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Political Behavior 1/2020
Political Behavior

Ausgabe 1/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

Open Access 27.07.2018 | Original Paper

It’s a Group Thing: How Voters go to the Polls Together
Yosef Bhatti, Edward Fieldhouse, Kasper M. Hansen

14.07.2018 | Original Paper

Can Politicians Exploit Ethnic Grievances? An Experimental Study of Land Appeals in Kenya
Jeremy Horowitz, Kathleen Klaus

24.07.2018 | Original Paper

Fit for the Job: Candidate Qualifications and Vote Choice in Low Information Elections
Lonna Rae Atkeson, Brian T. Hamel

21.07.2018 | Original Paper

The Effect of Language on Political Appeal: Results from a Survey Experiment in Thailand
Jacob I. Ricks

20.10.2018 | Correction

Correction to: The Effect of Language on Political Appeal: Results from a Survey Experiment in Thailand
Jacob I. Ricks

09.08.2018 | Original Paper

Fired Up, Ready to Go: The Impact of Age, Campaign Enthusiasm, and Civic Duty on African American Voting
Jonathan Collins, Ray Block Jr.

13.08.2018 | Original Paper

Assessing Voter Registration Among Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Individuals
Melanie M. Bowers, Cameron T. Whitley

13.08.2018 | Original Paper

Policy Responsiveness and Electoral Incentives: A (Re)assessment
Luca Bernardi

24.08.2018 | Original Paper

Anxious Voters in the 2016 U.S. Election: An Analysis of How They Decided from the ERPC2016
James E. Monogan III

13.08.2018 | Original Paper

Beyond Keeping the Peace: Can Peacekeepers Reduce Ethnic Divisions After Violence?
Douglas Page, Sam Whitt

28.08.2018 | Original Paper

More Important, but for What Exactly? The Insignificant Role of Subjective Issue Importance in Vote Decisions
Thomas J. Leeper, Joshua Robison

29.08.2018 | Original Paper

Selfish and Cooperative Voting: Can the Majority Restrain Themselves?
Peter DeScioli, Bowen Cho, Scott Bokemper, Andrew W. Delton

28.08.2018 | Original Paper

Why are African American Governors and U.S. Senators so Rare? Exploring White Voters’ Responses to African American Statewide Candidates
Matthew Tokeshi

08.09.2018 | Original Paper

Self-Awareness of Political Knowledge
Matthew H. Graham

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