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Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud

A Guide to Wave Platform, Builder, and Explorer


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In this age of data economy, data analytics is recognized as a key differentiator for companies trying to gain a sustainable competitive advantage and outperform their peers. However, the complexity of establishing an analytical architecture due to a wide array of disparate technical capabilities offered by a plethora of vendors makes the deployment of an on-premise solution a daunting task. For this reason, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud has captured the imagination from of both IT and business communities.

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud represents the rethinking of analytics for the business user. The Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform designed for the business user to have access to analytics "on the go," providing answers to questions instantly on any device. This mobile-ready capability of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud means users can immediately collaborate and share insights with team members right inside Salesforce. Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides actionable guidance on creating analytical capabilities using Salesforce Analytics Cloud. The book offers:

A practical guide to Salesforce Analytics Cloud, including Wave Platform, Builder, and Explorer.Detailed business analytics use cases in various industries (e.g., retail, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications).Architecture and best practices for integration, security, hybrid cloud coexistence, and governance.

Pro Sal

esforce Analytics Cloud is the first comprehensive book on Salesforce Analytics and provides a holistic architecture view of different analytical capabilities and how they fit into the overall information architecture. It features real-world industry use cases and demonstrates how Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud solves business challenges and brings real value to the organization.



A Complete Guide to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Chapter 1. An Overview of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud
Einstein’s sentiment, expressed in this concise quotation, captures our innate need to acquire and comprehend information. This is because information enables us to make decisions that are not impaired by bias or poor judgment. One could argue that this thought gave rise to computers, which were first developed to perform mathematical calculations faster. As computers have evolved, innovative strategies and technologies have also evolved to allow information in those computers to be more readily used in decision making. These strategies range from statistical methods to technologies that facilitate the storage of data for rapid retrieval, as well as visualization technologies.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Chapter 2. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Explorer
The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius counsels us to be doers, that this is the way to acquire knowledge. If you have read this far, then you likely have more than just a passing interest in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud and data discovery. You may be considering trying the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. The good news is that becoming a doer with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is not difficult. In fact, using the Salesforce Analytics’s Cloud Explorer is exactly what is covered in this chapter.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Chapter 3. Analytics Cloud Builder
American author and speaker John Naisbitt is highly recognized in his studies of future trends. He extended Einstein’s conclusion that “The only real valuable thing is intuition” by emphasizing the importance of human intuition in the era of data explosion and abundance. An intuitive user interface to explore data and develop visualization is of critical value, and that’s one of key benefits of Salesforce Analytics Cloud.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Chapter 4. Salesforce Analytics Platform
In Sun Tzu’s timeless epic The Art of War, the highest value is placed on understanding one’s own capabilities and the challenges that lie ahead. The same can be said of a business organization and its analytics software. If you understand your software and your data, you can maximize it to solve your particular problems. In the first three chapters we covered the simplest, user-enabled methods of loading data into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Now we look at methods to move data from different sources into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud datasets.
William Smith, Helen Sun

Business Analytics Solutions Using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Chapter 5. Critical Decision Making and the Salesforce Analytics Cloud
In the preface to his 2015 book The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality, Nobel Prize–winning economist Angus Deaton notes that claiming success in the absence of supporting data is an all too common occurrence in our world today, and it often causes a lack of confidence in the agencies and institutions charged with maintaining and protecting the welfare of our society. To support the conclusions and statements in his book, Deaton always provides the data, the sources of that data, and a view of how credible (or incredible) those sources are.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Chapter 6. Mobile Enterprise Data Discovery
One of the most famous generals of World War II was George Patton, and the above quote is attributed to him. The statement reflects what Patton was best known for: taking action with the best possible information, instead of excessively analyzing situations. Patton was ardently opposed to digging in or establishing fixed fortifications, and he demanded of his troop’s constant forward movement. Given Patton’s core values, he would certainly feel right at home with the mobile computing capabilities that are available to today’s professionals through smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile devices allow these professionals to be productive away from their offices, as these devices no longer need to be tethered to a desk to be useful. In this chapter, we examine a moderate-size cycle company, the Ottawa County Bike Company, and how the Salesforce Analytics Cloud enables that company’s personnel to use its existing decision support system data with their mobile devices to achieve greater insight into the company sales performance.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Chapter 7. Advanced Data Acquisition and Processing
Miyamoto Mushashi was a Japanese master of sword fighting who was undefeated after 60 matches. Mushashi’s success was rooted in a deep philosophy of striving for complete knowledge of all things large and small. The same is true of information technology. Developing and maintaining an understanding of technical subjects across a broad range of areas means that you will have more knowledge and skills to attack problems when they appear and formulate innovative solutions to those problems.
William Smith, Helen Sun
Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud
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