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Polymer Science, Series B

Polymer Science, Series B 5/2019

Ausgabe 5/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 21 Artikel )

21.08.2019 | POLYMERIZATION | Ausgabe 5/2019

Anionic Polymerization of Acrylonitrile Using a Flow Microreactor System

Xiaolin Shi, Jingyang Jiang

01.09.2019 | POLYMERIZATION | Ausgabe 5/2019

Oxidative Polymerization of 3,6-Phenylenediamino-2,5-dichlorobenzoquinone

A. V. Orlov, S. G. Kiseleva, G. N. Bondarenko, G. P. Karpacheva

01.09.2019 | POLYCONDENSATION | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of Polyesters of Diatomic Phenols and Boric Acid and Their Interaction with Formaldehyde

M. A. Lenskiy, E. E. Shul’ts, D. V. Korabel’nikov, A. V. Ozhogin, A. N. Novitskiy

01.09.2019 | SYNTHESIS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Green Chemistry of Polyurethanes: Synthesis, Functional Composition, and Reactivity of Cyclocarbonate-Containing Sunflower Oil Triglycerides—Renewable Raw Materials for New Urethanes

M. A. Levina, D. G. Miloslavskii, M. V. Zabalov, M. L. Pridatchenko, A. V. Gorshkov, V. T. Shashkova, V. L. Krasheninnikov, R. P. Tiger

21.08.2019 | SYNTHESIS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of Polystyrene-block-trans-1,4-polyisoprene-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymer

Xin-Ru Dai, Yue Geng, Guangqiang Shao, Zhang Luo, Xiubo Jiang, Zhen-Xiu Zhang

21.08.2019 | SYNTHESIS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Preparation of Phase Change Microcapsules with Inorganic/Polymer Hybrid Shell Through a “Two-Step” Reaction

Xuyang Ji, Jian Chen, Guangzhou Dang, Yaqian Zhang, Jieying Yang, Wenjing Li, Yingmin Zhao, Zhaoguo Jin

21.08.2019 | MODIFICATION OF POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Hydrogenated Natural Rubber as an Alternative Replacement to Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer (EPDM) Rubber in Terms of Thermal-Oxidative Degradation Properties

Korn Taksapattanakul, Tulyapong Tulyapitak, Pranee Phinyocheep, Polphat Ruamcharoen, Jareerat Ruamcharoen, Philippe Daniel

21.08.2019 | MODIFICATION OF POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

The Application of a Tri-Functional Epoxy Resin as a Crosslinking Agent in Extruded Polyamide-6 Foam

Zhijuan Xu, Xuechun Lin, Chaoyun Luo, Wangdong Xiao

01.09.2019 | POLYMER DEGRADATION | Ausgabe 5/2019

Study of Thermo-Oxidative Transformations of Unstabilized and Stabilized Poly(ether ether ketone)

A. S. Shabaev, A. A. Zhansitov, E. V. Khakyasheva, S. Yu. Khashirova

01.09.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of Polyester-graft-Polyoxazolines on the Basis of Macroinitiators of Sulfonyl Chloride Type

A. B. Razina, A. V. Ten’kovtsev

21.08.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Preparation and Characterization of Waterborne Polyurethane Modified by 4-Maleimidophenol to Enhance the Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Yan-Na Zhao, Lin Lei, Ding-Xi Ji, Yu-Hua Niu

01.09.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Polymer with Intrinsic Microporosity PIM-1: New Methods of Synthesis and Gas Transport Properties

I. I. Ponomarev, D. Yu. Razorenov, I. V. Blagodatskikh, A. V. Muranov, L. E. Starannikova, A. Yu. Alent’ev, R. Yu. Nikiforov, Yu. P. Yampol’skii

01.09.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis and Properties of Poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) Containing Quaternary Ammonium Salts with Methyl and Ethyl Substituents

V. G. Polevaya, V. Yu. Geiger, S. M. Matson, G. A. Shandryuk, S. M. Shishatskii, V. S. Khotimskii

01.09.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis and Porous Structure of Addition Polymer Based on Dicyclopentadiene

A. I. Wozniak, E. V. Bermesheva, N. N. Gavrilova, M. V. Bermeshev

21.08.2019 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Facile Synthesis of Aromatic Porous Organic Polymer for Highly Selective Capture of CO2 via Enhanced Local Dipole-π and Dipole-Quadrupol Interactions by Adjacent Benzene

Qiang He, Yi Xu, Xiaoqiang Yang

01.09.2019 | MEDICAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Alternative Way of Increasing Stability of Polypeptides in Solution (in Memory of the Teacher)

I. L. Valuev, L. V. Vanchugova, L. I. Valuev

21.08.2019 | MEDICAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2019

Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel Based on Poly((2-Dimethylamino)Ethyl Methacrylate) Grafted onto Sodium Alginate as a Drug Delivery System

M. Kurdtabar, G. Rezanejade Bardajee

21.08.2019 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2019

Polyaniline–Graphene–Gold Nanocomposite for Visible Light Active Photo Catalysis and Enhanced Thermal Electrical Stability

Mudassir Hasan, Muhammad M. Hossain, Mohammed K. Al Mesfer, Mohamed A. Ismail

21.08.2019 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2019

Polyaniline-Ag Nanocomposite Containing Silane Ligand: Synthesis, Characterization and Electroactivity Behavior

Soghra Fathalipour, Said Ahunbar

21.08.2019 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effect of Coupling Agent and Silica Content for Polyimide/Silica Composited Materials

Yung-Chung Chen, Sheng-Yu Huang, Jui-Hua Yen

21.08.2019 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis and the Swelling Behavior of Sodium Alginate Graft Poly (Acrylic Acid-co-acrylamide)/Graphite Oxide Super Absorbent Composite

Linhui Zhu, Yu Liu, Bin Zhou, Hongduo Tang, Fangyuan Wang, Chengdong Guan

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