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12.05.2021 | Original Paper

The preparation and displacement performances of a hollow structure microsphere with swelling–deswelling properties for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Polymer microsphere profile control is a promising approach for the profile control of heterogeneous reservoirs. Matching between polymer microspheres after swelling in water and the reservoir pore throat is crucial for profile control. Hydration …

11.05.2021 | Original Paper

Influence of Fe2O3 in ZnO/GO-based dye-sensitized solar cell

This work aims to study the influence of Fe2O3 in ZnO/GO-based DSSC incorporating PAN-based gel electrolyte. ZnO–Fe2O3/GO thin films and gel electrolyte were prepared using the sol–gel technique via spin-coating and polymerization of …

11.05.2021 | Original Paper

Numerical simulation of atom transfer radical polymerization of styrene by moment and population balance models

The mathematical models were used to predict the conversion, molecular weights, and polydispersity in atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of styrene with mono- and bi-functional initiators. The moment and population balance models can …

10.05.2021 | Original Paper

In-vitro and antibacterial activities of novel POT/TiO2/PCL composites for tissue engineering and biomedical applications

The organic/Inorganic nanocomposite poly-ortho-toluidine-TiO2 was synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization in the presence of TiO2 using ammonium peroxo-disulfate as an oxidizing agent. The POT + TiO2/PCL composite film scaffolds were …

10.05.2021 | Review Paper

Shape memory polymer nanocomposite: a review on structure–property relationship

Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are among the main groups of smart materials widely used in smart textiles and apparels, intelligent medical devices, sensors & actuators, high-performance water–vapor permeability materials, morphing applications, and …

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