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Über dieses Buch

Learn PHP development best practices, such as version control, development environment virtualization, and coding standards. You'll also discover the most useful PHP web frameworks, including the new Laravel, symfony2, and micro-frameworks. As you do so, you'll learn how to use them to write the most productive PHP code possible.

PHP Development Tool Essentials complements Jason Gilmore's best-selling Beginning PHP and MySQL. This book will further expose you to the many different methodologies, tools, and concepts that professional web developers are using more and more each day.

What You'll Learn

How to use version control with PHPHow to set up virtualized development environmentsHow to maintain PHP coding standardsHow to manage dependenciesHow to leverage the best PHP frameworksWho This Book Is For

This book is for intermediate to advanced PHP developers looking to advance their skills with new tools, concepts, and approaches.



Chapter 1. Version Control

If you’re not already using some type of version control on your project, you should definitely start now. Whether you’re a single developer or part of a bigger team, version control provides numerous benefits to any project, big or small.
Chad Russell

Chapter 2. Virtualizing Development Environments

Creating virtualized development environments allows you to form encapsulated environments for specific projects that can have the same exact versions of operating systems, PHP, web servers, databases, libraries, settings, etc.
Chad Russell

Chapter 3. Coding Standards

Coding standards are set definitions of how to structure your code in any given project. Coding standards apply to everything from naming conventions and spaces to variable names, opening and closing bracket placement, and so on.
Chad Russell

Chapter 4. Dependency Management

Dependency management is a system for easily managing (installing, using, updating, uninstalling) library dependencies in your project.
Chad Russell

Chapter 5. Frameworks

Chances are, even if you are very new to PHP, you’ve stumbled across at least a few PHP frameworks already. Symfony, Zend, Laravel, Yii, and CakePHP are just a few of the popular choices you have available to you.
Chad Russell


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