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Polymer Science, Series B

Polymer Science, Series B 5/2020

Ausgabe 5/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.09.2020 | REVIEWS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Application of Thermoplastic Semicrystalline Shape Memory Polyurethanes

M. A. Gorbunova, D. V. Anokhin, E. R. Badamshina

07.08.2020 | CATALYSIS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Living Ring-Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone Mediated by Amine Bis(phenolate) Lanthanide Benzylthiolate Complexes

Fugen Yuan, Manman Zhang, Li Li, Xuehua Zhu

01.09.2020 | SYNTHESIS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Various Reactivity of Cyclocarbonate-Containing Chains of Vegetable Oil Triglycerides as the Cause of the Abnormal Kinetics of Urethane Formation with Their Participation

M. V. Zabalov, M. A. Levina, R. P. Tiger

07.08.2020 | STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES | Ausgabe 5/2020

The Roles Played by DMF in the Structure Formation of Epoxy-Based Porous Monolith

Yace Mi, Sa Liu, Yongfeng Zhang, Junmin Sun, Weiqing Zhou

07.08.2020 | STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES | Ausgabe 5/2020

Synthesis and Effect of N,N'-Diphenylterephthalamide on Crystallization of Isotactic Polypropylene

Henglun Cheng, Mengyao Shang, Yuan He, Baoqing Shentu, Zhuyi Gao

01.09.2020 | POLYMER NETWORKS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Synthesis and Properties of Network Paired Polymers Based on Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)

V. N. Kizhnyaev, F. A. Pokatilov, E. V. Akamova

01.09.2020 | POLYMER NETWORKS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Polyelectrolytic Gels for Stabilizing Sand Soil against Wind Erosion

I. G. Panova, L. O. Ilyasov, D. D. Khaidapova, K. Ogawa, Y. Adachi, A. A. Yaroslavov

01.09.2020 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Synthesis of Block Copolymers of Acrylic Acid and N-Butyl Acrylate under Reversible Chain-Transfer Conditions in a Water-Alcohol Medium

N. S. Serkhacheva, E. V. Chernikova, N. I. Prokopov, V. V. Ogai, K. O. Mineeva, D. S. Tselousov, I. O. Plyusnina

01.09.2020 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Hybrid Photopolymer Material Based on (8-Acryloyl-1,4-dithia-8-azaspiro[4.5]decan-2-yl)methyl Acrylate and Thiol-Siloxane Component for Recording Microstructures: Synthesis and Optical and Thermomechanical Properties

D. I. Derevyanko, V. S. Basistyi, V. V. Shelkovnikov, I. K. Shundrina, A. D. Bukhtoyarova, G. E. Sal’nikov, V. N. Berezhnaya, A. A. Chernonosov

07.08.2020 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2020

Self-Peristaltic Gel-Microspheres Based on Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Polyacrylic Acid Prepared via Inverse Suspension for Recovery Rare Earth Ions from Aqueous Solution

Yang Cai, Wenjun Luo, Jinlong Mu, Tiantian Luo, Jin Wei, Yunlong Xiao

01.09.2020 | FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2020

The Modification of Poly(metal phosphates) by Pentaerythritol

A. Yu. Shaulov, R. A. Sakovich, E. M. Nechvolodova, A. V. Grachev, E. V. Stegno, V. M. Lalayan, L. A. Tkachenko

07.08.2020 | MEDICAL POLYMERS | Ausgabe 5/2020

A Thermal-Responsive Y-Shaped Miktoarm Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Composed of Poly(ε-caprolactone) and Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) as a Nano-micellar Carrier for Anti-cancer Drugs

Farnaz Fazlalizadeh, Bakhshali Massoumi, Alireza Banaei, Mehdi Jaymand

07.08.2020 | POLYMER MEMBRANES | Ausgabe 5/2020

Preparation of Filtration Membrane by Grafting of Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) onto Polyethersulfone and Its Influence on Pollution Resistance of Membrane

Kai Fan, Enmei Liu, Guoqing Zhou, Jihao Li

07.08.2020 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2020

Toughness Enhancement in Polyactide Nanocomposites with Swallow-Tailed Graphene Oxide

Jing Li, Huige Yang, Hao Wang, Juzhong Zhang, Shuiren Liu, Xuying Liu, Wentao Liu, Li Zhang, Mingjun Niu, Jinzhou Chen

07.08.2020 | COMPOSITES | Ausgabe 5/2020

Green Synthesized Fe3O4/Cellulose Nanocomposite Suitable Adsorbent for Metronidazole Removal

Amir Azizi

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