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01.04.2023 | Original Article

A Comparative Study of the Feasibility of Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Sustainable Transportation in India: A Hybrid Approach of DEMATEL and TOPSIS

Due to the increasing contribution of vehicles to air pollution, rapid depletion of petroleum sources, considerable fluctuations in gasoline prices, and high dependency on politically volatile oil-producing nations, alternative fuel vehicles …

Open Access 01.12.2022 | Original Paper

Fuel cell drive for urban freight transport in comparison to diesel and battery electric drives: a case study of the food retailing industry in Berlin

The option of decarbonizing urban freight transport using battery electric vehicle (BEV) seems promising. However, there is currently a strong debate whether fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) might be the better solution. The question arises as to …

Open Access 01.12.2022 | Original Paper

Exploration of the characteristics and trends of electric vehicle crashes: a case study in Norway

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in the past decade, many new traffic safety challenges are also emerging. With the crash data of Norway from 2011 to 2018, this study gives an overview of the status quo of EV crashes. In the survey …

01.12.2022 | Special

Interoperability with Charging Infrastructure - Field Test on the Test Bench

When charging electric vehicles, interoperability problems can arise between the vehicle system and the charging station, even if the components comply with the respective standards and should theoretically be compatible. AVL has developed a test …


2023 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Applications of Vehicles and Its Related Technology in Previous and the Next Decade

This chapter gives an overview of vehicle applications and related technology in the previous and next decade and related work on vehicle applications, such as 4G- vs 5G-based cars and next-generation-based future automobiles. Apart from that, the …

2023 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Silicon Power Devices

According to a recent market survey and forecast on power devices (Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd website. , 5 Jun 2019 (in Japanese)), the global device market in 2018 stood at about 3.0 trillion Japanese yen (about 27.3 …

2023 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Investigating the Influencing Factors to Adopt Public Electric Vehicle Charging Facility at Existing Fueling Station: A Study Based on Users Perceptive

This study aims to identify the influencing factors that affect users’ acceptance of plug-in charging stations or battery swapping stations (BSSs) facilities to charge their electric vehicles. After conducting a detailed literature review, the …

2022 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Theoretische Grundlagen

In diesem Kapitel werden alle, für das Verständnis dieser Arbeit, notwendigen Grundlagen genauer erläutert. Der während der Arbeit eingesetzte Verbrennungsmotor arbeitet nach dem Dieselbrennverfahren, weshalb hier hauptsächlich auf die …

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Toyota Prius

17.11.2022 | Plug-in-Hybrid | Bildergalerie | Galerie

Toyota Prius

Die fünfte Generation des Toyota Prius nutzt die GA-C Plattform. Das PHEV-Modell ist 4,60 m lang, 1,78 m breit und 1,42 m hoch.

Opel Grandland GSe

26.10.2022 | Sport Utility Vehicle | Bildergalerie | Galerie

Opel Grandland GSe

Der Opel Grandland GSe ist ein starkes Plug-in-Hybrid-SUV mit Allradantrieb. Zudem sind eine speziell kalibrierte Lenkung und GSe-exklusive Federn und Dämpfer an Bord.


28.09.2022 | Sport Utility Vehicle | Bildergalerie | Galerie


BMW M hat das erste eigenständige Fahrzeug seit dem Sportwagen M1 vorgestellt. Das SUV ist 5.110 mm lang, 2.005 mm breit und 1.755 mm hoch.

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