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PoliTO Springer Series

PoliTO Springer Series
12 Jahrgänge | 2016 - 2021


Springer, in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino, publishes the PoliTO Springer Series. This co-branded series of publications includes works by authors and volume editors mainly affiliated with Politecnico di Torino and covers academic and professional topics in the following areas: Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry and Physical Sciences, Computer Science, All fields of Engineering. Interdisciplinary contributions combining the above areas are also welcome. The series will consist of lecture notes, research monographs, and briefs. Lectures notes are meant to provide quick information on research advances and may be based e.g. on summer schools or intensive courses on topics of current research, while SpringerBriefs are intended as concise summaries of cutting-edge research and its practical applications. The PoliTO Springer Series will promote international authorship, and addresses a global readership of scholars, students, researchers, professionals and policymakers.


Alle Bücher der Reihe PoliTO Springer Series

2021 | Buch

Bioclimatic Approaches in Urban and Building Design

This book explores the bioclimatic approach to building design. Constant innovations in the field are evident, including the need to face climate changes and increase the local resilience at different scales (regional, urban, architectural).

2021 | Buch

Innovations in Ventilative Cooling

This book includes the most recent outcomes from research and professional practice in the ventilative cooling field, gathered by the selected panel of authors. It provides essential contents to face and reduce the rise of space cooling and …

2020 | Buch

Technological Paradigms and Digital Eras

Data-driven Visions for Building Design

The book connects the ICT and the architectural worlds, analyzing modeling, materialization and data-driven visions for design issues at different scales. Furthermore, using sample modeling and materialization tools, it explores the links between …

2019 | Buch

Nonlinear Dynamics in Computational Neuroscience

This book provides an essential overview of computational neuroscience. It addresses a broad range of aspects, from physiology to nonlinear dynamical approaches to understanding neural computation, and from the simulation of brain circuits to the …

2019 | Buch

Life Cycle Design

An Experimental Tool for Designers

This book proposes an economic and environmental assessment tool to help private and public building designers and owners determine the global sustainability value of green buildings from a life cycle perspective. As it demonstrates, sustainable …

2019 | Buch

Advances in Predictive Models and Methodologies for Numerically Efficient Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Composites

This book gathers contributions addressing issues related to the analysis of composite structures, whose most relevant common thread is augmented numerical efficiency, which is more accurate for given computational costs than existing methods and …

2019 | Buch

Testing Novel Water Oxidation Catalysts for Solar Fuels Production

This book offers comprehensive information on the main techniques for measuring water-oxidation-catalyst (WOC) performance, with a particular focus on the combined use of sacrificial oxidants and dyes within closed-batch reactors. It provides an …

2018 | Buch

GNSS for Rail Transportation

Challenges and Opportunities

This book proposes a general methodology to introduce Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) integrity, starting from a rigorous mathematical description of the problem. It highlights the major issues that designers need to resolve during the …

2017 | Buch

Large-scale Production of Paper-based Li-ion Cells

This book describes in detail the use of natural cellulose fibers for the production of innovative, low-cost, and easily recyclable lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells by means of fast and reliable papermaking procedures that employ water as a solvent. In …

2017 | Buch

Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Measurements and Uncertainty Assessment

This book describes vector network analyzer measurements and uncertainty assessments, particularly in waveguide test-set environments, in order to establish their compatibility to the International System of Units (SI) for accurate and reliable …

2017 | Buch

Quantitative Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging for the Assessment of Vascular Parameters

This book describes the development of quantitative techniques for ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging in the assessment of architectural and vascular parameters. It presents morphological vascular research based on the development of …

2016 | Buch

An Introduction to Linear Ordinary Differential Equations Using the Impulsive Response Method and Factorization

This book presents a method for solving linear ordinary differential equations based on the factorization of the differential operator. The approach for the case of constant coefficients is elementary, and only requires a basic knowledge of …