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Über dieses Buch

The objective of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012) is to facilitate an exchange of information on best practices for the latest research advances in the area of communications, networks and intelligence applications. These mainly involve computer science and engineering, informatics, communications and control, electrical engineering, information computing, and business intelligence and management.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012) will focus on green information technology and applications, which will provide in-depth insights for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government. The book addresses the most innovative research developments including technical challenges, social and economic issues, and presents and discusses the authors’ ideas, experiences, findings, and current projects on all aspects of advanced green information technology and applications.

Yuhang Yang is a professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Maode Ma is an associate professor at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.



Web, Engineering and Applications


Chapter 1. Study of City-Level Management System of Air-Conditioning

This paper presents a city-level management system of air-conditioning. It provides a platform for the local energy department to monitor and manage the energy consumption of air-conditioned buildings in their district. The framework of the whole system includes building control layer, database layer, application layer, and standardization system and information security mechanisms. According to the new terminal air-conditioning monitor and control mode by power line carrier technology, it is convenient for the conversion of the existing air-conditioning system of buildings to this system. This will be applied in Guangzhou University Town in the near future and the amount of energy use is supposed to be reduced by 40 %.

Junwei Yan, Haihang Xu, Haijie Lin, Lei Zhong

Chapter 2. Information System Scm Rationality in the Decision Making

Decision making is the critical key to the survival of an organization, more so in this present time where we see economic boundaries between country crumble and businesses become more complex, global, and knowledge-driven. Managers need to ensure that their organizations are continuously innovated and improved in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive edge. Managers realize that if their organizations are to survive in this dynamic and uncertain environment, they have to make decisions concerning new business opportunities, products, customers, suppliers, markets, and technical developments. This clearly indicates that the most important managerial attribute is the ability to make the right decision. The outcomes of the decisions will be used as the benchmark to evaluate whether managers are successful or not. Therefore, the question that arises is how managers make decisions and whether they are rational or irrational.

Hemin Da

Chapter 3. Design of Network-Based Virtual Laboratory

Virtual laboratory is a practical teaching assisted instruction with high efficiency. This paper analyzes the characteristics, classification of virtual laboratory, and the design of virtual instrument. It discusses the construction and system structure of network-based virtual laboratory. This paper also proposes design method of hardware and software, and provides a reference for the construction of virtual laboratory.

Yong Li, Guang Ming Li

Chapter 4. Web-Based Proxy Server Filtering System

The site of adverse information and security risks, the use of information filtering technology to filter information on the site, design Web-based proxy server filtering systems, analysis of the filtering function of the system described in detail the working principle and information processing, and gives concrete realization of Web filtering program. The system achieved through a proxy server, Web filtering and keyword filtering, site information can be dynamic filtering, so that users get useful information security.

Yanjie Yang

Chapter 5. Finance Report System Design Based on J2EE

This paper makes a deep analysis and research on report management of financial business and develops a report system for the banking system. It mainly presents the designment of report designer and builder, the implement of report format design, dynamic report generation, and management. The system can provide a solid foundation for future business intelligent construction.

Hua Wei

Chapter 6. Design of Management Information System Based on Reverse Logistics

With the continuous development of economic and social awareness on environmental protection requirements continue to improve, reverse logistics has begun to attract people’s attention, so the development of the role of reverse logistics information system become apparent. There are various papers on reverse logistics characteristics, the system features modular design, the logical structure design, security design studies, reverse logistics management information system design. The paper puts forward the Design and Implementation of Management Information System Based on Reverse Logistics.

Ruihui Mu

Chapter 7. Design of Scientific Research and Management System in University

Research is an important component of the current college work. It researches the university research management system and analyzes its needs. The paper starts from the actual needs of university research system design to analyze the system design at large and give its core code. The whole system adopts a B/S structure, and ultimately achieves a fully functional university research management system by using the NET and SQL. The valid use of the university research management system plays a positive role in the progress of the university research management system, and will be the focus and hot spots of the university management operators.

Kuipeng Wang, Dinghui Wang

Chapter 8. Informatization Management Platform of College Graduation Design Based on KM

To investigate the current situation of college graduation design in Chinese colleges and universities, and analyze the necessity of applying knowledge management (KM) to the information management platform (IMP) for graduation design teaching. With KM technology’s integration into the platform, a spiral process of KM, SECI model is put forward and discussed. Upon the SECI model, colleges and universities can promote knowledge acquisition, exchanging, sharing, innovation, and application. They are the ultimate goals of the platform for graduation design teaching.

Jun Dai

Chapter 9. Acquisition System Design of Human Lower Limbs Motion Information

In order to get the information close to the regulation of movement of the human lower limbs, a multichannel information acquisition project is put forward for the human lower limbs joints motion. This project can achieve a higher compatibility, more appropriate human body motion rules for lower limbs rehabilitation robots design and research. Based on the technologies of FPGA, USB2.0 interface and LabVIEW, a set of human lower limbs motion information acquisition system is designed with characteristics of high performance, low power consumption, multichannel and easy extension. The experiments show that the system can achieve multichannel synchronous information acquisition and processing, data real-time display and storage. It provides an experimental platform which can analyze and process data steadily and can obtain basic data that nestle human motion state.

Jian Feng Li, Bo Xiao, Chu Hui Deng, Chun Jing Tao, Run Ji

Web Engineering and Applications


Chapter 10. Fire Prevention Model Based on Internet of Things

We propose a new model that serial transmission system with vacation using exhaustive service. Our model consists of multiple sensor nodes and a sink node, all the nodes are the serial connection, and every sensor node uses exhaustive service. The fire behavior information of sensor node will be transmitted to the fire command center by Internet; it was not until ambient temperature exceeds a set threshold. When the system has not the fire behavior information, the sensor node is vacation.

Hua Yang, Heping Zhang, Richard K. K. Yuen

Chapter 11. Study of Online Teaching Website of Spoken Foreign Language Based on PHP

This paper uses PHP+MYSQL to conduct the design and development of the online teaching website of foreign spoken language. The teacher and students could have good interactive communication online to jointly accomplish the learning and teaching task of this subject.

Ning Zhang

Chapter 12. Study on Data High Availability in Data Grid Based on Optimization

Traditional grid managers and schedulers considered availability and optimization of computing resources and did not take into account data transfer delays when deciding on job submission. This is acceptable in applications where data transfer time is negligible compared to job executions time. However, many e-science applications, such as linear algebra, image processing, and data mining [


], are becoming more data intensive. In this paper, we propose a genetic algorithm (GA)-based approach that coschedules computational and networking resources. The proposed approach assumes the availability of on demand reconfigurable optical network infrastructure. We study the performance of the proposed approach and compare it to traditional grid scheduling. Simulation results show the advantages of the proposed coscheduling approach especially in networking-intensive applications.

Xiangju Liu

Chapter 13. Network Models of Metaphor Translation

On the basis of Blending Theory, the cognitive process of metaphor translation is regarded as a process of blending among multispaces. It is the conceptual structure, organized by abstract or detailed frame that connects both inputs. Specific conceptual blending networks can be applied to metaphor translation and any type of network that can be brought into the four space blending model.

Yongli Zhang, Ou Ou

Chapter 14. Study on Information of Network Firewall

This paper, mainly discusses that through setting function of the firewall ICF2 service of Windows XP built-in system, to release the network of Web server, FTP server, Telnet servers, mail servers and other network service information to the Internet are established on the LAN. Let more people share the connection of resource through the Internet, and thus implementing share the resources.

Wei Shi

Chapter 15. Improvement of Automobile Production Market Competitive Power Based on Logistics Network Planning

With the rapid development of Chinese automobile market, the competitions of all kinds of enterprises are impetuous. The efficiency and cost of automobile enterprises become more important than ever. Automobile production logistics is a complicated process, car spare parts, including transportation to the steel plate and roller materials and transportation, and through the forklift box, panels, transfer vehicle suspension conveyor, shall—type hoist conveyor. Taking time for automobile production logistics is still more than the time it takes for automobile production and even some modern equipments are used. Automobile production logistics’ efficiency is the key factors of automobile production quantity. In car production process complex spare parts logistics can be scheduled network planning technique. Auto production period also can reduce the method.

Hai Jian Wang

Chapter 16. Novel P2P Network Model in Next Generation Networks

By improving the P2P networks and creation of the proposed network, we may encounter networks that no longer have node failure and link failure. The recommended solution can perform search and download the content in a distributed manner over IMS. In our proposed P2P network (BLPC), not only the system is distributed at all levels, but also searching for all indexes is possible and therefore network resources are optimally utilized. From the management point of view, broadcast traffic that cause bandwidth loss, are limited to specific zones.

Haibo Yang

Chapter 17. Study of the Language of Chinese Mobile Phone Short Messages

In the information age, people have a variety of communication means and the mobile phone has become more and more popular. This thesis uses examples to analyze a variety of rhetorical devices used in the text from the perspective of rhetoric, and analyzes the humorous texts by the cooperative principle and politeness principle. It explores the reason why the mobile phone short message is more and more popular and aims to promote better communication between people .

Nanfei Xu

Chapter 18. Design and Implementation of Wireless Inertial Sensor Network Based on WiFi

WiFi is a PC and a handheld (such as PDAs, mobile phones) wireless terminal device connected to other technologies. Wireless inertial sensors detect and measure acceleration, tilt, shock, vibration, rotation, and multiple degrees of freedom (DoF) movement sensors. WiFi is a way to help users to access e-mail, Web streaming, and Internet technology. It provides users with a wireless broadband Internet access. According to the principle of resonator gyroscopes, the MEMS structure also provides angular rate detection. This paper presents design and implementation of wireless inertial sensor network based on WiFi.

Yong-sheng Wang

Chapter 19. Construction and Maintenance Operation Program of the E-Commerce Websites of Miniature Clothing Enterprises

The e-commerce website has been planned and designed for the requirements do not mean the completion of website. How to run the website, whether the website are smoothly operated, what conditions are required in the later maintenance and management and how to conduct the works as well as the practical feedback of clothing enterprises to the websites are all the important problems that should be solved after the websites establishment. The e-commerce websites of Tianjin Jinbai Clothing Company is taken as the example. How to choose programs and designs for the planning and the construction, the operating conditions, and later maintenance of its e-commerce websites have been demonstrated from the actual situation of miniature clothing enterprises.

Tianpeng Liu

Chapter 20. Study on Efficient Complex Network Model

This paper summarizes the relevant research of the complex network systematically based on Statistical Property, Structural Model, and Dynamical Behavior. Moreover, it emphatically introduces the application of the complex network in the economic system.

Cheng Wang, Qing Zhang, Jianping Gan

Chapter 21. Building of Volleyball Training System Based on Video Camera

This paper introduces a new volleyball robot system, and introduces its principles and configurations of hardware and software. The system will be the highest speed surge could exceed the volleyball 30 m/s, besides direction and placement controllable. What is more important is that the system can simulate some lens real game; it was the manager for their research strategy requirements. And function of the contrast model, the system can make athletes in training more to understand their suggestions for improvement. The system also has good human–machine interface, with which the users can run the whole system easily and effectively.

Changliang Sun

Chapter 22. Research on Operational Risk of Commercial Bank Based on Mechanism Design Theory

This paper introduces the theory of incentive mechanism design into research on operational risk of stated-owned commercial bank. First, principal-agent theory is used to analyze operational risk of stated-owned commercial bank. Then, game theory of incomplete information is applied to detect probabilities of operational risk which caused by internal factors of stated-owned commercial bank. Finally, mechanism design theory is adopted to explore an incentive mechanism that could effectively prevent the risk of internal operation in stated-owned commercial bank.

Baosen Wang, Di Wang

Chapter 23. Analysis of the Characteristics of Intangible Cultural Heritage Changli to Yangko

Changli to Yangko, a form of folk dance, also known as Hebei Yangko or Jidong to Yangko, is popularized in Funing, Lulong, Luan county etc., and loved by the local people. Changli to Yangko from the initial cross-dressing evolved into today’s four roles, from the traditional song and dance combination evolved into today’s dance and drama combination, from the single Han nationality folk songs and dances evolved into a multi-ethnic fusion folk art. Now, Changli to Yangko has gradually got on to the art scene from the initial “street vendor,” and was listed in the first national intangible cultural heritage, approved by the State Council in 2006. This thesis has discussed the characteristics of Changli to Yangko through its beautiful performance form, charming dance language, tacit cooperation band accompaniment.

Xiao Xi Guo, Yang Li, Qin Zhang

Chapter 24. Study on Semantic Web Service Automatic Combination Technology Based on Agent

In order to improve the single service functions, meet the complex business needs, this paper introduces the composite Web services, expounds the Web services and semantic Web service (SWS) related technologies, design and implementation of SWS composition system based on agent, show service automatic combination forming process, to better meet the user’s experience, verified the correctness of the theory, to achieve a combination of theory and practice. In Web services composition, there are certain theoretical significance and practical value.

Changzu Li, Linan Zhu, Qingshui Li, Xiaomin Yao

Chapter 25. Research of IPv6 Address Automatic Configuration in WSN

In view of the characteristics that the wireless sensor network has no center and is sensitive to power consumption, this paper puts forward a kind of IPv6 address automatic configuration protocol; according to the protocol, nodes will switch to the states when node compare its power with the default value. The node can distribute IP address to neighbors when it becomes the master service node. The experimental results show that the protocol has advantages of little communications and low power consumption, and has practical value.

Lanlan Chen

Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Chapter 26. An Improved Association Algorithm in Enterprises Consumption Warning

This paper proposes an improved association algorithm, which is improved on the basis of Apriori algorithm. Traditional algorithms usually need to repeat scan database and omit association rules during some industrial application. New algorithm introduces the time dimension and space dimension, so that the algorithm can adapt to industrial spatio-temporal data. New algorithm divides the large transaction into several data areas, and mines respectively association rules in each areas. New algorithm takes layer filter strategy during spatial data mining, as a result, compared to traditional algorithm, new algorithm avoids excessive candidate sets. Improved algorithm has been applied in energy data analysis of production process of a large industrial enterprise in the domestic and gains satisfying result.

Ping Hao, JianFeng Yang

Chapter 27. Study on Behavior of Dust-Exposed Workers of Ceramics, Iron and Steel, and Mechanical Manufacturing Industry

The purpose was to master the basic situation of dust workers in terms of qualifications, training or not, seniority and other aspects of knowledge about protection, and to clear the focus of the crowd, effective ways and methods in health education. We designed a questionnaire which was about “protective knowledge and behavior of dust workers” ourselves and carry it on the dust workers in Tangshan city. A database was established with Excel. SPSS11.5 statistical analysis software was used to analyze for the influence on protecting knowledge and behavioral between different groups. Dust workers’ using rate about the choosing an effective way of protection is generally low in Tangshan city. Those of not being educated and poor educational background have poor protection behavior. The knowing rate of perception and using rate of protective behaviors were statistically significant in the different factories.

Zhiqian Sun, Shuyu Xiao, Fuhai Shen, Hui Zhao, Xueyun Fan, Shoufang Jiang, Sanqiao Yao, Qingdi Meng, Jing Bai, Zhengbing Hua

Chapter 28. Regional Innovation System Based on Industrial Clusters

Industrial cluster is an important symbol of the regional competitiveness. Regional economic growth in the common features is to rely on inputs to push, and when inputs quantity and quality established condition, the key elements and the production process of integration between a specialization division Web-based industry cluster, can strengthen regional economic growth core ability. Regional innovation system (RIS) and industrial cluster because there is regional, structure, function, and goal of many linked, they are inevitable connection. The key to the construction of regional innovation system is to promote the formation and development of industry cluster system conditions. The government can promote the regional innovative ability through the implementation of the positive cluster, for promoting industrial clusters and RIS of combining the development policy, to optimize regional innovation environment.

Xiong Cui, Bo Wu

Chapter 29. Research on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promoting Policy

In China, SMEs play a vital role in the economy, and the degree of fiscal policy supporting influence development of SMEs. By learning from foreign experiences, government should design the fiscal policies necessary in order to promote SMEs. On the other hand, survey indicates that SMEs confront several problems. For instance, financing difficulties, heavier tax burden, inability of scientific and technological innovation, and the lower degree of SMEs cluster. The gap between State-owned Enterprise and SMEs will be increased without government support. Therefore, this paper aims to find the problems and propose to implement the necessary fiscal policy through investigating the financing of SMEs.

Pingyu Liu, Heng Xie

Chapter 30. An Efficient Finite-Element Method-Based Stress Simulator for Integrated Circuit Optimization Designs

Dwindling feature size pointed out the influence on performance of the pressure equipment and circuit integrated circuit (IC) can no longer be ignored. In fact, the pressure engineering is becoming more and more widely used in advanced IC manufacturing today processes to improve equipment performance. Introduce different stress on purpose to improve circuit performance, shallow trench—isolation (reference)—the stress, it is venereal well-applied device, active field is a byproduct of the technological process, and the influence of the circuit has become increasingly apparent behavior. This paper proposes a new kind of influence of whole process to characterize performance, without the stress on the rf/analog circuit layout and processing by considering detailed information. An accurate and efficient finite-element stress simulator developed a method extracting based on the stress distribution of IC from layout design. The existing MOSFET model to capture the effect also can increase of stress on the liquidity and threshold voltage. In order to enhance model, we can study the pressure without the influence of layout—dependent, in the real circuit performance optimization and establish corresponding strategies. This process has been used in a series of rf/analog IC design is based on a 90 nm CMOS process produced.

Hong-bin Zhang, Zhi-ming Liu

Chapter 31. Cost Modeling for Determining Maintenance Task of Contractor

In this paper, maintenance costs of contractor support and enterprise independent support were analyzed with respect to preventive maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM). On this basis, the costs under the two categories in a contract period were integrated and a model was developed for decision making on the optimization of maintenance task partitioning. It was shown from an example that cost savings can result from optimizing partition of maintenance task between contractors and enterprises.

Gu Hongqiang, Jianmin Zhao

Chapter 32. Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinematic Features Based on Hidden Markov Model

The ability to recognize humans and their activities by vision is a key for a machine to interact intelligently and effortlessly with a human machine interface environment. In this paper, we exploit multiple cues including divergence features, vorticity features, and hand motion direction vector. Divergence fields and vorticity fields are derived from the optical flow for hand gesture recognition in hand gesture videos. We perform principle component analysis method to extract their features, and find the hand cancroids position for all frames by using hand tracking algorithm, acquire the motion direction vector. At last, we use the traditional HMM to verify these features. In our experiments, we had experimented 12 isolated gestures. The experimental results show these features have good performance.

Haibo Pang, Youdong Ding

Chapter 33. Heuristic Assembly Order Design of Aircraft Based on Semantics Association

In order to design the assembly order (AO) of aircraft more effectively and improve the standardization of AO. This paper presents a heuristic method based on semantics association. First, by analyzing the semantic ontology of AO, the definitions of semantic similarity and semantic association are proposed. Subsequently, according to the semantic distance and attribute of the hierarchical structure of semantic ontology, the semantic similarity of semantic primitives in AO is quantified, so that these semantic primitives can be clustered. Then, based on directed graph theory, the typical semantic primitives of AO are analyzed to quantify their degree of semantic association. Finally, the more normalized AO will be designed in a more efficient way and the results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Yang Li, Lei Zhao

Chapter 34. Innovative Talents Training Strategy Based on Off-Campus High-End Practice Environment

Through the analysis of Chinese undergraduate practice innovative ability training mode based on off-campus high-end practice teaching environments, the existing problems in innovative talents training process in Chinese universities are pointed out. For solving the problems, the strategies that adapted to the socialized practice teaching bases construction and development mechanism, innovative teaching management system, knowledge and curriculum system, and the new teaching methods in the off-campus high-end practice teaching environments and Chinese higher education characteristics are discussed in detail. These strategies and thoughts will make salutary enlightenment and reference for developing Chinese higher education at present.

Yong Zhang, Jianli Dong

Information Management and Applications


Chapter 35. Scenario Prediction of Energy Demand and Development Status of Renewable Energy in Dunstan Area of Chongming Island

Based on the data of GDP and population during the period 2003–2008, the energy demand in 2020 for industrial and residential energy in Dunstan area of Chongming Island was forecasted through the scenario simulation, and together with other research material, the development status of renewable energy was also detected. The results show that: (1) under the low and high scenarios (LS and HS), the industrial energy demand in 2020 will respectively reach 127,944 the (ton of standard coal equivalent) and 401,817 the, which are 1.9 and 6 times that in 2008, respectively. While the residential energy demand under LS and HS in 2020 differentiates little from each other, and it is about 50 % of increment compared with the current consumption. (2) The industrial and residential energy demand in 2020 under the moderate scenario (MS), which is more reasonable to energy prediction, will be respectively 264,881 tie and 32.5 million kHz, and with the average annual increase rate of 12.1 and 3.5 % from 2008 to 2020, respectively. (3) The development degree of the wind energy and solar energy in Dunstan is currently considerably low, which accounts for less than 1 % in the energy structure. The findings suggest that the energy scheduling and planning should be implemented to coordinate the balance between energy demand and energy supply in the future; meanwhile, adjusting the energy structure and developing renewable energy such as wind and solar energy in the next decades to address environmental problems resulting from the consumption of a mass of fossil fuels.

Xuezhong Fan, Liquan Zhang

Chapter 36. Study on Inheritance of the Team Knowledge Between High-Tech Projects

The initialization and performance of a new high-tech project (HTP) is affected by team knowledge transferred from the completed project. This study explores which are the key factors influence the vertical transposition of team knowledge across HTPs. Through investigating and analyzing the situation of inheritance of team knowledge using data from HTPs of universities in China, following causes were found to various extents to impact on performance of inheritance of knowledge: Maturity and will of the impartation team; Competency and loyalty of the receptor team; Time and form of the activities concerning vertical transfer of team knowledge this outcome is conducive to put forth pertinent countermeasures.

Jun Dai, Vikas Kumar, Malcolm Brady

Chapter 37. Research on Intercity Transportation and City Group Economic Integration Based on Elastic Coefficient

Intercity traffic development and city group economic integration process is closely related, intercity transportation development has a direct impact on city group economic integration process. This article from the region, city economics and economic geography in the perspective of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city traffic and city group under study, and the combination of the gravity model and elastic coefficient method of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city’s intercity transportation and city group economic integration of the interaction between the two relationships to make quantitative analysis, so that we can better study city group development and construction, first one that we can better study intercity traffic development and city group economic integration process is closely related, intercity transportation development has a direct impact on city group economic integration process, and the second one that provided and its important theoretical and realistic significance of city group development and construction.

Fuchun Xie, Lingling Zhang

Chapter 38. Study on the Earthquake Emergency Behavior Patterns of County Governments

Current earthquake emergency response (EER) plans of county governments' in China obviously lack specificity and operability, which seriously affect not only their own level of implementation but also the overall level of the country. According to this problem, this paper first proposed a conceptual framework of “earthquake emergency behaviour patterns”. Then it put forward the method of how to determine the elements of the patterns. Then by using this framework, taking the county governments with serious disasters of Wenchuan earthquake, for example, through typical cases analysis and survey statistical analysis, the paper gives the whole picture of emergency behavior patterns and some overall laws. Finally, the main stage characteristics and critical time points of earthquake emergency disposal of county governments with serious disasters were obtained. The results show that use of the conceptual framework of “earthquake emergency behaviour patterns” can help to sort out the mass and cumbersome datum of the EER behavior, and can provide an effective means to dig EER experiences. The patterns obtained by this paper can provide a scientific basis on the level of the programs and promote their actual operability.

Deng Yan, Nie Gaozhong

Chapter 39. Study on Green Economy Transformation in Developing Countries

This paper aims to explore how developing countries should transform their economic developing pattern at a lower cost, under the international trend of “Green Economy” development. By comparing practices among those countries which have already launched their transform programs, it will sum up some experience available for reference in developing countries. The thesis also selects China as a typical model of developing countries, consider this country’s developing status quo as an early stage, and put forward some proposals for developing countries that they should strengthen their science and technology innovation through market functions, regulate the transfer of pollution, and establish balance and supportive frameworks for gender equality.

Jun Lin

Chapter 40. Optimization of Enterprise Production Based on Carbon Emissions Credits Trading

This paper mainly studies the influence on the strategy of carbon emissions trading system for manufacturing enterprise production. There are three ways to obtain Carbon Credits: the government quota, market trading and purification treatment, which are possible to balance in different ways. This paper analyzes the characteristics of decisions made by production enterprises, how to establish production optimization model under restraint on carbon emission, and find an optimal production strategy based on the carbon emissions.

Honglei Tang, Guofang Song

Chapter 41. Research of Valid Authorization in the Business Management

With the economy and science technology development, the enterprise scale becomes larger and the decision maker cannot solve all the existed questions at the same time. The valid authorization for the subordinate department or the staff can preferably manage the enterprise. In the real life, many superior managers authorize the management to the subordinate without the required result. That is the problem of the valid authorization. The valid authorization was established at the end of last century. During the 20 years’ development, it has obtained the perfect evaluation from the large number of managers. The authorization not only sends works to the staff or directly leaves the question to the subordinate department. The two-way process needs the fully communication and understanding between the subordinate and the superior. Moreover, it needs the mutual trust and it is the enterprise management activity that is opposite with responsibility and rights. The valid authorization application during the enterprise management has been the research hot spot among the enterprises and the professional persons.

Jindong Wei, Huixin Wang

Chapter 42. Application and Development of 3D Technology in the Field of Architecture

Three-dimensional animation is a new technology born with the development of computer hardware and software technology in recent years. Compared to plan graph, it is more intuitive and attractive to viewers, and particularly suitable for the abstraction project, so it is well received in the field of architecture. As 3D technology becomes more mature, 3D design will be more widely used in the field of architecture. This paper discusses the application and development of 3D animation in the field of architecture.

Qiangdong Yan

Innovative Education and Applications


Chapter 43. Study on Situational Sports Teaching Model

This paper conducts the teaching exploration for the situational sports model’s implementation in sports teaching. It is indicated that the implementation of the situational teaching is good to improve the students’ initiative and interest for study; good for the students’ participation; good to improve students’ initiative, sports ability and sports level; good to promote students to have healthy physical and psychological development; good to optimize the teaching process and activate the class atmosphere; and also good to promote students’ social development factor. It is an ideal teaching concept and teaching model.

Libin Zhang

Chapter 44. Efficient Scheme to Improve Scientific Research Level of University Gym Instructor

The university gym instructor’s vitality comes from sports scientific research. The university gym instructor must relate with the sports scientific research together. The university sports scientific research is take the university sports education phenomenon and the sports education question as an object, using scientific research principle and method, inquired about the sports teaching rule and has the sports to educate the way and method science practice. Raises the university gym instructor’s sports scientific research level diligently, is advantageous in improving the university gym instructor’s overall quality, the advantageous education scientific research development, improves the education quality.

Jun Wang

Chapter 45. Research on Basketball System in Training Reserve Human Capital

Using methods of literature and document, questionnaire investigation, specialist asking, this article gives some corresponding suggestions by market economics, management and government’s economics, etc. This paper proposes the reasonable suggestion and strategy for the cultivation and reform of the basketball reserve human capital in our country.

Long Wu

Chapter 46. Study on National Traditional Sports

In this study, the feasibility of introducing national traditional sports into schools of Laibin studied is analyzed and teaching measures are proposed in order to improve the reforms of sports teaching in schools of Laibin and provide some theoretical basis to protect national traditional sports.

QuanXian Wang

Chapter 47. Feasibility Study on Physical Education of Vocational Colleges

This paper conducts an in-depth study on the subject that Tangshan vocational colleges introduce the outward bound projects into the physical education through the investigation analysis, expert interview and teaching experiment, and other scientific research methods.

Qiang Wei, Yali Liu, Xiaomei Zhao

Chapter 48. Study of the Value Orientation of Physical Education

Currently, the value orientation of China’s Physical Education (PE) reform is of binary opposition, which was demonstrated in terms of education aim, teaching strategies, and education evaluation. The binary opposition is rooted in the misinterpretation of quality-oriented education. In the process of developing quality-oriented education, we still need to adjust in the aspects of teacher training, specialty course setup in teachers colleges and management system. An effective approach to eliminating the cognitive dissonance is to integrate humanism and scientism, exam-oriented education and quality-oriented, the traditional and new curriculum views, etc.

Jindong Chang, Liuxiao Lei

Chapter 49. Reform of College Sports Based on the Concept of Low-Carbon

The basic requirement for college physical education is Individual socialization. The author introduced “low-carbon exercise” into college PE classes, cultivating talented person to meet the social requirement as its core, improving students’ health consciousness as the key point, and benefiting for all one’s life as the concept. This measure could fill in the gaps in the teaching of health cultural knowledge in college physical education. “Low-carbon exercise” can be done whenever and wherever possible and could always keep body in health.

Yumei Zhao

Chapter 50. Study on Role of Leisure Sports in University Sport Education

The university sports teaching model based on the establishment of leisure sports education, four influencing factors on the sports leisure value through the inspection process explanation—paradox that check their narrow inspection process. In addition, each dimension is not the relationship between the grades and equal linear wearing, its structure with genome single structure, new circulation system will leave the previous cycle, each track is in a turn and direction, and this is a based on another test, test this analysis and choice of leisure choice model for college physical education teaching contents, dialectics, and flexible stability. College sports teaching contents of a spirochaeta step by step by this model, it is also a development choice, this kind of analysis method, this paper introduces the selection of the value orientation in leisure sports teaching content and university make it has the dynamic behavior of the value and the instruction.

Yejun Zhan

Chapter 51. Research on Information Technology in Sport Educational Training System

With computer development, information technology has been applied to the various parts of sports fields. It brings great changes and increases the scientific sport. Moreover, the combination of information technology and physical training is not only perfect disadvantages of traditional training, but it develops the athlete training efficiency that makes sport training more scientific and technological. This article mainly researches the various information applications in sport educational training system, the function of each information system, and describes the information technology prospect during physical training.

Hui-juan Dong, Chong-fei Li, Feng-yan Zhang

Chapter 52. Study of Colleges Tennis Teaching Level

This paper carries out a research and has an essential analysis on College Tennis Teachers’ Teaching Level in Heilongjiang Province, aiming at finding out unfavorable factors in colleges’ tennis course processing and offering some specific solutions to optimize each link in tennis courses which contribute to the popularity of tennis courses theoretically. To reach these goals, on studying and analyzing all the materials gathered, conclusions can be drawn as follows: First, the situation—more than half of the tennis teachers were not tennis majors—causes impediments in tennis teaching. Next, another group of tennis teachers whose college degrees are graduates or elites taking up more than half shows general improvements in the level of university teachers. And third, college students are universally satisfied with the overall teaching level of tennis teachers.

Fu Ming

Chapter 53. Research of Volleyball Athletes Management System

Reserve personnel management system of comprehensive and integrated basic volleyball players, forecast, information evaluation, statistics, decision-making model, and all kinds of sports capacity model elite athletes, realize the information management of scientific and automation, and thus provide a strong decision support of scientific management and implementation of the reserve personnel competitive sport.

Changliang Sun

Chapter 54. Research on Physical Education Management System of University

With the development of computer science and technology, the computer has already spread to all walks of society. In universities, the computer has applied more widely, such as in the elective system, the academic system, online examination system, and the scoring system. In this article, we will design and implement a university physical education management system based on the requirement of the system, to solve the sports physical education management difficult, inefficient, and other issues caused by the college physical education which involved many students, many alternative sports physical projects, and many assessment projects.

Zengpeng Jia

Chapter 55. Corpus-Based Error Analyses of Contestants’ Writing from Vocational Colleges

Based on corpus of the Third National English Writing Contest for Technical and Vocational Colleges, the paper makes an empirical error analysis of contestants’ writing, by using software such as PatCount, AntConc, and SPSS 19. Then, causes for the errors are analyzed in view of communication strategy, mother tongue interference, and overgeneralization. Finally some possible solutions are made to remedy or avoid such errors.

Ronggen Zhang

Chapter 56. EFL Motivation Construct and Motivational Strategies in Tertiary Language Learning

There are many factors influencing learners’ success or failure in second language learning, such as language learners’ motivation, age, gender, personality. Among these factors, learners’ motivation places a crucial part. This chapter aims at presenting some definitions of motivation, theories of motivation in second language (L2) classroom and proposing a construct of college students’ learning motivation in China, and discussing its implication for tertiary English learning in China. Motivational strategies in learning English are to be elaborated from three perspectives: the role of teacher, the role of college, and the role of society, with details of the sub-areas that will be covered.

Fei Guo

Chapter 57. Reform and Practice of C Language Programming Teaching

This paper, based on some problems of C language programming course in teaching, combined with the content of the course and characteristic, from the teaching content, teaching means, teaching methods, and other aspects, discusses the teaching reform. Practice has proved the good effect of teaching reform. These reforms have achieved better results in fostering study interest of students and stimulating self-learning enthusiasm of students. Thereby, these results have increased the ability of practice and innovation of students and have laid a good foundation to improve the quality of teaching and training high-quality computer professionals.

Limin Tao

Chapter 58. Joint Cooperative of the Rural Credit Cooperatives Based on Transitional Institutional Arrangement

This paper used property rights theory to study the existing management system of rural credit cooperatives (RCC). In realty, the provincial joint cooperative of the rural credit cooperative (PJCRCC) formed the inversion phenomenon in the ownership rights and control rights. So provincial government should integrate RCCs in county areas to construct a county-level cooperative as a legal person (CC), and CCs in provincial areas invested jointly share to establish a new PJCRCC, then it perfected its corporative governance structure, ultimately the new PJCRCC became a local financial institution with independence. Therefore, the old PJRCC is a transitional institutional arrangement.

Kaiqun Wu

Chapter 59. Decision of the Wind Power Projects Based on Cost-Efficient Method

To start from the investment characteristics of wind power projects, account for wind power projects in the life-cycle costs and project income, decision analysis and application of cost-effectiveness of wind power projects, the final project decision makers come to the scientific and rational decision-making program. To carry out the analysis of the case by cost-effectiveness, then comes a scientific and rational conclusion.

Gao Hong, Gao Wu, Lu Guo

Sustainable Education Management


Chapter 60. Study on College Graduation Design Models Based on Knowledge Management

This paper aims to describe the theoretical basis of the undergraduate’s graduation design in the new era, and to devise a “2T4D model” of college graduation design based on the knowledge management theory. According to the model, the college should focus on the roles of teacher and student, prefect hardware and software, make use of internal and external resource, and promote conversion between explicit and tacit knowledge. The model lets transformation between the two kinds of knowledge possible by collation, spreading and applying, and can ensure design quality.

Lifen Zhang, Jun Dai

Chapter 61. Research of Hidden Risks and Countermeasures of Network in College Computer Room

With the rapid development of network, hidden risks of the college computer room gradually highlight. In order to enhance the level of security management and security level of the network in college computer room, in this chapter, the author comprehensively analyses possible security issues and factors, proposes strategies to deal with security issues in university computer rooms and achieve comprehensive security in computer room from the user terminal to export of university network through the room environment safety, the room network safety, and operating system safety.

Jia Li

Chapter 62. Prediction Model of School Effectiveness for Local Universities

How to improve educational effectiveness is a comprehensive systems engineering, and is an urgent major theoretical and practical problem to study in education quality engineering. In this paper, the issues of influencing and restricting the development of local universities are analyzed according to the educational practise of local universities. Then, the importance of educational effectiveness prediction is discussed, and a prediction model for educational effectiveness of local university is proposed based on the gray system theory. The results provide a valuable reference for the orientation of local universities, and this prediction model can be extended to solve the complex problems of engineering prediction.

Zhongwen Chen, Genyu Chen

Chapter 63. Study on Communicative Listening Test Based on Pragmatic Inference

This paper explores how communicative listening comprehension in general, and communicative listening test design during English testing in particular can benefit from pragmatic inference. Several methods were adopted for the present paper such as interview, questionnaire, and the classroom observation in order to give the clear and useful suggestions. Based upon the various researches, some original guidelines to teachers for constructing listening test during English teaching were provided from the new perspective of pragmatic inference, which can facilitate the teachers and students to adjust their teaching plans and studying methods. This paper gave suggestions to the teachers from the perspective of listening tests constructing, which is rare in previous study.

Huimin Wang, Hui Zhao, Xilan Sun, Qianfeng Liu

Chapter 64. Study of Social Impact of Shanghai World Expo

The sources of the research are the survey to Shanghai residents. The research analyzes the 16 main evaluating indicators which measure the social impact on the Shanghai World Expo. The result of the analysis will be different according to the different profession of the interviewees. The purpose of the research is to direct the development, planning, and operation of the large social activity. The research will also set up harmonious relationship of host and guest, and realize the all-win of the large social activity, society, and travelers. At the same time, the research will be a reference to the government department, the director of the large social activity, and the management and some sponsors of the relative organizers, such as enterprise and public institutions.

Shunyong Yang, Xuan Xu

Chapter 65. Study on Brand Marketing Management in China Enterprises

Based on the systematic analysis of brand and brand competitiveness, the brand competitiveness originates from different sources intrinsically and extrinsically, such as quality sustaining, technology innovation, marketing expansion, market share, profit creation, and image exploration. In the competition climate we currently face, the enterprises in China must attach great importance to cultivating and promoting the brand competitiveness.

Han Yu, Fei Ouyang

Chapter 66. Competency-Based Teaching and Practice on the Course Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

This paper discusses well-designed Practice-oriented teaching career in the course Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, probes into teaching and assessment methods based on the competency-oriented, and emphasizes the characteristics of career and technical education. Practice shows that the effective implementation of the scheme is able to achieve the desired teaching objectives, and provide references for electronics-related courses, and for reforms in vocational education.

Jun-An Zhang, Xin Zhan, Li Wang

Chapter 67. Analysis of Word Order of English and Chinese

There are certain differences in the word order between English and Chinese because of different cultural backgrounds and language habits. On the basis of analyzing and comparing the word order differences between English and Chinese, the author attempts to sort out some laws which may help improve writing and translation teaching of the target language.

Xiaoye Chen

Chapter 68. Teaching Mode Choice for the Cultivation of the Innovation Foreign Trade Talents

Presently, the exploration practice part of teachers’ educational reform does not change the present situation that students learn without thinking, application, and research. The questioning-interactive teaching is able to achieve the harmonious teacher–student interaction, student–student interaction in the mutual questioning situation and the mutual influence between the individual student and the learning medium and personal environment. In the questioning–interactive process, it could train the critical thinking, cultivate and improve the innovation consciousness, spirit, and ability, and achieve the target to train the innovation and application foreign trade talents. It is the best choice to achieve its teaching target. The achievement for such a mode relies on the further innovation of the teaching process, teacher team, and the school’s teaching mechanism.

Shuyan Cheng

Knowledge Management Engineering


Chapter 69. Internal Marketing: Exploring the Impact of Cultural and Language Issues

The three decades of literature on internal marketing reveal that internal marketing is European (Western) and hotel focused. Studies to date provide limited guidance on the impact of cultural and language issues on internal marketing. Of the 136 Taiwanese participants, who have worked in tourism and hospitality completed an online survey. In this study many items, generated in Western contexts, were impure measures of internal marketing suggesting more attention needs to be paid to the measurement of internal marketing for Eastern contexts. The results suggest that language issues, cultural congruency and socialising impact internal marketing. Further research is required to extend our understanding of the impact of cultural and language issues on the application of internal marketing in the workplace.

Yu-Ting Huang, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Chapter 70. Study on Key Influencing Factors of Dynamic Alliance Achievements with Asymmetric Information

In this paper, by the method of factor analysis, we studied the effects of the main influence factors of enterprise alliance, using the survey data of manufacturing industry surrounding Nanjing city. The main findings of this research are as follows: the three factors promise, trust, and control of the alliance achievements have the remarkable positive influence, but the effect of ability and compatibility are little. Thus promise, trust, and control constitute the key factors which influence the dynamic alliance achievements under the asymmetric information.

Yongpei Wang, Baoguo Shan, Qing Huang

Chapter 71. Analysis of Governance Efficiency of Family Business Financing Structure Based on DEA Model

We conducted an empirical study on the governance efficiency of the financing structure of the 81 listed family companies in China based on DEA model. The results of research show that in eastern, central, and western areas, most family businesses do not reach DEA efficiency; the efficiency value of technological progress is relatively low, not realizing the scale economy. There are only 13 companies which completely achieved DEA efficiency of financing structure governance efficiency, accounting for 16.05 %.This indicates that the overall efficiency level of the listed family companies in China is worrying.

Zhiqiang Zhou, Yinhua Tian, Heping Liao, Kexi Wang

Chapter 72. Research on Paying Rules and Distributions of Generation Companies Under Different Trading Rules

In order to speed up the process of China’s electricity market, and promote the development of electricity industry, this paper tries to introduce different trading rules to improve power market transaction. It focuses on the regional electricity market within power grid and electricity trading rules in a theoretical study and discussion which are based on three different conditions, namely, the discriminatory trading rules, uniform price trading rules, and separated uniform price trading rules. Power grid provides different allocation rules and payment rules to the generation companies under these trading rules. In addition, numerical example will further explain the different trading rules in the specific power distribution method and payment method.

Jianping Wang, Tao Zhang, Xianjia Wang

Chapter 73. Document Management System Based on the Distributed Commutating

The extensive development of China’s science and technology drives the application of the computer network technology to be universal, and the introduction of the computer technology into the document management system has changed into a new trend of the information management in the future. The distributed computing has been one of the important fields of the computer science and its powerfully decentralized computing function partitions a huge computing project into small parts which are finished one by one. Besides, the document management system based on the distributed computing cannot merely reduce the difficulty to manage the documents, but also can accomplish the running of the network management model. In this paper, the author analyzes the relevant problems in the document management system based on the distributed computing with an emphasis.

Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu

Chapter 74. IMS Vulnerability Evaluation Model Based on Gray Theory

IP Multimedia Subsystem brings the networks integration and improves the services providing capability. However, as it deteriorates the IMS-based Next Generation Network security, the research on its vulnerabilities receives extensive attention. The factors of IMS vulnerabilities are drawn by using CVSS and the evaluation mode of vulnerability degree is given based on gray-color theory. The frame based on the gray-color theory was constructed, and the gray degree matrix, three angle weights, functions, gray-color evaluation coefficient, weight matrix, evaluation vector matrix, and the evaluation conclusion value were introduced. This model can offer scientific basis for the evaluation of IMS vulnerability degree.

Qunling Xu

Chapter 75. Efficient Scheme to Improve Students Language Competence Based on Cooperative Teaching

In order to cultivate students’ communicative skills and develop their language competence, cooperative teaching has become a generally accepted teaching strategy, which has been proved to be effective. The core of cooperative teaching is making students accomplish a common learning goal through group work. In view of the current situation of college English teaching in our country, this chapter explores issues on the group work in cooperative teaching, including group work designing, group work implementation, and group work evaluation. In addition, it discusses with examples the advantages of group work and suggested improvements.

Weiqing Liu

Chapter 76. Study on Factors of Affecting the Acceptance and Adoption of Smartphone

Purpose—The purpose of this study is to investigate human motivations affecting an adoption decision for smart phones about the active and passive acceptance. Methodology—This study relies on a stratified quota–sampling technique to recruit respondents in quantitative survey. Reliability analysis was first undertaken to assess the factor structure followed by t-test. Findings—The results indicate that: (1) Gender has no obvious influence in active or passive acceptance of smart phones. (2) Systems of Smartphone have obvious difference in active and passive acceptance of smart phones, and iOS users (i.e. phone) are actively accepted, and Android system users are passively accepted. (3) Research limitations/implications—Findings suggest that the best approach to target iOS system users is to identify methods to increasing work efficiency, and to target android system users by peer powers.

Yu-Ting Huang, Yi-Hsiang Chen

Green Management Engineering and Applications


Chapter 77. Traffic Distribution and Self-Similarity of P2P Application

P2P file sharing application traffic has become a major component of Internet traffic, and to understand the characteristics and impact of P2P traffic has become an important issue. After analyzing the network traffic of Maze system, we have found that most part of traffic content are taken up by small part of flows in Maze application, but this extent is lower than the proportion of WWW (World Wide Web) applications and the ratio of the whole link. We have also confirmed the view that the rare part of hosts transfer most part of traffic, but the extent of which is lower than that studied before. Although the self-similarity for flow analysis shows that the arrival time and the arrival rate of flows all have significant self-similarity, self-similar factor has not reached a high level.

Baogang Chen, Jinlong Hu

Chapter 78. Study on Teaching Mode of Character Image Design Program of Higher Vocational College

In recent years, through a series of related policies, the state and government encourage college graduates to get employed by using all sorts of channels and also provide supports for their business establishment. According to the fashion and advance characteristics of character image design program, study on the construction of the teaching mode of character image design program of higher vocational colleges under the situation of knowing well times background, policy background, and industry background are proposed based on the “school-enterprise cooperation” and “work-learning integration”. Thus, a new professional teaching mode of “enterprise behaviour” can be constructed through bold reform in personnel training model, educational and teaching model, and course system, etc.

Anfeng Zhang, Qiuxiang Gao

Chapter 79. Private Kindergarten Management Characteristics and Values

The private kindergarten management to economic efficiency as the core, the target enterprise operation mode; Business activities marketization; Pursue the expected profit is greater than the cost of the main character, The market orientation, competition orientation, performance orientation, service innovation orientation, the value orientation of orientation. Its value orientation and enterprise is different, its development process through the orientation of the stage for survival; Outstanding education value orientation stage; Rational thinking, science of doing the innovation and service orientation stage. We should correct understanding the pursuit of private kindergarten benefit instinct, but its profit can only be modest.

Zhilong Cheng

Chapter 80. Wine Bottle Design and Consumer Preferences

This paper generates some insights into consumer preferences for wine bottle design. This can be studied from different attributes, such as shape, picture, country of origin, closure, label information, and volume. By applying conjoint analysis, an interesting finding is that the shape for wine bottle design is of least importance, and country of origin is perceived as the most important attribute in this study, which has received little evidence in previous research in the field of wine packaging design. Therefore, the results in this study have some implications for wine bottle designers and wine marketers.

Yani Xie

Chapter 81. System Improvement Discussion of Public Service Supply Ability of Local Government

The public service supply ability of local government decides the sustained satisfaction of public requirement. The public service supply ability of local government exists in series questions. This is related to government-oriented information gathering system, service domestic system, financial system, performance evaluation system. These system improvements are effective methods to develop the public service supply ability of local governments.

Er-Xiang Chen

Mathematical Computation


Chapter 82. University Library Lending Prediction Model Based on Linear Regression Analysis

The library borrowing prediction will play a key role in library management. Most library management work pay more and more attention to the library borrowing, which are often mentioned in their annual report. The library borrowing predictions may also have great influence on most of the library, and the annual plan. It is found by the author, according to the data of the lending and number of library reader for simple linear regression model. Two methods of tests, such as coefficient simple determination and T-test to prove that a strong linear relationship between lending, and number of the library readers. T-test result is obtained through the operation function of data analysis and regression of Microsoft Excel. On this basis, according to the theory of simple linear regression analysis, obtained the prediction equations. The author introduces the calculating method of comparative and confidence interval mean library loans and prediction intervals of a single library borrowing in the upcoming year.

Xuemei Su

Chapter 83. Teaching Design Principles for the Integration of Mathematical Culture into Calculus Teaching

From the perspective of mathematical culture to culture, in the process of the history in the development of human culture math is examined and understood, a new direction is opened for human understanding mathematics. This paper introduces connotation and denotation of the mathematical culture and sums up mode of mathematical culture on the calculus into teaching, teaching design principles, and points out some problems to be solved in a follow-up study. Hope this research plays a valuable role for calculus teaching research.

Dahai Sui

Chapter 84. Application of Software Matlab in Advanced Mathematics

Combining with the actual teaching situation of advanced mathematics, this article will discuss Matlab application problems in advanced mathematics. The article will first introduce the software Matlab, and then analyze the characteristics of advanced mathematics teaching, which include logic, abstraction, pioneering. The specific performances of applications of Matlab in advanced mathematics teaching understand abstract concepts through geometry, memorizing mathematical theorems through geometry, setting up spatial thinking model through geometry. The last part will analyze the affect of application of Matlab in advanced mathematics teaching, including the positive side and the negative side.

Shengguang Peng

Chapter 85. Risk Measure for Nonferrous Metals Futures Based on PSO-GARCH-GPD Model

To estimate value at risk (VaR) and conditional value at risk (CVaR) of nonferrous metals futures, this study estimates the shape parameter and scale parameter in peaks over threshold model (POT) model by particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO). Hill plot and mean excess function (MEF) plot together determine the appropriate thresholds of POT model for different nonferrous metals futures. The volatility of the return is computed respectively by generalized Pareto distribution (GPD) model and GARCH-GPD model. The results show that VaR and CVaR based on PSO-GARCH-GPD are effective to measure the risks of nonferrous metals futures.

Xiufang Chen, Chaoping Zhang

Chapter 86. Study on Virtual Team’s Compensation Based on the Expression of Mathematical Equation

Based on the Confucian concept of harmony, but not sameness, the literature of virtual team salary problem carries out understanding and awareness to analyze the virtual team’s characteristics and its influencing factors. The combination of salary system characteristics, present situation and facing the shortage to analyze, recognizing the salary management method and strategy, are combined with the salary strategy management theory to discuss the effective method of incentive principle and system for virtual team different employee. Through this study, the virtual organization salary incentive system can have a new revelation to put forward more practical proposals for the team salary system design.

Yangyang Li

Chapter 87. Research on Relationship Between Selection and Quality of Expression Based on Mathematics Statistical Regularity and Consistency Index

The ultimate goal of Japanese teaching is that Japanese learners at work, learning, and life have the proper use of Japanese words and higher quality expression of Japanese words. Based on many years of Japanese learning experience and Japanese teaching and research experience from the perspective of theory and practice, the author makes survey testing and modeling analysis, in-depth analysis of Japanese in the Japanese study, the expression of a variety of misunderstanding, and the quality factor that affects Japanese expression. The author finally explores that there is a strong relationship between Japanese words and the expressing quality, trying to introduce Japanese learner’s science, rational learning concepts, and strategies to explore the road to successfully learn Japanese.

Lin Zhang

Chapter 88. Air Quality Evaluation Method Based on Gray Relational Analysis

With the rapid development of economy and industrialization, the production of high polymer materials such as rubber, plastic, polymer fibre, adhesive, polymer coating, and polymer matrix composites can produce severe environment pollution and lead to deteriorating air quality. Air quality has worsened which has been threatening people’s life. In this paper, an air quality evaluation model is established based on gray relational analysis method. Using the air quality evaluation of Huanggang city as an example, the gray relational degree between the concentration of PM


, SO


, NO


and the days of air quality of Grade II is obtained. The result shows that the concentration of SO


has the biggest effect on Huanggang’s air quality, and then is the concentration of PM


. The least one is the concentration of NO


. Some suggestions on improving Huanggang’s air quality are given.

Zhongwen Chen, Genyu Chen

Chapter 89. The Analysis of Risks About Investors’ Dependence on Information Based on Grey Relevant Analysis

When investors decide to invest, the accounting information is the most important basis. However, this dependence has risks, so it is necessary to analyze these risks. This paper analyzes this question based on the grey relevant analysis which is simple. The outcome points out which risk is the most important and needs the most attention.

Zhihong Lin, Jinran Yang

Chapter 90. Combination Forecasts in Modeling and Forecasting China’s Commercial Housing Loan Interest Rate

In order to reduce uncertainty in the housing loan interest rate and to cut down the benefit loss of the loan interest rate adjustment, select a suitable mathematical model to predict it. Through observations the data characteristics for housing loan interest rate over 5 years time, this paper first selects the GM (1, 1) model and Linear Second-degree Moving model for considering the quantitative analysis of China’s business housing loan interest rate, and then constructs a Combination Forecast model based on the minimum error. Result shows that this is indeed a beneficial attempt and generally provides better performances than any single forecasting model. Based on GM (1, 1) model and Linear Second-degree Moving model under of Combination Forecast model, it not only can overcome single prediction model of their fault, but also focus on different advantages of other models in itself. It also gets a higher precision of prediction model.

Jie Si

Multimedia Technology and Applications


Chapter 91. Efficient Teaching Scheme Based on Information Technology

On the basis of modern information technology, universities should form a system of democracy, equality, sharing, and communication as a new-style of relationship between teachers and students. A new-style relationship between teachers and students should be established in universities by these ways: forming a system of democracy, equality, sharing and communication; changing the traditional thinking and innovate the concepts; strengthening information qualification and improve personality; learning new teaching theory and explore new teaching mode; establishing interactive relationship and implement resources sharing; updating teaching methods and enhance teacher-student communication and interaction. Through these process and methods, teachers and students can grasp modern information technology, realize resources sharing, and improve the quality of teaching. Finally, teachers can research and study together with students to realize a new-style relationship.

Xiaoyan Zou, Yuntang Hu

Chapter 92. Research on Artistic Value of Computer Music for College Students

The development of computer music has contributed to the progress of musical art, and affected society at all levels, especially impacting on college students’ daily study and living. Without modern digital technology, a major in music is almost impossible to study and work well. College students’ music study and creation has been significantly affected by computer technology in music art creation and performance. Science and technology development has laid a good foundation for modern music making, and greatly promoted the development of music.

Qiong Qi, Jian Ye Cao, Yi Wen Zhang

Chapter 93. Research on College English Autonomous Learning Mode Based on Computer Networks

College English autonomous learning mode based on computer networks is the development trend of college English teaching reform. In the paper, the college English autonomous learning mode based on computer networks in Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology is introduced, the problems are analyzed, and the countermeasures of perfecting the network-based autonomous learning mode in college English are advanced.

Sujuan Wang

Chapter 94. Study of Modern Educational Technology in Modern Industrial Training

For the sake of upgrading students’ skills, this article interprets the specific application of the four skilled phases (namely, cognition, imitation, skills integration, and refining) by modern educational technology in modern industrial training. In cognitive and directive phase, in order to avoid errors, the teaching focus should be put on stimulating motivation, understanding the skills, as well as the operational difficulties, gist, points of attention, and the procedures. In imitative stage, operating process should be made clear. Students should imitate the teacher’s operation so that the right visual image of standard operation will be transformed into the students’ own skills. In the integrative phase, in accordance with the process of the whole procedure, all basic operations should be integrated together through engineering training. Finally, in the skills refining phase, modern educational technology will be introduced through human–computer interaction by practice again and again. The insufficiency will be found by video recording to improve the operation as well as to enhance teaching effects.

Dongjing Wang, Xiqin Wen

Chapter 95. Study on Integration of Art Graphic Design with the Elements of Life

The emergence of graphics can be traced back to the origin stage of human beings. Graphics has been gradually expanded from an original and simple way to a special language form used by human to convey visual information through visual sense. Especially in this age of information, the rapid development of communicating ways and mediums promotes graphics design to change into a very important part of visual communication design. In this paper, a discussion is made by focusing on the integration of art graphics design with the elements of life. Therefore, this paper is of certain practical and guiding significance.

Qing Lu, Kun Shen

Chapter 96. Research on Personnel Positioning Method in the Mt. Everest Scenic Based on RFID

In this paper, we propose a personnel positioning method based on self-organizing network and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The RFID configuration collects message to establish the relationship between tourists’ information and corresponding tag. The reader deployed as monitoring nodes along the tour road in the Mt. Everest scenic detect active tag ID message of the tourists automatically while one passes within radius 100 m, and transfer ID message to data server via data radio and 3G networks. Once emergency occurs, the rescuers will trace the position of the trapped people according to detected information. The result shows that the method provides an effective way in the tourist management and emergency rescue in the high altitude region.

Wenyi Hu, Aike Kan, Xuben Wang, Weizhou Zeng, Yuan Li, Xiaojia Li, Guoming Li

Chapter 97. The Research on Tourism English Multimedia Digital Material Based on VOD

Because of recent movement toward contemporary digital learning, this research provides learners with tourist English resources for practice. The material is conducted by video on demand (VOD) or through the Internet. Specialty of digital material is that it integrates the world’s top 10 most popular tourist spots and conversations for travel with the basic skills of English learning. Included are vocabulary usage, pronunciation practice, speaking opportunities, translation practice, listening practice and tests, and short answer writing exercises. These skills are used frequently in the tourism and business field.

Yu Ma


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