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Über dieses Buch

The objective of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012) is to facilitate an exchange of information on best practices for the latest research advances in the area of communications, networks and intelligence applications. These mainly involve computer science and engineering, informatics, communications and control, electrical engineering, information computing, and business intelligence and management.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012) will focus on green information technology and applications, which will provide in-depth insights for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government. The book addresses the most innovative research developments including technical challenges, social and economic issues, and presents and discusses the authors’ ideas, experiences, findings, and current projects on all aspects of advanced green information technology and applications.

Yuhang Yang is a professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Maode Ma is an associate professor at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.



Information Security and Applications


Chapter 1. Stochastic Insuring Critical Path Problem with Value-at-Risk Criterion

In this paper, we study a class of two-stage stochastic optimization for insuring critical path problems, in which the first-stage objective is to minimize the Value-at-Risk, and the second-stage objective is to maximize the insured task durations. Subsequently, we turn the proposed problem into its equivalent form. For general task duration distributions, the problem is also very complex, so we cannot solve it by conventional optimization methods. We use stochastic simulation method to estimate Value-at-Risk. Furthermore, we employ a hybrid binary particle swarm optimization algorithm (BPSO) to solve it, where the dynamic programming method (DPM) is used in the second-stage problem. Finally, we conduct some numerical experiments to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the designed algorithm.

ZhenHong Li, YanKui Liu, WenJuan Zang

Chapter 2. Research on Classification of Highway Emergency Telephone System

Emergency telephone system is the special symbol facilities of highway. It is the special equipment in highway for providing emergency rescue during the vehicle accidents and sending the information to the relevant manage departments. In this paper, the development history of the highway is first introduced, and a classification framework of the emergency telephone system is given. According to the transmission mode the system is divided into three types: cable type, optical fiber type, and wireless type, and subsequently the advantages and disadvantages of various types in the system are compared, end of this paper, the key issues of the system and the future trend of development is presented.

Xu Jia, Yuxin Liu, Liwei Zhu

Chapter 3. Semantic Analysis Model of Chinese MMT Based on Hierarchical Network of Concepts in Chinese–English Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is a subfield of computational linguistics, which needs the technologies of natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and the methods of artificial intelligence (AI). Deep understanding of Chinese helps to meet the semantic constraints of Chinese. Since linear and hierarchical structures of language are presented meantime, this paper proposes a semantic analysis model of Chinese multiple-branched and multiple-labeled tree (MMT) based on the hierarchical network of concepts (HNC) in Chinese–English machine translation, which executes the semantic analysis of Chinese sentence and generates HNC-MMT, and performs the conversion of the HNC-MMT to generate the translation. The word knowledge-base and rule-base are used to parse the semantic structure of Chinese sentence. Experiments show one of the most important tasks of semantic analysis of Chinese sentence, the global eigen-chunk recognition, achieves an accuracy above 85 %, which indicates the effectiveness of the model and the parsing method.

Wen Xiong, YaoHong Jin

Chapter 4. Study of University Students’ Psychological Warning Prevention and Control Based on Automatic Control

Nowadays, there are all kinds of health problems and crisis in university students’ psychology in China. Due to all sorts of reasons, most of the Chinese university systems lacked practical ideologically correct understanding and education practice action. Therefore, this paper took the university students’ psychological crisis warning prevention and control system as the research object and established psychological warning prevention and control system according to the university students’ mental health problems. The author used the automatic control principle methods to establish physical and mental health warning and prevention system of university students. At the same time, the consultation mechanism of university psychological health education took measures for the early warning intervention and made guidance for the university students’ psychological education. And based on this, it researched and explored the construction path of the university students’ psychological warning health education system.

Jie Liang

Chapter 5. Research of Toxic Gas Diffusion Simulation Technology Based on Arc Engine

This paper was mainly to solve how to accurately and visually simulate the toxic gas diffusion process. ArcGIS Engine drawing methods and key technologies were used, and gas leak emergencies based on Gaussian plume model was selected as a typical scene of emergency evacuation simulation system, dynamic simulation of gas diffusion based on


was implemented, and three key parameters, leakage source strength


, wind speed


, surface roughness


0, that affect results of gas diffusion were briefly analyzed and researched. The results show that simulation system can simulate dynamic diffusion processes after leak of toxic gas, and can quickly and accurately draw and calculate regional distribution of equal concentration about three areas at any time after leakage of toxic gas. The results of simulation can have a good assistant decision function on prediction and assessment of toxic gas leakage accident scene.

Qing-long Zhang, Yi-ru Dai, Jiang Wang, Rong-yong Zhao

Chapter 6. Network Security Evaluation Based on Support Vector Machine

Network safety risk assessment of the solution is a key part of network security. Support vector machine method to overcome the defects of the traditional evaluation method (such as neural network method) of the nonlinear and local minimum value. This paper describes the content and index of network safety risk assessment, and puts forward a network safety risk assessment method based on support vector machine. The experimental results show that the method is feasible and effective.

Xiang Chen, Yun Li

Chapter 7. Study on Nursing Safety and Quality Management

Objective: Explore the practice and application of safety care management and quality management at work. Methods: Establish and improve the nursing management system, safety assurance, and quality improvement through the development of clinical nursing assessment standards, supervision, inspection, and evaluation of the hospital-based nursing quality management to ensure the compliance of the basic quality indicators; raised the nursing quality, to improve with the basic pattern, we prefer both the long- and short-term goals, implement and guide the nursing quality, to improve project implementation, quality management training and assessment. Results: Through the implementation of the management of nursing safety and nursing quality, hospital comprehensive nursing quality and service satisfaction has increased significantly. Conclusion: Implementation of nursing safety management and nursing quality management, which ensure the nursing quality of hospital-wide surveillance, improvement and implementation of nursing quality and service satisfaction improved to play a positive role in promoting. Through increased management, nursing quality management has more standardized and institutionalized procedures, and enhanced the quality of nurses’ awareness and sense of competition, play an enhanced role in the promotion of the service concept of “patient-centered”, improve the nursing comprehensive quality, and create a safe and comfortable medical and rehabilitation environment.

XiuFen Ma, Qingling Han, Lichun Zhou, Ying Hu

Chapter 8. Study on Monitoring Mechanism of Micro-Blog

With the fleeting progress of network technology, micro-blog has become the major way of informative communication. So far, many new characteristics and challenges emerge with its development in China. To ensure the national political security, healthy and harmonious development of society, it is necessary to monitor the information spread through the micro-blog. Based on using for reference on foreign advanced micro-blog monitoring mechanism and understanding of domestic objective existing situations, this paper discussed and analyzed the new micro-blog monitoring mechanism, which will play guiding role and have practical significance on improving network social harmony and progress.

Yu Chen, Ming Xu

Intelligent Evolutionary Algorithm


Chapter 9. Knowledge Extension for Agent Learning in MAS

Multi-agent system (MAS) requires coordination mechanisms to facilitate dynamic collaboration of the intelligent components, with the goal of meeting local and global objectives. This paper deals with the issue of using dynamic epistemic default logic to offer a natural way of communication policies for the management of inter-agent exchanges in MAS. We first explore the communication protocols in MAS that operate in dynamic and highly uncertain environments, and then we add the constrained default sets to realize the extension of dynamic epistemic logic theory and restrict the agent’s inference behavior via constrained epistemic default reasoning. We also specify and reason the characteristic of the dynamic updating when agent meets incompatible knowledge in the logical framework that show the usefulness of logical tools carried out in the dynamic process of information acquisition.

Zhiling Hong, Meihong Wu

Chapter 10. A Survey of Cloud Computing

Recently, Cloud computing has become a very attractive computing paradigm which aims to provide reliable and customized computing environments for widespread Internet users. In our paper, we give a survey of cloud computing, which highlight its key concepts, architecture, state-of-the-art implementation, and some main challenges. The purpose of this paper is to provide a good guidance of the design challenges of cloud computing and also demonstrate several important research directions in this area.

Yadong Gong, Zongquan Ying, Meihong Lin

Chapter 11. Electric Power Client Credit Assessment Based on GA Optimized BP Neural Network

Judging from the characteristics of electrical products and power supply enterprises, this paper combines quantitative and qualitative analysis together, and establishes a electric power client credit assessment indicator system on the basis of analysis on factors influencing electric power client credit. The method of using genetic algorithm to optimize connection weight and threshold value of BP overcomes the defects of falling into the regional minutiae and slow velocity of convergence, builds the electric power client credit assessment model, and conducts empirical study. The research result indicates that BP neural network optimized by genetic algorithm plays a scientifically practical role in assessment of electric power client credit risk, supplying a reference for risk elusion of electric power clients.

Xinli Wang

Chapter 12. Study on Gaussian Priory Model for Space Time Adaptive Processing

Exile of Bayesians approach from mathematical statistics hampered development of stable theory of CFAR and STAP. Many heuristic corrections appeared therefore to various aspects of these theories. But, it seems better to begin creating the generalized Bayesians theory, following which one can obtain the processing algorithms in fast varying conditions without corrections. A priory statistical model of TI was reasoned with this purpose as the Pareto-Gaussian (PG) process belonging to SIRP ones. Preference of PG process consists of its simplicity and compatibility with CFAR -STAP problems. The PG model allows accounting for: (1) (Quasi Gaussian TI of highest entropy

$$ (\eta = 0) $$

; (2) essentially non Gaussian TI

$$ (\eta < - 1/ 2 ) $$


Jiamou Wang

Chapter 13. Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of Human Dent Facial Complex

This study explains and demonstrates how to construct the 3-D finite element model of dent facial complex with the original DICOM data of CT, for the analysis of their biomechanical characters. The establishment of 3-D finite element model of maxillary complex: spiral CT scanner, then CT workstation outputted CT images in DICOM format to personal computer, using ANSYS and Mimics software established the 3-D finite element model of maxillary complex of human being. The establishment of maxillary complex three-dimensional finite element model, which was made up of 350125 units and 583391 nodes, included maxillary, arch wires, teeth of 14, maxilla cavity structures. Model and modeling were of the same size with a good geometric similarity. It had scalability which made it possible to attach brackets and wires, implants to start-related studies. The finite element model had better biomechanical characters. It was feasible and effective to the stress analysis in the process of orthodontic treatment.

Yi Deng, Xiaorong Zhang, Ji Yao, Haipeng Zhou

Chapter 14. Study on Dynamic Prediction of Surplus Gas in Iron-Steel Plant

This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of mainstream prediction methods of gas system in iron-steel plant, proposes a set of general forecasting methods based on EMC (energy management center) for China’s gas surplus in the current situation, establish a hybrid model which include the production and consumption mechanism of single device and the simulation of surplus gas. Application results show that: the method is suitable for different types of enterprises in varying construction degrees; model results can meet the data accuracy requirements; prediction analysis can be an early warning of instrument malfunction and system failure, also a scientific basis for buffer equipment purchases, production, and maintenance plan adjustment.

Jun Song, An-chao Zhang, Hai-kun Zheng

Chapter 15. Study of Talent Resources Agglomeration During the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade

It is the consensus that talent resource is the first resource. With the development of knowledge economy and technology, and the increasingly upgrading of industrial structure, all kinds of talents flow frequently leading to talent resources agglomeration. This paper states the necessity and urgency of industrial transformation and upgrade according to the phenomenon in Suzhou. On the basis of the related statistical data in Suzhou, it also analyzes the agglomeration here and offers some suggestions and countermeasures for the agglomeration.

Xiaoxu Cai, Jia Zhang

Chapter 16. Study of the Food Supply Capacity in Chengde

According to the actual food production of various types of ecosystems (cropland, grassland, aquatic, forests) in Chengde and the food nutrition conversion table, if we convert various types of food into three major nutrients (heat, protein, fat) needed by the survival of humans, we come to the actual food supply capacity in Chengde. The results show that: The supply of the three major nutrients is enough, but the supply capacity is different. With corn and pork as the main source of food supply, the food supply structure is inconsistent to the consumption structure. The contribution of cropland accounts for the vast majority; the proportion of food supply from grassland is much higher than that of China; the proportion of food supply from aquatic is low, with an average of 0.53 %; the proportion of food supply from forests is growing fast. The per capita food supply capacity of three major nutrients from cropland in Chengde is lower than that in China, with that from grassland far higher and that from aquatic far lower. We should adjust and optimize the industrial structure, improve the nutrition structure, and the living standards in Chengde.

Yuecong Zhang, Fu-Wei Cheng

Chapter 17. Modeling of Three-Dimensional Dynamical Behavior of Ropes Used in Fishery Based on R Language

Ropes are widely used in various kinds of fishing gear. In this paper, a numerical method is presented which is competent in predicting the three-dimensional dynamic behavior of cables. The dynamic behavior of cables were simulated using dynamical equations and


language. The method was based on the lump-mass and spring model and the implicit algorithm was applied to solve the stiff differential equations. The mathematics-mechanical analysis was provided on the basic characteristics of the model. The


platform was used in programming, simulation, and visualization of the results. The three-dimensional dynamic behavior of cables in different examples were presented successfully and verify the effectiveness of this method, and the motion process was consistent with the observed data in the ocean.

Yuwei Li, Xinfeng Zhang, Xiaorong Zou, Min Zhang, Yingqi Zhou

Information Management and Applications


Chapter 18. Study on Specific Enzymes in Actinidia Arguta Fruit Softening

Actinidia Arguta

fruit postharvest softening has two phases: the first stage, softening faster plays a main role with the phases of amylase enzymes seven: the Second stage softening slowly, has the main effect since the phases of enzymes are together with more than half of lactose hyaluronic acid enzymes. Ethylene release promotes the role of fruit softening protective enzyme peroxidase, catalane appears in late fruit softening, so no fruit softening in the phases of enzyme specificity.

Shuqian Li, Changjiang Liu, Guang Xin, Bo Zhang

Chapter 19. Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business Activities

In international business activities, people of different cultures should follow some principles of intercultural communication in engaging in business activities, so as to reduce the friction, avoid communication obstacles, and make a deal done smoothly.

Guoqiang Liao

Chapter 20. Study on China’s Social Value in the Period of Transition

Along with the gradual development of the great practice of the opening-up and reform policy, Chinese society has stepped into a social transition period. As the values in the different areas are collided, the differentiation and conflict of values will certainly be aroused. However, this has a close relationship not only with the success and failure of the economic prosperity and reform of China, but also with the social stability and development of China. Besides, this is of very important and practical significance for the deconstruction and reconstruction of China’s social values in the period of transition, the deepening of the construction of the socialism’s core value system, and the realization of the cultural prosperity of socialism.

Ying Tong

Chapter 21. Study on Locational Choice of FDI in the Middle Areas

The scale of FDI that china has drawn on has been very large, but the rate of central provinces is reducing nationwide. The factors influencing FDI are mainly market factors, cost factors, local government behavior, policy factors, gather effect and so on. The central provinces should continue to use their own location advantage to reduce location disadvantage and create location condition which are good for attracting FDI.

Yu Liu

Chapter 22. Study on Rural Social Security on Local Residents Developmental Consumption

According to survey of the influence of the constitution of rural social security on local residents’ developmental consumption in Jinjia village and Changlin village, actually people send 100 questionnaires, receive 86 copies in which 78 copies are effective, and 49 copies in Jinjia village while 29 copies in Changlin village. Through the survey, we can find deficiencies of rural social security in Harbin and throw out suggestions on the rural social security policy.

Dan Li, Yingyao Wang

Chapter 23. Study on Modern Service Industry Based on the Industrial Cluster

Compared with developed economy cities such as Beijing, modern services industry is Wuhan economic “short legs” and weak links. At present, there exist some problems such as small scale, production efficiency, etc., the reason is that the development of Wuhan services industry lack of industrial cluster advantage. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the modern service industry in Wuhan, the author puts forward countermeasures of energetically developing Wuhan modern services by industrial cluster advantage.

Xiaozhong Bai, Jing Hu

Chapter 24. New Model of Logistics Development

With the global economy becomes increasingly integrated, regional competitions highlight the performance of the competition between the supply chain, logistics and thus more and more countries, regions, and business attention. “Logistics hot” also has been quietly rising in China, provinces, and even towns, have introduced logistics development policy and planning. However, under the urgent need for a cold wave of thinking, that is, how can we effectively promote the logistics of a region or city development? How to jump out of errors, take a real, consistent with national conditions and also adapt to the trend of urban logistics of international economic development path.

Fu Rong Xiong

Chapter 25. Study of Protection of Water Environment in the Three Gorges

This article has introduced legal defects existing in protection of water environment in the three gorges from five aspects, which includes the lack of a ruling law, lack of special river basins administrative organization and coordination mechanism, the public having tenuous consciousness of environmental protection, defects in water use system, and lack of market mechanism for the pollution control. The author has put forward his own advice according to the above five aspects in the end, which are to formulate prevention and control regulations of the water pollution in three gorges, establish water environment management committee, encourage the public to participate in these activities, and perfect compensation systems for use of water and chargeback system for pollution discharge.

Yanfang Zhang

Innovative Education and Applications


Chapter 26. Research of Core Strength Training in Taekwondo Training

With the gradual physical training systems and scientific theories, core strength training more and more attention by many coaches. At present, the application of core strength training in Taekwondo significance only stays at the theoretical level is not related to the experimental study. This study used experimental method and mathematical statistics method, the Shenyang Sport University 16 Taekwondo two-stage athlete of core strength training experimental study. The results showed that their choices of eight items special physical quality index, through the core strength training have improved. Through the matching sample


-test, the seven indicators of high horizontal kick target, fast playing sandbags, continuous quick filed a knee, the continuous single leg rapid horizontal kick target, and continuous single leg foot split target special physical quality indexes are highly significant difference. The index of bilateral back spinning kick despite has a raise, but the difference is not significant. Hope this research for the future in the core system introduces taekwondo strength training is a reference.

Mingming Guo

Chapter 27. Experimental Study of Tai Chi Competitive Push Training of Sanda Players Combat Ability

Sanda belongs to skill dominant category combat sports, the purpose of competition is to get the upper hand. With Sanda and the world combat sports practice, Sanda technology, the tactical level is higher and higher, competition against more intense, a heavy hit and quick throw is already the development trend, so in addition to skilled offensive and defensive technology, increase the player’s active soon broke the technical level and the shockproof ability is also one of the elements of success. It mainly adopts experiment, measurement, and statistical analysis method, the use of twenty-four Style Taijiquan and Taiji competitive push aided training on improving Sanda Athletes throwing and falling and strength endurance level of actual combat ability and the role of research. By selecting the relevant index analysis, the conclusion is as follows: in Sanda training, the scientific use of twenty-four Style Taijiquan repertoire, and competitive Taiji Push-hand assistant training, help to improve Sanda Athletes’ heart and lung function and nervous system response ability, but also can improve the perception ability and rapid response capabilities, on improving Sanda the wrestling athletes and anti-falling success rate has a very significant role. By twenty-four Style Taijiquan training can make a better understanding of the center of gravity of Sanda Athletes moving law of gravity, thereby enhancing control ability to improve the anti-shock ability goal. In addition, by means of twenty-four Style Taijiquan and competitive push training also enables Sanda Athletes in high strength and better regulating themselves improve strength endurance level. Hope the research can provide the traditional Wushu and Sanda training fusion and rich Sanda sport provides a theoretical basis for the effective training method.

Hai Yu

Chapter 28. Study of Basic Qualities of Good Coaches

The coaches’ basic qualities including the ability of observing, controlling the overall situation, and strategic thinking are resurveyed from the perspective of management education. The coaches’ in-service training in management, education, and psychology should be reinforced. The coaches should also be helped to improve their cognition about the function of management education through case analysis and introducing experts’ experience.

Xiang Zhang

Chapter 29. Research on College Sports Dance Lesson Teaching

In order to reflect the important role of sport dance in college physical education, teaching dance classes for College Sports, presented to classroom teaching research, and create a good climate for innovation, and establish a knowledge and innovation, health teaching concepts, and specifically from teaching content, teaching methods, the image of teachers, students self-issued learning were discussed. Practice has proved effective, a deliberate attempt to explore the College Sports Dance Teaching Reform.

Xuekai Liu

Chapter 30. Study on Olympic Thinking of Physical Education of College Students

Students are the most active young people, the most creative group, and the Olympic movement is mainstream and core of the contemporary world of sports, sports and culture, it advocated the combination of education and to institutions of higher learning to develop a comprehensive development talent provides a wealth of educational resources. Digging through the “Beijing Olympics” spread the Olympic spirit and give full play to the educational function of sport, to enable students to become moral, intellectual, and physical development of talent.

Xuekai Liu

Chapter 31. Study on Ball Serving Techniques of Young Tennis Players

To improve the ball serving techniques of young tennis players in Shandong province, all aspects of the service techniques of more than ten young tennis players are analyzed and studied from the perspective of kinematics through literature consultation, image parsing ways, etc. Results show that the young tennis players in Shandong province have a great difference from the world’s excellent athletes and the national athletes in serve velocity, horizontal distances of ball-toss and ball-stroking, the hip angle at the lowest gravity center of serve, the average angular velocity of pedaling and stretching of knee joint in the “scratching back” action, the height in ball stroking, etc. However, the height of ball toss is reasonable. Also, the technique improvement measures with a clear purpose and the suggestions for the future trainings are proposed.

Chengguo Wang

Chapter 32. Management Model of High-Level Athletes in General Colleges and Universities

In the twenty-first century, how to realize the sustainable development of competitive sports of Jiangsu province by relying on general colleges and universities resources and constructing high-level sports teams has been very important. From the perspectives of reviewing history and looking into future, the management model of high-level athletes in general colleges and universities of Jiangsu province is systemically analyzed, attempting to provide some suggestions for the construction of the management model of high-level athletes in general colleges and universities of Jiangsu province.

Yikun Xu, Juhua Song

Chapter 33. Study on College Sport Curriculum Evaluation Based on Network System

The new evaluation system is based on multi-intelligence theory, evaluation, and control of the interior. It emphasizes the whole system and evaluates students’ learning efficiency. It reflects not the only increase the number and quality of change in the understanding of students, and student’s non-intelligence development. The new evaluation system research results can be reflected in a period of research, to help students find the problem in the process of learning, improve the students’ learning method, note if students has reached the expected teaching target, it can evaluate students’ learning courses, method, and emotional reactions. Only in this way it can be beneficial to emotional maturity and personal development. The new evaluation system based on the evaluation content, including sports participation, sports skills, health, mental health, and social adaptation ability. It embodies the 3 d health value, movement, and characteristics the development trend of the international course.

Feng Zeng

Chapter 34. Research on Agricola Leisure Sports Under Business Ecosystem

Agricola leisure sports are a newly developed industry in recent years. Based on the modern people’s motivation of consumption, it is an industrial collection to meets the growing demands of recreational sports with the characteristic of business ecosystem. Thus an intricate value-net is formed. This article is aimed at putting forward the competition strategies under the business ecosystem for the industry of agricola leisure sports, from the system aspect as well as the corporate level. Some new paths for the development of agricola leisure sports is offered.

Tiexiong Zhang, Hongmei Wen

Chapter 35. Research of University PE Cultivation of Innovative Talents

The review and analysis of the effect of college sports teaching goals that sports an innovative personnel training not only in skills, physical fitness, talent alone cannot constitute a College Physical Education the goal, they are unlikely to reflect the goal of pursuit of human development. College Physical Education, in the face of basic adult college students about to enter the era of knowledge economy in general fully rely on knowledge and knowledge application only from a global human needs, the implementation of life to serve the students, helping students to enhance quality of life directly to obtain and maintain health, beauty, happy for the goal, really reflects the objectives and requirements of the new era of human development and the vital interests of the students’ individual needs, and thus have the potential to radically stimulate the mobilization of students to learn the proactive sports to enhance and expand the effectiveness of College Physical Education.

Shengmin Cao

Chapter 36. Study of the Fitness Status of Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges

This paper has made investigations and study on the characteristics of fitness awareness, the behavioral characteristics, and the influencing factors of teachers in higher vocational colleges. It has put forward some specific countermeasures for constructing the teachers’ fitness incentive system and establishing the permanent offers for teachers’ fitness service centers. It is the hope of the author that this paper would provide some references and basis for the relevant administrative departments to carry out some sports fitness activities.

Wankai Fu

Chapter 37. Research of Analytical Framework of the Effect on the Athletes by Complex Social Network

The athletes have special social network and social support due to the special training system of sports in our country. It is of great theoretical and practical value to research our athletes’ social network and the rules of their social support. This thesis which is referencing a large number of domestic and foreign research results, combining the practical background of our country, starting from athletes’ individual factors, social support network, employment network, sports and achievement network, builds an analytical framework of the effect on the athletes by complex social network.

Qian Huang, Xiaoli Zhang

Sustainable Education Management


Chapter 38. Study of Stick Figures Teaching Skills for English Major Students

In this paper, I discuss on the standing role and challenges offering Stick Figures teaching skill to Teaching English major students, it can be a reference on whether we should offer the course, which I believe is beneficial to future teacher’s own professional development. This thesis includes four parts: in the first part I simply discuss the definition, the Stick Figures’ own attributes and features. The second part talks about the necessity and significance of offering Stick Figures teaching application skills, which includes current survey on the majority teaching education courses, and the significance, in third part, it talks about the challenges of offering Stick Figures teaching skills. I demonstrate my opinions from the following aspects: challenges from both of rural and urban students; challenges from the teachers aspects and from the university support; and the challenges from the application in English teaching. In the last part, I stress the possible problems, for instants, students’ participation, teachers’ evaluation, materials, teaching methods, teachers’ training.

M Wei

Chapter 39. Reform of College Advertising Teaching

The advertising industry has been one of China’s most important industries for decades. Advertising higher education has offered a strong supporting on the development of the Chinese advertising industry through providing the qualified workforce needs. Through reviewing and analysis the brief history and current major changes of China’s college advertising teaching, the research indicated that the China’s college advertising teaching has. Reformed and developed responding to social and economic development needs; on the other hand, the relationship between college advertising teaching and advertising industry is interactive.

Ying Guo

Chapter 40. Curriculum Development of Comprehensive Training in Import and Export Business in Higher Vocational College

Comprehensive Training in Import and Export Business is an operating practice curriculum for students in International Trade Major, which includes extensive professional knowledge, multifarious contents and is teaching demand. Develop and construct the curriculum by aiming at Comprehensive Training in Import and Export Business, discussing the course arrangement and organizing implementation of comprehensive training from thinking and practice two aspects. Introduce the foreign trade business environment into school and innovate the mode of “teaching-business”.

Yuying Zhu

Chapter 41. Study of Undergraduate Tutorial Teaching System

Undergraduate tutorial teaching system is a new management model for the exploration and practice of higher education. This paper describes the basic methods of the implementation of the undergraduate tutorial system and theoretically analyze the significant functions of undergraduate tutorial system for improving the quality of higher education.

Qianqian Yang, Wanqiu Cui, Yan Xiao, Ying Meng

Chapter 42. Research on Vocabulary Learning Strategy Training on Top-Level Students of Non-English Majors

This paper reports a research on the effects of cognitive and met cognitive strategy training on vocabulary learning in a top-level-student of English classroom of Shandong University of Technology. The main result obtained from the research is that the vocabulary performance improvement of top-level students is contributed to both cognitive and met cognitive strategies training.

Jing Li, Shouyu Sun

Chapter 43. Course Provision of Teacher Education Innovational and Technology Normal College Analysis

Vocational and technical teachers college is the machine tools of vocational education, its ability to adapt to the vocational education training requirements of the “double” teacher, was to test an important indicator of the level of their school. The curriculum for teacher education is the basis for protection of the quality of teacher training. The survey found that the vocational curriculum for teacher education is not reasonable; a serious imbalance in the internal structure of courses, and teacher education cannot meet the requirements of secondary vocational education.

Zhongming Gao, Xiaoqin Guo

Chapter 44. Study of Elements of Developmental Classroom Teaching Evaluation

Classroom teaching evaluation is one of the most important tools to improve the growth of students, professional development of teachers, and the quality of classroom teaching. To evaluate classroom teaching effectively has been the basic component of modern teaching, which is not only the basis of a successful teaching, but also the basis to make all kinds of decisions about education. The author starts from learning theories, such as constructivism and collaboration, and further proposes the elements of developmental classroom teaching evaluation.

Honglin Peng, Xuimin Zeng, Qianqian Yang, Zhenyi Wan

Chapter 45. Study on Using Incentive Theory to Improve the Efficiency of Fiscal Funds’ Usage

Currently, there are still many areas for improvement to promote economic stability and development and implement fairness in income distribution on usage of our budget funds. With the information economics, contract theory and their research development, incentive theory has become an important tool to solute a series of major issues in the real world with asymmetric information. In this paper, using incentive theory to analyze the financial sector as the principal how to build incentives contract to promote the agent—public functions to improve efficiency of using budgetary funds, and achieve economic stability or development and equitable income distribution, we get some useful inspirations.

Duanlian Peng

Chapter 46. Performance Evaluation of Special Funds Based on Budget Management in Colleges and Universities

This combination of the budget management of the status quo and development trend, the special financial performance evaluation for the strengthening of institutions of higher education budget management role. Through the school performance evaluation, performance index system for the assessment of the establishment and application made a preliminary discussion.

Hua Han, Zhongwei Sa

Knowledge Management Engineering


Chapter 47. Research of Normalized Role of Law in the Field of Governing School Affairs Legally

Governing school affairs legally is one of the inevitable requirements of governing a country according to law as well as building a harmonious society. Due to a variety of reasons such as the multifarious and disorderly contents of legal knowledge and indistinct train of thought toward knowledge of law, it is quite easy for us to ignore the most basic normalized role of law. In order to actively promote the process of running universities by law and maintaining the stability of campus, this paper, is aiming at college student’s crimes, expounds the meaning of normalized role of law as well as its manners of exerting function. This article also indicates the necessity and urgency of normalized role of law in the process of governing school affairs legally and further discusses the concrete prevention measures to achieve governing school affairs by law.

Na Wang, Junqiang Song, Yanpeng Ning, Yan Xiao, Xin Gao

Chapter 48. Improved Reading Scheme for Engineering Students

This paper analyses the college students’ reading problems and points out the importance of reading, then gives some suggestions on how to improve the college students’ reading ability. It is expected that with some effective ways, the reader can help students read actively and grow into effective and independent readers. How much readers understand a text depends on how much they bring into it, to be efficient readers, students can use their background knowledge of the reading text and so on.

Lianwei Lu

Chapter 49. A Model of Protocol for Automated Negotiation System

Automated negotiation gives a flexible rather than a fixed price in a deal so that the payoffs of both the buyers and sellers can be maximized, and also it can ensure an efficient transaction by way of automated bargaining between negotiation agents. However, one of the difficulties of automated negotiation system is the lack of effective protocols, which are essential and fundamental in automated negotiation system. First, give the new advancements in this domain, and then give a survey of current protocols, and finally, present a protocol model of automated negotiation system.

Kexing Liu

Chapter 50. Economic Theory Analysis on the Unique Development of Private Colleges and Universities

In the new century, how to adapt to more intense competition environment and meet the diversified demand of the modern society on talented personnel has been an issue, which is necessary for the private colleges and universities of China to confront with. This is an uncommon development opportunity, and also a serious challenge. How to make a change to the single management model similar in all schools and seek survival and development within fierce domestic and foreign competition is of powerful practical significance. In this paper, the unique development of Chinese private colleges and universities is analyzed by applying the theoretical knowledge of multiple subjects such as education economics, industry economics and western economics, and also the roles of the theory of comparative advantage, the theory of education equilibrium, and the theory of market structure in promoting the unique development of Chinese private colleges and universities are introduced, respectively.

Ran Li

Chapter 51. Research of Tourism Showtime Products in the Urban Tourism Development

On one hand, in recent years, with the rapid development of domestic tourism showtime market, all parts of the country launch the tourism showtime products rich in the characteristics of local culture in order to promote the development of urban tourism; on the other hand, there exist many restrictions in the development of the sustainable usage of the products. Therefore, this article takes the development of tourism showtime products under the background of urban tourism as the research contents and takes the large-scale live-show on the water in Du Jiang Yan “Detailed Description of Du Jiang Yan” for example. It hope to point out the effects on the urban tourism of Du Jiang Yan by the diagnoses of the development status quo and the available problems of “Detailed Description of Du Jiang Yan” so as to put forward the targeted suggestions while it hope to contribute to the further exploration of the relationship between tourism showtime products and urban tourism.

Ling Guo, Di Zhu, Xiaorong Wang

Chapter 52. Innovation of Souvenir Design of Red Museums in Jiangxi Province

In this paper, through the analysis and research on the current situation of the souvenir designs of the domestic and foreign revolution-oriented museums, it is expected that the essence can be absorbed and also dregs can be eliminated. Considering from multiple aspects such as the cultural intension, the market direction, and the characteristics of museum collection resources, on the basis of reserving the traditional revolutionary culture, and by breaking through the conventional thinking model, the decorative souvenirs, which are of educational significance and also can meet the demands of the times, are designed, promoting the transitional revolutionary education to drive Chinese people at every moment and educate Chinese people generation by generation. At the same time, the groups of consumers can be expanded, the sales amount of the souvenirs can be greatly increased, and the economic benefits of the red revolutionary museums can be improved. As a result, the red tourism can be promoted with higher efficiency.

Liqin Ji

Chapter 53. Study on China’s Rural Bank Credit Risk Prevention

Rural banks are the banking financial institutions which are mainly established in rural areas for providing the local peasants, agriculture, and rural economic development with financial services. The orientation and purpose of banking services in rural areas are serving for the three rural issues (agriculture, peasants, and rural area) and the economies of small and medium-sized enterprises in counties. With rural banks, not only the difficulty of peasants in getting loans can be solved, but also the credit demands of enterprises in rural areas can be satisfied, the financing bottleneck of the development of township enterprises can be eased, and the fund supports can be provided for the construction of new rural areas. Therefore, the construction of rural banks is of important practical significance for solving China’s three rural issues. However, rural banks, as a new type of thing, have their own unique risks in comparison with the domestic and international and large banks.

Jinli Kang

Chapter 54. Empirical Analysis of Stock Futures Arbitrage

Along with the development of the financial markets in China, stock index futures play an important role gradually in arbitrage, which contributes to the equilibrium pricing of stock index futures. This paper reviews Cost of Hold pricing model to determine arbitrage-free interval and gives an empirical analysis of the arbitrage of the CSI 300 stock index futures to reveal that there are widespread arbitrage opportunities in securities market of China. This paper begins with the simulation of the spot portfolio combination and then studies the Listed Open-Ended fund and ETF fund. Based on analysis of the 5-month data and no-arbitrage interval, we give a concrete arbitrage operation to put the arbitrage strategy in practice. At the end of the article, we give analysis of existing problems in stock index futures markets and put forward corresponding solutions so as to build a prosperous and stable financial market.

Chang Li

Chapter 55. Study on Preschool Children’s Nutrition Influencing Factors

The size and nature of the study sample could limit the results of the survey. Example is relatively small parts of the city residents do not necessarily represent the Mississippi state or country. However, this study provides additional support, the feasibility study determine the effective way to influence the nutrition children the most dangerous. The childhood overweight weight of authority card attention, must be addressed in the social level has the very strong considering the influence of various factors of children the risk of being overweight. The study showed that attitude of small differences between the child nutrition and overweight with the parents of the children of different weight. However, studies show that people are becoming more and more awareness about recognition to reason and overweight is necessary. Parents support schools and government efforts to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Shuqian Li

Chapter 56. Study of Interpretation System in Pingle Ancient Town

Tourism interpretation system refers to making tourist understand specific information by means of communication media so as to realize the basic functions of resource protection, service, and education. This paper, based on previous studies on the current situation of Pingle Ancient Town, proposes that to provide tourist with complete process and experience of travelling by using static writing interpretation, dynamic commentary of tour guide and touring lines. At the same time, personal suggestions are also proposed for the construction of tourism interpretation system in Pingle Ancient Town.

Changtai Lu, Dezhi Wang

Green Management Engineering and Applications


Chapter 57. Strategies for Colleges and Universities to Train the Art Design Personnel Based on Market Demands

The students who graduate from an artistic design program often receive cold eyes from people at the employment market full of fierce competitions, because they are in shortage of the practical experience. Through an investigation, it is found that the reason for this phenomenon is that the model of colleges and universities to train the art design personnel has been unable to the market demands. The update of the training model of a school is a process for a long time actually, and simultaneously the market demands on personnel changes more and more quickly.

Wenkai Xing

Chapter 58. Adaptation of Foreign Language Education in Higher Education System

Lifelong education has already been acknowledged as the fundamental principle to develop education in most developed countries. Learning to survive and develop independently and learning to learn all through life are set to be the ultimate goals for an individual’s education. Thus, higher education is shouldered a decisive responsibility as the last section in conventional formal education system, aiming at bridging learning and living. Under such a context, foreign language education has to be adapted from the exam-oriented and instrument-targeted education to the application-and-practice-oriented education and to the education for all-round development, as it is the most influential platform of humanistic education in higher education system.

Lin Li

Chapter 59. Study on Obstacles Encountered by Higher Vocational Colleges in Order-Oriented Education Mode

As an important pattern of cooperation between school and enterprise in higher vocational education, the “order-oriented education” mode is carried out in vigorously increasing higher vocational colleges, but in the process of cooperation between school and enterprise, obstacles from government, school, enterprise, and students appear and negatively influence this mode of talent cultivation. Therefore, higher vocational colleges must take corresponding measures to eliminate these obstacles, so as to promote the steady development of the “order-oriented education” mode in China’s higher vocational education.

Jianhua Tan

Chapter 60. Study on Hotel IEQ Based on the Theory of IPA

Human beings pay more attention to IEQ (indoor environment quality) which has an important impact on human health. Hotel is taken as a home away from home for travelers, so hotel IEQ is more and more concerned by travelers. Therefore, this study examines the travelers’ satisfaction with hotel IEQ by applying (IPA) Importance-Performance Analysis, which takes Zhejiang high star-rated hotels as an example. The findings from 316 questionnaires show IEQ of Zhejiang high star-rated hotels does not meet the travelers’ requirements well. Overall, travelers have lower satisfaction with hotels' IEQ. Findings also indicate the relatively superior six aspects in turn are the quality of indoor facilities, sanitation, ventilation, cotton supplies, toiletries, and tableware, and the relatively inferior three aspects in turn are indoor noise, indoor noise, and indoor air quality. Lastly, the study suggests Zhejiang high star-rated hotels should focus on the inferior aspects in their future development of IEQ, so as to improve travelers’ satisfaction with hotel IEQ as well as enriching the connotations of hotel IEQ.

Yan Hu, Zhong Hong Sheng, Yin Shi

Chapter 61. Evaluation System of Tutorial System Based on Balanced Scorecard

In recent years, our colleges and universities have popularized the undergraduate tutorial system widely to improve the quality of undergraduate education. However, its effect is not ideal; one of the reasons is that the Tutorial System Implementation Effect evaluation system is not perfect. By using the Balanced Scorecard Model, the tutorial system for undergraduates will be established reasonably and comprehensive, which provides the basis for further improving the tutorial system for undergraduates.

Jing Li

Chapter 62. Study of Low-Income Housing System in China

Low-income housing system in China provides three forms to raise funds for building affordable housing and low-cost housing, such as tax rebates, general transfer payments, and special transfer payment, in order to achieve the basic housing needs of low-income groups and to achieve a social fair in the domain of real estate.

Qun Gao

Chapter 63. Study on Development of Local Colleges

Local colleges are the main bodies of Chinese higher education. Their proper and sound development will do well to the development of local economy and society. Compared with famous and key universities, their development is in inferior state and there are lots of problems. This article analyzes the problems during their development process and then it puts forward relevant strategies so as to provide reference for the development of local colleges.

Mei-liang Xiao

Chapter 64. Study on Demand for Foreign Language Professionals in Economics and Trade

In order to get information on the Demand for Foreign Language Professionals in Economics and Trade, help undergraduates to clear the gap between their work expectations and the reality, guide them in employment, and direct the personnel training in Higher Education, the task group made a half year research to find that the real gap lies in that personnel training does not match with social needs.

Xuemei Sun, Zhonghui Jia

Chapter 65. Study on Intercultural Teaching for EFL Teachers in China

In today’s practice of foreign language teaching, culture teaching in China still faces such problems as teachers’ being less cross-culturally prepared, the absence of culture teaching syllabus and the shortage of interculture-oriented course books. To address these problems it is suggested that English Foreign Language (EFL) teachers should strengthen intercultural competence through training, further education abroad, and self-study; the syllabus, course books, and teaching methods should undergo some changes for the purpose of training interculturally competent students.

NianLiang Ding

Communication Technology and Applications


Chapter 66. Multidimensional Evaluation Platform for Call Center Speech Service Quality Based on Keyword Spotting

Call center system has become an integral part of business operations and monitoring speech service quality is a vital work of the management in call center. Currently, main scoring approach is manual control mode. Its efficiency is not high and it is difficult to uniform standard. This paper presents an automatic multimode monitoring system for speech service quality of call center, and keyword spotting technology is applied to monitor the speech content automatically. In addition this paper designed a common set of evaluation algorithm and finally achieved the Multidimensional evaluation indicators to accurately and multidimensionally measure the operator’s speech QOS.

XinYu Zhou, DongLiang Dai, Bo Xie, XiaoJun Li

Chapter 67. Wireless Node Design in Smart Home System

To solve the problems in exist product, new wireless network node for smart home system was developed based on wireless communication chip nRF24L01. The wireless network node adopted 51 series single chip microcomputer STC89C52RC as Micro Control Unit, and used nRF24L01 chip as communicator with main controller. Data Encryption Standard arithmetic is utilized as encryption method to overcome the security flaws. The designs of hardware and software were discussed in detail, as well as DES arithmetic. Finally, a system test and its performance report were given. Compared to the traditional products, the wireless network node has the advantages of cheapness, high efficiency, and security, and can be widely used in smart home system.

Baorong Zhan, Xichang Yu

Chapter 68. Study on Weak Signal Detection Methods

Weak signal detection technology refers to a technology which analyzes the noise’s production laws and researches the characteristics and correlation of signals with relevant electronics, physics, information, and computer knowledge and techniques, to detect the weak signals that are submerged by noises. In this paper, the basic principle of weak signal detection is discussed from the improvement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of signal processing system, and also the principles and methods of relevant detection, sample integral, time domain averaging, frequency domain detection, and time-frequency analysis are emphatically analyzed, expecting that different methods can be applied by people in detection according to the signals of different characteristics.

Shikun Zhu

Chapter 69. Study on Theory of Signal and System in Modern Communication Technology

Signal and System is a very important fundamental course in electronics and communication program, and its important knowledge is the theoretical foundation of the communication field. However, it has been obvious that the reform of teaching materials cannot keep pace with the development of information technology, and some theories having lost their roles, still occupy a large proportion of the teaching contents. In this paper, from three perspectives (scientific research project, postgraduate entrance exam, and national electronic design contest), the parts necessary to be enhanced and weakened in the teaching material of Signal and System are analyzed, and also some specific suggestions on the reform of teaching materials are proposed.

Yandi Li, Zheng Ma, A’hui Yang

Chapter 70. Algorithm of the Realization of High Frequency Channel Simulator Based on Simulink

According to the characteristics such as multipath, Doppler frequency shift, and Doppler frequency spread that the communication channel exerts on the signal, we create a high frequency channel simulator based on the Watterson Model using the simulink software. Besides that we put up with a method to widen the communication frequency of the model creatively. And we use the signal of single frequency to check the validity of the model. After checking the result in time domain and frequency domain, we demonstrate the validity of it. The algorithm of this simulator is very simple with little parameters, which has great value in the domain of application.

Yandi Li, Yu Chen, Xun Zhang

Chapter 71. Fast Handover Scheme Named ESMIPv6 for Mobile Wireless Network

To solve the problems which happened in Mobile IPv6 fast handover such as handover latency, high packet loss and other, we propose a mobility management model called ESMIPv6. The model in SMIP basis is based on the user moves; the model created the user moves curve to forecast the user mobility model, while simplifying the structure of the SMIP. The design goal is to reduce the handover latency by forecasting the user moves, so as to eliminate the connection is interrupted and the signaling load minimum.

Liqiu Pei, Lixun Zhu

Chapter 72. Physical Layer Network Coding Transmission Technique in Unidirectional Linear Flow Networks

In this paper, the technical properties of the launch in one-way flow PNC network, and will it with the traditional transmission technology. We arrived at her expression one-way end-to-end flow in PNC transmission scheme. We have deduced the end-to-end throughput, one-way flow can realize in each research plan. The results show that, PNC transmission scheme to achieve higher overall flow than in traditional throughput implementation, a under consideration to the high signal-to-noise ratio.

Kaiming Qu, Peilu Fu

Chapter 73. Performance Analysis of Mobile Communication in Picocell and Femtocell

In this paper, we considered only the two low layers of the hierarchical cellular network i.e. picocell and femtocell. Mobile subscribers are divided into two classes, with low mobility and high mobility. Femtocells are used to address the originating and handoff calls of both slow and fast mobile subscriber. Picocells are overlaid over the femtocells and used to serve originating and handoff calls for slow and fast mobile subscribers. Furthermore, blocking probability of picocell and femtocell decreases when the number of channels is increased. It is shown that this scheme can provide better quality of service to both slow and fast mobile subscribers, maintaining the total spectrum bandwidth constant.

Lili Tang

Chapter 74. A Network Connectivity Preventing Disruption Algorithm Based on Agents

In the present study, a network of mobile agents moved in response to external commands to perform a data-gathering task, and a group of controlled agents prevented disruption of the connectivity of the communication network. HOSM observers reconstructed the external commands to the mobile agents, from which positions of the agents were predicted and calculated within a given time window. Pairs of agents which were predicted to move beyond the maximum effective interaction range were then identified, and trajectories from the positions of the controlled agents to the midpoints of these pairs were generated.

Lin Yang

Chapter 75. Study of Proxy Re-cryptography in Group Key Management for Group Communications System

This paper presents a group key management mechanism PTGKM based on hierarchical and domain structure in Near-Space Network. The mechanism combines hierarchical and domain structure with the use of proxy re-cryptography algorithms. It has the following characteristics: (1) the core backbone network node cannot obtain the new group key. It only participates in the distribution of the new group key. So the mechanism solves the problem of a single point of failure of group key management based on hierarchical and domain structure; (2) The mechanism restricts the impact of group membership change in its domain, which improves the scalability of group key management scheme; (3) The inter-domain switching algorithm effectively reduces the rekeying overhead of the high mobile nodes’ frequent switching between different domains; (4) The mechanism adapts to the characteristics of Near-Space Network and meets the forward security and backward security. The analysis results show that, PTGKM mechanism is applicable to near space environment and has good scalability and reliability.

Qichen Wang

Chapter 76. Incompatibility Between WCETT Route Metric and Flooding Control of AODV in Wireless Mesh Networks

The Weighted Cumulative Expected Transmission Time (WCETT) metric can be incorporated into a routing protocol such as On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) in wireless mesh network. The new route is called Multi-Radio Link-Quality Source Routing, which is allowed to trade off channel diversity and path length by changing the value of the control parameter. But the incompatibility existed between WCETT and flooding technique in AODV. The original AODV cannot deal with the situation so that WCETT metric is not perfect to get the real link quality. We analyze the reason and the relevant solution is present. After experimental and theoretical analysis, the new route shows good performance than the old one.

Bin Zhu, Junguo Liao, Yong He, Zhigang Li

Chapter 77. System Capacity of Unorganized Co-channel AP in High Density Area

This paper is about the relationship between the network capacity in high-density environment and the number of unorganized AP. The experiment confirmed that increased co-channel AP hotspots could not improve the system capacity in the high-density environment. It provides the basis for the expansion of the hot spots, avoids random AP blind duplicate construction. And it proposes the method of increasing the Wi-Fi network capacity in high-density environment.

Jiansen Zhang, Sheng Zhang

Chapter 78. Study of TD-SCDMA Employing Virtual MU-MIMO

This paper is to study the system level performance of TD-SCDMA employing power control and virtual MIMO, and presents some evaluation methodologies. Open loop power control and determinant pairing scheduling (DPS) are evaluated in Virtual MU-MIMO systems based on TD-SCDMA. Simulation results show that with power control and DPS, the TD-SCDMA system throughput could be improved, and the fairness criterion among users could be satisfied.

Yang Zhang, Jian Bo Hu, Li Yan

Mathematical Computation


Chapter 79. Reliability and Validity Evaluation Based on Monte Carlo Simulations in Two-Stage Cluster Sampling on Sensitive Question Survey

In this paper, additive randomized response technique (RRT) model was presented in application to asking questions on sensitive topic in a survey of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Beijing, China. And MSM were selected by two-stage cluster sampling design. Monte Carlo simulation was successfully applied in the assessment of reliability and validity in additive RRT model for sensitive question investigation in two-stage cluster sampling.

Zongda Jin, Hongru Zhu, Qiaoqiao Du, Xiangyu Chen, Ge Gao

Chapter 80. Study on Suitable Exception of National Anti-Monopoly Law Based on Economics Curves

Based on the literature of the national anti-monopoly, this paper analyzed the relevant law of the applicable exception mechanism and the anti-monopoly law. It came to the conclusion on premise principles, means, and modes of the applicable exception mechanism in Chinese anti-monopoly law. Meanwhile, it analyzed from the angle of economics and under the anti-monopoly applicable exception mechanism that how the monopoly manufacturers realized the effective competition in the condition of the economies of scale and competition efficiency. And it pointed out the analysis which was about the necessity and importance of the applicable exception mechanism on the national anti-monopoly law not only helped to safeguard the social interest and promoted the progress of technology and innovation but also helped to improve the comprehensive national strength and promoted and perfected the national anti-monopoly law.

Xia Yue

Chapter 81. Identifying Method of University Poor Students Based on Ethics and Score Statistics of Index Weight

The modern society pays more and more attention to poor students; universities also have many appropriate subsidies and preferential policies for poor students and provide a lot of work-study opportunities. However, at the same time, we must consider the psychological feature of poor students and use various methods to identify poor students. So how to carry out the identification of poor college students is our thinking focus. This article constructs poor student’s index system from the ethics of qualitative point, mainly including its own, family, school and society four levels of indexes determination, combined with analytic hierarchy process for the poor students’ identification methods for quantitative analysis. This paper attempts to transform qualitative problem into quantitative problem, finally constructing poor student’s identity identification system based on the view of ethics, identifying poor students in universities more effectively, so that universities can be much fairer and more justice when they carry out corresponding activities and work.

Linlin Li, Dongchao Jia

Chapter 82. Research on Relationship Between Prefabricated Chunks and Expression Quality Based on Mathematical and Physical Statistics

In modern society, college students should not only have high level of knowledge, but also need to have strong interpersonal skills, so the language expression of college students is given high attention. However, college students’ language expression is little studied, many researches are only based on language written test. Under prefabricated chunks of the literature data, aiming at the quality of students language expression, to build the index factors and contrast test, to carry out empirical analysis, and then more targeted and data to study it, it is helpful to guide college students to strengthen language skills.

Chunyan Luo

Chapter 83. Study on New Teaching Pattern of College Music Art Major Based on Equations of Mathematical Physics and Statistical Regularity

The current music education and teaching was developing more and more quickly. Various colleges and universities were all exploring new teaching pattern of music art major. It investigated the new teaching reform of music art in schools, economy, and other parts of different areas. And it analyzed the results of new teaching pattern of college music art from the understanding and identity of different teaching content in music teaching field thus getting the teachers and students’ favorites as well as the most important and the easiest course content of the new music teaching model. This would provide some basis of the reform for the new music art teaching course.

Yiwen Zhu

Chapter 84. Distributed Computing Method Based on Mathematical Morphology

The mathematical basis of mathematical morphology is set theory, which is widely used in the field of image processing, and distributed computing methods will require significant computing resources case that is broken down into small pieces, it has a plurality of computer parallel collaborative, and finally gives the results. Based on the heterogeneous network workstation as research platform, the mapping hyperspectral image processing technology is studied as a case that discusses the mathematical morphology and distributed computing method in the platform applications surveying and mapping hyperspectral image processing heterogeneous. Hyperspectral imaging is a new remote sensing technology. Its effective response time is the key of space earth science and planetary exploration. In response to this problem, the distributed calculation method is realized based on mathematical morphology to establish performance evaluation indicators. Through comparative analysis, the method is verified that using the morphological algorithm of distributed algorithm has a time advantage, which will contribute to the high spectrum image to select the appropriate distributed computing technology and to adopt a particular application strategy.

Yanbo Wang

Chapter 85. Study on Rural Residents Income Growth Based on Quasi-Stepwise Regression Model

To analyze rural residents’ income growth in Heilongjiang province, the “quasi-stepwise regression” variable selection method is proposed. This method is based on the regression estimate of minimum sum of absolute errors. In its application to rural resident revenue forecast, household business revenue model and wage revenue model are established. The total relative error of the fitted model is about 8 %. According to these models, factors affecting rural resident revenue are analyzed, and some proposals are given for the increase of rural resident revenue.

Lingbo Cong, Jihua Cai

Chapter 86. Encryption Based on Encoding Partial Algorithm

This paper presents encoding partial encryption algorithm (EPEA), according to the fact of classical encryption algorithm. For this algorithm, the file would be encrypted to be divided into several partitions-son files by the rule firstly, and then one son file is saved evidently and other son files are saved as hidden, and these son files are saved in different hard disk positions. When we need the whole file, first pick these son files up from different disk partitions and recover them by the rule. This paper presents the file partition and recover algorithm, and the rule of the son files saved. If you want this file, you should get all son files, and know the order, so this algorithm can reduce the probability of secrets lost.

Lei Liang, Maoyan Fang

Chapter 87. A Pharmacokinetics Parameter Estimation Mathematical Model Based on Grey Theory

The complex human body can be regarded as a grey system based on grey system theory. In this case, the pharmacokinetics mathematical model can be established based on the blood drug concentration data. This is a method of new pharmacokinetics modelling. In this method, there is no need to simplify the complex human body model for a compartment model. Therefore, the established model based on this new method could better reflect the objective reality.

Jiamou Wang

Chapter 88. Study on the Mathematics Course Teaching Model Combining Majors and Strengthening Application in Higher Vocational Colleges

In this paper, the current situation and problems of the teaching of the mathematics course in higher vocational colleges are analyzed, and also a new mathematics teaching model combining major and driven by tasks is constructed under the condition that serving for majors and strengthening application are taken as targets. According to the characteristics of different majors and the specific requirements on the mathematical knowledge, the teaching contents of higher mathematics are optimized, for the purpose of strengthening the combination of mathematics with majors, theories, and practices and attaching high importance to the training of application ability.

Haifei Xiang

Multimedia Technology and Applications


Chapter 89. Study of Primary and Secondary Online Schools Based on ASP and PPT Producer Technology

This paper introduces the methods to develop the primary and secondary online schools management system based on ASP_NET and also how to design and implement a primary and secondary online school system by applying ASP, promoting online school management to be scientific, standardized, and automatic.

Ning Zhang

Chapter 90. Study of Humanistic Education on English Majors Based on Multi-media Network Teaching

The article begins with English courses to expound how humanistic education penetrates into English teaching combined with characteristics of multi-media network courses and many years’ experience of college English teaching and based on previous researches. A large amount of teaching experience demonstrates that using multi-media network teaching is an effective way to carry out humanistic education.

Xiaohong Wang

Chapter 91. Study of Course Resource Construction and Innovation in Distance Education

This article makes a deep thinking from innovative course resource, innovative teaching design, innovative teaching contents, innovative teaching model, innovative team building, and innovative course-building assessment mechanism.

Feng Wang

Chapter 92. Research Online Sports CAI Teaching

After having analyzed for the disadvantage of CAI software, currently, an online teaching sports CAI manufacture and application has been proposed. It has pointed out the basic principle and method of this software manufacture courseware. Combined with the actual situation of the teaching, the design research has been conducted through the living example. The advantage and benefits in the aspects of strong interactive function and animation processing function have certain significant guidance for wide educators.

Hua Zhang

Chapter 93. Study on the Integration of Information Literacy Education and PBL Teaching

The purpose of this paper is exploring the functions of information literacy competency (ILC) in problem-based learning (PBL). Total 333 students, who entered a university in 2007 from two classes majored in clinical medicine, were randomly selected in the anatomy teaching. In terms of class, the students were classified into PBL-ILC group (153 students) and PBL group (180 students). PBL and information literacy education were applied to the PBL-ILC group, while PBL was used for the PBL group. The students’ information literacy competency and abilities of applying specimens, analyzing models and resolving problems as well as their academic records and learning attitudes were analyzed and compared. Three experimental results were attained: (1) the PBL-ILC group consulted the data more frequently than the PBL group (


= 0.004); (2) the PBL-ILC group more significantly increased in the abilities (


= 0.0370) of evaluating and using the document information and the abilities (


= 0.0345) of proposing, analyzing and resolving problems through the specimens, models, and anatomy operation VCD than the PBL group (74.28 ± 11.34 per capita) (


= 0.000). Therefore, it can be thought that the organic integration of the information literacy education and PBL can produce the resonance effect, and has more obvious advantages than the sheer PBL teaching, and is suggested to be applied in the medical teaching.

Tian Min Sun, Bai Chun Yao, Jin Cheng He, Ping Chen, Jun Wang

Chapter 94. Efficient English Teaching Scheme Based on Multimedia

The twenty-first century is not only an information age, but also the era of knowledge economy. The twenty-first century knowledge-based economies require personnel with practical ability, interpersonal skills, and ability to innovate. With the surge in today’s information and in-depth development of education reform, the traditional education increasingly faced with enormous challenges, teaching methods and teaching methods of reform are imperative, As a new form of education and modern teaching methods of multimedia technology to the traditional education has brought new hope and influence to urge educators to every thought, to practice. From multimedia in the teaching of English on the edge in English teaching how to make full use of a computer as the core of information technology, training students in self-learning ability, and the analysis of the process of teaching to pay attention to the problem.

Pingping Liu

Chapter 95. Study on Teaching Reform for University Computer Information Technology Curriculum

Currently, our country’s basic computer education reform is in an important turning point, a transition to the starting point of information technology education popularization is from university to primary and secondary school. Since in primary and secondary schools, there are “information technology education” courses, how to reform the university information technology, how to reflect the course of information technology education in university, how to link primary and middle schools education, and how to follow the rapid development of information technology, all of these are urgent in basic computer teaching reform in colleges and universities.

Bin Zhang

Chapter 96. Study on Integrated Problem Centered Higher Education System Based on Information Technology

In this paper, the author tries to report for the development of a possible concept of higher education, based on the computer system, applicable to demand changes in current higher education and the environment. In the current education system, it is not having proper method of processing content education projects. In the system of higher education, the process put forward in this paper is placed in an environment of human, knowledge, and professional software.

Wen Ying Li

Chapter 97. Study on the School-Enterprise Cooperation Teaching Model for Digital Media Major in Scientific and Engineering Programs

In accordance with the characteristic that the professional knowledge of the scientific and engineering programs is integrated with market in depth, the author establishes a school-enterprise cooperation teaching model that fits the actual conditions of China’s higher learning schools and the characteristics of majors by introducing the international school-enterprise cooperation teaching model and under the educational guidance of the educational concept taking the innovation cultivation as the purpose, and orienting at the employment and combing the education, production, and research in this paper, and also pushes forward the cultivation on the application-oriented digital media talents and the enhancement to their employment competitiveness from the perspective of practices.

Li He, Hai Cao, Yun Deng, Changyou Fu


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