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13.11.2017 | Original article

Theory does not meet experiment: transient dynamics changes patterns of exclusion in an intraguild predation system

Although empirical verifications of ecological theory are essential for the advance of our understanding of ecosystems functioning, they are often hard to obtain or even impractical. In this work we perform a detailed analysis of unexpected …


Acknowledgements to Reviewers and Editors

10.11.2017 | Original article

Seasonal changes in community structure along a vertical gradient: patterns and processes in rocky intertidal sessile assemblages

Here we considered two fundamental questions in community ecology regarding the relationship between seasonal changes in community structure and environmental gradients: (i) How does the magnitude of seasonal changes in community structure vary …

03.11.2017 | Special Feature: Review

Demographic studies enhance the understanding of evolutionarily (mal)adaptive behaviors and phenomena in humans: a review on fertility decline and an integrated model

Recently, statistical analyses of demographic datasets have come to play an important role for studies into the evolution of human life history. In the first part of this paper, I highlight fertility decline, an evolutionarily paradoxical …

03.11.2017 | Special Feature: Original article

Estimating individual fitness in the wild using capture–recapture data

The concept of Darwinian fitness is central in evolutionary ecology, and its estimation has motivated the development of several approaches. However, measuring individual fitness remains challenging in empirical case studies in the wild. Measuring …

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Population Ecology publishes refereed original research articles and reviews on various aspects of population ecology, from the individual to the community level. Coverage includes population dynamics and distribution, evolutionary ecology, ecological genetics, theoretical models, conservation biology, agroecosystem studies, and bioresource management. Notes and Comments articles (limited to 6 pages in print) offer brief items on both empirical and theoretical investigations, as well as comments on previously published papers. New concepts, analyses, and data are discussed in Forum articles. Special Features, collections of research articles and reviews organized by the editors, are published periodically and focus on specific research topics.

The Chief Editor is Dr. Kazunori Sato, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan.

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