 | Original Paper

Investigation of launch power and regenerator placement effect on the design of mixed-line-rate (MLR) optical WDM networks

In recent years, owing to the consistent increase in volume and heterogeneity of the traffic, telecommunication networks have undergone significant innovations. Existing studies have shown that, by adopting a mixed-line-rate (MLR) strategy …

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This journal publishes papers involving optical communication networks. Coverage includes network and system technologies; network and system architectures; network access and control; network design, planning, and operation; interworking; and application design for an optical infrastructure

This journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers presenting research results, major achievements, and trends involving all aspects of optical network communications.

Among the topics explored are transport, access, and customer premises networks; local, regional, and global networks; transoceanic and undersea networks; optical transparent networks; WDM, HWDM, and OTDM networks and more.

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