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06.10.2021 | Plug-in Hybrid | News | Onlineartikel

VW Announces New Plug-in Hybrids with More E-range

Sven Eisenkrämer
1 Min. Lesedauer

Volkswagen plans to launch a new generation of plug-in hybrid passenger cars from 2023. The new drive combination is to have a purely electric range of significantly more than 100 km.

During a presentation of its current plug-in hybrid models, the German automaker gave a preview of its PHEV strategy for the coming years. The company from Wolfsburg (Germany) will continue to push forward with its bridge technology to purely battery-electric driving, as VW plans to exit the internal combustion engine business in Europe between 2033 and 2035. A new generation of PHEV drives is expected to be used in Volkswagen cars from 2023.

In all model series of the MQB platform, the 1.4-l TSI (EA211) used so far will be replaced by the evolutionary stage of the gasoline engine, the 1.5-l TSI (EA211evo). The battery capacity and thus the electric range is to increase significantly – via a higher energy density of the cells in the battery pack. VW is not yet providing exact figures, but a spokesman announced that the improved plug-in hybrid Golf, for example, should have an e-range of well over 100 km. The electric motor will continue to be placed almost unchanged in the DQ400e hybrid transmission.

VW PHEVs to have CCS connection in future

VW’s PHEVs will have a DC fast-charging option with CCS Combo 2 connector in the future, making battery charging significantly faster than with the existing single-phase On-board Chargers (OBC) with only 3.6 kW charging power. But the OBCs are also likely to be upgraded, a spokesperson let slip. The AC-DC converters could enable three-phase AC charging in the future. At least 11 kW will probably be available

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