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Über dieses Buch

This book is organized in 2 volumes and 6 parts. Part I is Big Data Analytics, which is about new advances of analysis, statistics, coordination and data mining of big data; Part II is Information Systems Management, which is about the development of big data information system or cloud platform. Part III is Computing Methodology with Big Data, which is about the improvements of traditional computation technologies in the background of big data; Part IV is Uncertainty Decision Making, which is about the decision making methods with various uncertain information, such as fuzzy, random, rough, gray, unascertained. Part V is Intelligence Algorithm. Part VI is Data Security, which is a particularly important aspect in the modern management environment.



Advances in Management Science of the Eleventh ICMSEM


Advancement of Computing Methodology, Data Analysis, Enterprise Operation Management and Decision Support System Based on the Eleventh ICMSEM Proceedings

Management is playing an increasingly more important role in modern society. In particular, the development of efficient innovative managerial tools has significantly influenced social progress in management science and engineering management. In this paper, we first give a brief introduction to the eleventh ICMSEM proceedings Volume I. An analysis of the current management science topics reveals that computing methodology, data analysis, enterprise operation management, and decision support system have become key foci in the past few years. We then conduct a literature review to examine the main research in these four areas, after which the central issues in the eleventh ICMSEM Proceedings Volume I are examined using NodeXL. Finally, by analyzing the main keywords using CiteSpace, frontier management science is identified. All in all, the ICMSEM continues to provide a valuable forum for academic exchange and communication and will continue to play an important role in promoting MSEM advancements in the future.

Jiuping Xu

Computing Methodology


A Comparison of Pretest, Stein-Type and Penalty Estimators in Logistic Regression Model

Various estimators are proposed based on the preliminary test and Stein-type strategies to estimate the parameters in a logistic regression model when it is priori suspected that some parameters may be restricted to a subspace. Two different penalty estimators as LASSO and ridge regression are also considered. A Monte Carlo simulation experiment was conducted for different combinations, and the performance of each estimator was evaluated in terms of simulated relative efficiency. The positive-part Stein-type shrinkage estimator is recommended for use since its performance is robust regardless of the reliability of the subspace information. The proposed estimators are applied to a real dataset to appraise their performance.

Orawan Reangsephet, Supranee Lisawadi, Syed Ejaz Ahmed

Multi-objective Job Shop Rescheduling with Estimation of Distribution Algorithm

To solve the moJSRP model, with the framework of proposed MoEDA, the probability model of the operation sequence is estimated firstly. For sampling the processing time of each operation with the Monte Carlo methods, allocation method is used to decide the operation sequence, and then the expected makespan and total tardiness of each sampling are evaluated. Subsequently, updating mechanism of the probability models is proposed according to the best solutions to obtain. Finally, for comparing with some existing algorithms by numerical experiments on the benchmark problems, we demonstrate the proposed effective estimation of distribution algorithm can obtain an acceptable solution in the aspects of schedule quality and computational efficiency.

Xinchang Hao, Lu Sun, Mitsuo Gen

Multi-Queue Priority Based Algorithm for CPU Process Scheduling

Operating Systems acts as a base software and acts as a driver for both application programs and system programs. All the programs residing in an operating system has to become process for execution. A modern computer system supports multitasking by single user or multiple users. Different processes have different priorities. The major goal of an operating system is to reduce waiting time and enhance throughput by scheduling processes in some way. This paper discusses various scheduling terms and scheduling algorithms. We have proposed a new approach for scheduling. This proposed algorithm is based on the mixture of MQMS, Priority Scheduling mechanism and Round Robin scheduling. The proposed algorithm facilitates operating system by managing separate queue for separate priority of process and manages queue scheduling in round robin fashion with dynamic time slicing. Processes are added to appropriate queue and this decision is based on any user defined or system defined criteria. We have also discussed various case studies regarding this algorithm and compared its results with priority scheduling algorithm. These case studies are limited to two queuing system up till now. We have also proposed multiple queue management (more than 2), dynamic time slicing instead of half execution scheme and varying execution times of queues as future work of this algorithm scheme.

Usman Rafi, Muhammad Azam Zia, Abdul Razzaq, Sajid Ali, Muhammad Asim Saleem

An Order-Based GA for Robot-Based Assembly Line Balancing Problem

In the real world, there are a lot of scenes from which the product is made by using the robot, which needs different assembly times to perform a given task, because of its capabilities and specialization. For a robotic assembly line balancing (rALB) problem, a set of tasks have to be assigned to stations, and each station needs to select one robot to process the assigned tasks. In this paper, we propose a hybrid genetic algorithm (hGA) based on an order encoding method for solving rALB problem. In the hGA, we use new representation method. Advanced genetic operators adapted to the specific chromosome structure and the characteristics of the rALB problem are used. In order to strengthen the search ability, a local search procedure is integrated under the framework the genetic algorithm. Some practical test instances demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

Lin Lin, Chenglin Yao, Xinchang Hao

A Hybrid Model of AdaBoost and Back-Propagation Neural Network for Credit Scoring

Owing to the development of internet finance in China, credit scoring is growing into one of the most important issues in the field of financial risk management. Quantitative credit scoring models are widely used tools for credit risk assessment in financial institutions. In this study, an AdaBoost algorithm model based on back-propagation neural network for credit scoring with high accuracy and efficiency is proposed. We first illustrate the basic concepts of back-propagation neural network and AdaBoost algorithm and propose a hybrid model of AdaBoost and back-propagation neural network, then two real-world credit data sets are selected to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed model. The results show that the proposed model can get higher accuracy compared to other classifiers listed in this study.

Feng Shen, Xingchao Zhao, Dao Lan, Limei Ou

Effects of Urban and Rural Residents’ Behavior Differences in Sports and Leisure Activity: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Structural Equation Modeling

Because the urban and rural residents’ sports and leisure behaviors were different, to find out the factors influencing these differences was the purpose of this study. Therefore we selected urban and rural residents in Sichuan province as the research object to start our study. This study which was based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) as the research method. Firstly we constructed the conceptual model and put forward a series of assumptions. Then we used questionnaire survey to obtain first-hand information, at the same time we used ARMOS17.0 to work out the model. At last we verified our original assumption with the model. Research showed that: (1) The influence on the urban and rural residents’ sports and leisure behavior from external objective factors (social atmosphere, venues, facilities, etc.) was much larger than that from the intrinsic objective factors (leisure time, income, physical condition, etc.); (2) The richness of sports and leisure activities, venues, facilities and the social atmosphere impacted the behavior of urban residents much more than that of rural residents; (3) The attitude to affirm and recognize sports and leisure had much more influence on urban residents; (4) While rural residents more cared about the views from family, friends even government.

Linling Zhang

Fast Multiobjective Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Mixed Sampling Strategy

In this paper, a fast multiobjective hybrid evolutionary algorithm (MOHEA) is proposed to solve the multiobjective optimization problem (MOOP) in achieving a balance between convergence and distribution with computational complexity. The proposed algorithm, MOHEA, improves the vector evaluated genetic algorithm (VEGA) by combing a new sampling strategy according to the Pareto dominating and dominated relationship-based fitness function. VEGA is good at searching the edge region of the Pareto front, but it has neglected the central area of the Pareto front, and the new sampling strategy prefers the center region of the Pareto front. The mixed sampling strategy improves the convergence performance and the distribution performance while reducing the computational time. Simulation experiments on multiobjective test problems show that, compared with NSGA-II and SPEA2, the fast multiobjective hybrid evolutionary algorithm is better in the two aspects of convergence and distribution, and has obvious advantages in the efficiency.

Wenqiang Zhang, Yu Wang, Chunxiao Wang, Le Xiao, Mitsuo Gen

Literature Mining Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

In this paper, we reviewed the current technology for the hydrogen fuel cells and got the light spots when 1271 papers related to hydrogen fuel cells were analyzed, which were focused on the hydrogen fuel cell technologies, hydrogen fuel cell application and solar hydrogen fuel cell. This paper had outlined these several types of the specific technology and confirmed that hydrogen fuel cells was an inevitable choice when faced to serious environmental pollution and energy structure’s imbalance. And the solar-hydrogen fuel cell system that involved the hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen application is of significant importance addressing the problem of the production of renewable energy, power generation and transportation pollution.

Luoji Li, Ying Zhang, Qiulin Li

GM(1.1) Model Based Leshan’s Industries Shift-Share Analysis and Prediction

The technique of shift-share method [6] and GM(1.1) model [4] are applied for a dynamic assessment and predictive study of industries between the year of 2010 and 2015 in Leshan city, choosing Sichuan province as a background. With the actuality, some advice was put forward on how to adjust and optimize the development of industries of Leshan. The survey shows that the secondary industry is the key factor to the whole economic development of Leshan City. Leshan’s tertiary industries had a weak competitiveness and will develop more slowly, department structure contributed a little to the rapid growth of economic total; Tourist industry and trade are lack of competitiveness, while the transportation industry industries ran on a small scale and contribute little to the growth of economic total. Hence, it’s important and necessary to formulate the industry development strategy based on objective scientific analysis of Leshan’s industries.

Hongxing Lan, Caiyang Xu, Zhiyi Meng

Scheduling Problem for Allocating Worker with Class-Type Skill in JSP by Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Scheduling in manufacturing systems is one of the most important and complex combinatorial optimization problems, where it can have a major impact on the productivity of a production process. Moreover, most of manufacturing scheduling models fall into the class of NP-hard combinatorial problems. In a real world manufacturing system, a plurality of worker who operates the machine exists, depending on the skill level by the workers for each machine and working time is different even if same work on the same machine in job-shop scheduling problem (JSP). Therefore, it is taking to account for differences in working time by the worker is scheduling problem with worker allocation. In this paper, in order to approach the more realistic model by dividing into several class workers and to determine the skill level for each machine for each class worker, we propose a new model that introduced the concept of class-type skill and demonstrate the effectiveness of the computational result by Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.

Kenichi Ida, Daiki Takano, Mitsuo Gen

The Rules Determination of Numerical Association Rule Mining Optimization by Using Combination of PSO and Cauchy Distribution

One of the optimization methods to solve the numerical association rule mining problem is particle swarm optimization (PSO). This method is popularly used in various fields such as in the job scheduling problem, evaluating stock market, inferring gen regulatory networks and numerical association rule mining optimization. The weakness of the PSO is often premature for searching the optimal solution because it traps in local optima when the best particle is being searched in every iteration. Combining the PSO with Cauchy distribution for numerical association rule mining problem (PARCD) is a solution because it is robust for finding the optimal solution in a large neighborhood. The important point in this proposed method is particle representation which to know the association between one attribute to another. Therefore, this study has the aim to determinate rules of numerical association rule mining and also to calculate the multi-objective function using combination of PSO and Cauchy distribution. The results show that all of them explain every attribute to formulate the rule well. In addition, the multi-objective function value of PARCD method generally produces results which better than the previous method, MOPAR.

Imam Tahyudin, Hidetaka Nambo

An Analytical Framework for the Conflict Coordination Mechanism of Knowledge Network

Whether the conflict coordination mechanism works effectively directly affects the achievement of the goal of the knowledge network, and is related to both the existence of the knowledge subject itself and the knowledge network. Based on principal-agent theory and game theory, a theoretical framework of conflict coordination mechanism for knowledge network is constructed in this paper, which divides the conflict coordination mechanism into three levels: contract mechanism, self-implementation mechanism and third-party conflict coordination mechanism, then this paper makes a mathematical analysis on the theoretical framework. Results indicate that the adaptive behavior of the knowledge subjects within knowledge network evolves along with the conflict coordination mechanism framework; the conflict coordination of knowledge network contract is mainly embodied in the two aspects of benefit distribution and knowledge division; the implementation of conflict coordination relies mainly on relational contract mechanism and the trust mechanism; when the first two fail, the third party helps to relieve the relationship and make value judgments with a neutral position, in order to solve the fierce conflict.

Qifeng Wei

Flight Arrival Scheduling Optimization on Two Runways Based on IGEP Algorithm

With the accelerated pace of life, more and more tourists’ travel mode change from the traditional land travel into air travel. It has contributed to the rapid development of the aviation industry. But also produced some problems that troubled the airline. Among them, the flight delays problem has not been effectively addressed. The cost of flight delays is still high. This paper launches the research, analyze the cause of the cost of flight delays. For the factor of terminal area flight scheduling unreasonable to improve. Combined with the two-runway actual situation of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, minimize the cost of flight arrival delays, construct the model of flight arrival on two runways. At the same time, the coding method, selection strategy and fitness function of GEP are improved combined with the specific problem. Finally, IGEP and simulation are utilized to solve the practical problem. Compared with the traditional FCFS rules, the cost of flight arrival delays is significantly reduced, the efficiency of flight arrival and runway utilization is improved, and the interests of airlines are guaranteed. It also shows the superiority of IGEP in addressing the issue of two-runway flight arrival.

Rui Wang, Minglei Qu, Fuzheng Wang

A Study of Urban Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Based on Catastrophe Progression Method

Climate change can make a profound impact on the entire ecosystem, and severely affects the stability of human society. The urban is the economic, political and cultural center of human society. The assessment of urban disaster vulnerability is of great significance to the disaster prevention system. Through the review of the relevant literatures on disasters vulnerability and the situations of Sichuan Province, the study establishes urban climate change actual vulnerability assessment systems. The vulnerability degrees of the five economic zones of Sichuan Province are evaluated by the improved mutation progression method based on the entropy method. The study shows that the urban disaster vulnerability of Southern Sichuan Economic Region is the most serious, and the degree of disaster vulnerability of Chengdu Economic Region is the lowest. Chengdu Economic Region should concern about the floating population. And Southern Sichuan Economic Region needs to create a good environment for enterprises to increase the number of enterprises within its jurisdiction.

Yang Sun, Yi Lu, Yinghan Li

Judging Customer Satisfaction by Considering Fuzzy Random Time Windows in Vehicle Routing Problems

This article puts forward a membership function of the customer satisfaction based on fuzzy random time windows in vehicle routing problems. The objective is to confirm that all the customers are satisfied in an acceptable degree by judging the vehicle arriving time. More specifically, time windows given by customers are taken as fuzzy random variables in this paper. And then, fuzzy random theory has been used to describe customers’ time windows. Finally, a measure function has been given to calculate customers’ satisfaction based on fuzzy random time windows.

Yanfang Ma, Cuiying Feng, Jing Zhang, Fang Yan

Hybrid Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm with Differential Evolution for Process Planning and Scheduling Problem

In an intelligent manufacturing environment, process planning and scheduling (PPS) plays a very important role as a most complex and practical scheduling problem, which processes a set of prismatic parts into completed products by determining the optimal process plans and moments to execute each operation with competitive manufacturing resources. Many research works use multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA) to solve PPS problems with consideration of multiple complicated objectives to be optimized. This paper proposes a hybrid multiobjective evolutionary algorithm with differential evolution (HMOEA-DE) to solve the PPS problem. HMOEA-DE uses a special designed fitness function to evaluate the dominated and nondominated individuals and divides the population and elitism into two parts, which close to the center and edge areas of Pareto frontier. Moreover, differential evolution applied on elitism tries to improve the convergence and distribution performances much more by guiding the search directions through different individuals with different fitness function. Numerical comparisons indicate that the efficacy of HMOEA-DE outperforms the traditional HMOEA without DE in convergence and distribution performances.

Chunxiao Wang, Wenqiang Zhang, Le Xiao, Mitsuo Gen

A New Approach for Solving Optimal Control Problem by Using Orthogonal Function

In the present paper we introduce a numerical technique for solving fractional optimal control problems (FOCP) based on an orthonormal wavelet. First we approximate the involved functions by Sine-Cosine wavelet basis; then, an operational matrix is used to transfer the given problem in to a linear system of algebraic equations. In fact operational matrix of the Riemann-Liouville fractional integration and derivative of Sine-Cosine wavelet are employed to achieve a linear algebraic equation, in place of the dynamical system in terms of the unknown coefficients. The solution of this system, gives us the solution of original problem. A numerical example is also given.

Akram Kheirabadi, Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri, Sohrab Effati

The Sustainable Interaction Analysis of Cause Marketing and Ethical Consumption in Electric Business Platform: Based on Game Theory and Simulation Analysis

Based on evolutionary game theory and simulation analysis, the paper studies the sustainable interaction of cause marketing in electronic business platform, which constructs the evolutionary game model of cause marketing and ethical consumption, and studies the existence and stability of the equilibrium in the four situation interaction system, and also verifies results by Netlogo. The main contributions are that ethical consumption is the precondition of sustainable cause marketing development, reducing costs is the key to promote sustainable interaction development, electric business platform should vigorously promote social responsibility consciousness, and promote the policy support. Finally the paper constructs the theory frame for the realization of benign sustainable interaction.

Xu Zu, Weiping Yu

Data Analysis


How to Predict Financing Efficiency in Public-Private Partnerships–In an Aspect of Uncertainties

Financing efficiency in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects is a vital but impressionable aspect, whose likely consequence always influenced by inevitable uncertainties and confused the stakeholders. This study aims to investigate the methods for evaluating and predicting the relative efficiency of current financing scheme in PPP project, which surrounding with various uncertainties. The current study proposed a new algorithm for assessing the inancing efficiency and simulating the flexibilities in PPP projects simultaneously. Furthermore, it integrates DEA and Monte Carlo to provide the possible probability distribution of financing efficiency which takes the uncertainties in PPP. A case study is given to show its feasibility and practicability. It shows uncertainties in PPP projects considerably count for its deviation from the optimum value. This innovative model provides an avenue to predict the effects and possible outcome of an optimal scheme, which is important for financing scheme decision making.

Yixin Qiu, Umair Akram, Sihan Lin, Muhammad Nazam

The Moderating Effects of Capacity Utilization on the Relationship Between Capacity Changes and Asymmetric Labor Costs Behavior

The study presents an interactive and theoretical research model based on the economic theory of asymmetry behavior, which means labor costs are more likely to increase when activity increases greater than activity decreases. This paper aims to analyze the effect of capacity utilization on prior capacity changes and labor costs behavior. Study methodology tests the hypotheses of nonlinear relationships among variables in the proposed model using multiple regression analysis. Data have been collected from five factories of Iraqi cement firms by physical output data from 2006 to 2015 monthly. Findings reveal that degree of cost asymmetry of manufacturing, selling and administrative, and total labor is associated with capacity changes and that a moderating effect of capacity utilization strongly reveals the opposite pattern supported. Our results from Iraqi manufacturing provide a new evidence on labor costs behavior and contain important implications for both accounting and economic theories. The value of the paper is one of the earliest studies that empirically examine and explain the moderating effects of capacity utilization on employment capacity and labor costs behavior.

Abdulellah Azeez Karrar, DongPing Han, Sobakinova Donata

The Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Technical Innovation on Manufacturing Upgrading-Based on Subdivision Industry of China

At this stage, changing the mode of economic growth and optimizing the industrial structure is the important content for China’s economy restructuring and steady growth, so the adjustment of industrial structure is imminent, especially manufacturing. This paper describes the present situation of China’s technology innovation and the development of manufacturing, and analyzes the problems of manufacturing upgrading, and then uses the data of China’ 27 manufacturing sub-sectors from 2005 to 2014 and establishes the regression model. The results showed that technical innovation has a positive role in promoting the upgrading of China’s manufacturing, but its effect is still affected by certain factors, and the differences on technical innovation are obvious. Finally, in view of the problems found in the research, the paper puts forward some policy suggestions for the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, such as increasing R&D investment, building system of financial support, and establishing a technical alliance about industrial-academic-research.

Dan Jiang, Yuan Yuan

A Crash Counts by Severity Based Hotspot Identification Method and Its Application on a Regional Map Based Analytical Platform

This paper aims to develop a crash counts by severity based hotspot identification method by extending the traditional empirical Bayes method to a generalized nonlinear model-based mixed multinomial logit approach. A new safety performance index and a new potential safety improvement index are developed by introducing the risk weight factor and compared with traditional indexes by employing four hotspot identification evaluating methods. The comparison results reveal that the new safety performance index derived by the generalized nonlinear model-based mixed multinomial logit approach is the most consistent and reliable method for identifying hotspots. Finally, a regional map based analytical platform is developed by expanding the safety performance module with the new safety performance index and potential safety improvement functions.

Xinxin Xu, Ziqiang Zeng, Yinhai Wang, John Ash

Comparison Between K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering in Network Traffic Activities

A network traffic utilization in order to support teaching and learning activities are an essential part. Therefore, the network traffic management usage is requirements. In this study, analysis and clustering network traffic usage by using K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) methods have been implemented. Then, both of method were used Euclidean Distance (ED) in order to get better results clusters. The results showed that the FCM method has been able to perform clustering in network traffic.

Purnawansyah, Haviluddin, Achmad Fanany Onnilita Gafar, Imam Tahyudin

RDEU Evolutionary Game Model and Simulation of the Network Group Events with Emotional Factors

At present, network communication becomes more efficient and geographical restrictions barely exist. However, the network mass incidents tend to be multiple and frequent, which are mostly unexpected. In this paper, we point at studying the limitations of the traditional game theory in the players’ rational assumptions, and consider the influence of the irrational factors on the netizens behavior. Based on RDEU theory and evolutionary game theory, a RDEU evolutionary game model of group events on network is constructed. In addition, we studied the evolution mechanism of game Nash equilibrium under different emotional conditions and the numerical simulation of the model, which is carried out by using the numerical simulation method of Matlab. After that, the evolutionary equilibrium state of the game between the netizens in different emotional states of the network group events is analyzed. Finally, research results show that emotional factors have a great impact on the network behavior of group events; when the emotions of netizens are pessimistic, the game participants are more inclined to confrontational behavior, and will have both the conflicting herd effect, more prone to network mass incidents. In this case, it is more likely to produce group events on network.

Guoqiang Xiong, Xian Wang, Ying Yang, Yuxi Liu

Effects of Internet Word-of-Mouth of a Tourism Destination on Consumer Purchase Intention: Based on Temporal Distance and Social Distance

The proportion of tourists who referencing the Internet word-of-mouth increased. Hence, tourism destinations’ online word-of-mouth has an practically significant effect on the willing of purchase. Due to an increasing trend about the proportion of tourists referencing Internet word-of-mouth (IWOM) for, making a study of tourism destination online word-of-mouth influence on purchase intention has practical significance. The purpose of this article is to provide marketing advises in different temporal and social distance. The research methods of this article is dividing 110 college students into two groups. All the students are allowed to read online word-of-mouth about two destinations, and this is for measuring consumers’ tourism consumption which under different temporal distance and social distance categories. The conclusion is that quality of word-of-mouth exercise a greater effect for the consumers when they will travel in the far future. And the quantity of word-of-mouth influence nearly future purchase intention of consumers more prominently. For far Social distance between reader and IWOM witter, purchase intention is more significantly affected by the quality of word-of-mouth. On the contrary, purchase intention is more significantly influenced by the quantity word-of-mouth, when they feel they are close.

Mo Chen, Jingdong Chen

Analysis and Prediction of Population Aging Trend Based on Population Development Model

In recent years, with the acceleration of population aging, the development of population structure is an important factor that influences economy and social development of China. This paper studied the future trend of population in Sichuan of China by establishing a population development equation. Taken the statistical data of census in 2010 in Sichuan, some important factors, such as survival rate, fertility mode and gender ratio etc. are considered to estimate the population structure, especially the proportion of older people, in Sichuan. The model is utilized to predict the population aging trend and aging index in the case of different total fertility rate and to provide reference for the government to make corresponding social and economic decisions.

Jiancheng Hu

Evaluation of Progressive Team Intervention on Promoting Physical Exercise Behavior

Focusing on parts of urban residents, which were divided into two groups, intervention group (165 people) and control group (178 people), a “5As” physical exercise behavior intervention process (Ask, Access, Advice, Assist and Arrange) was applied to the intervention group people with auxiliary materials including intervention manuals and exercise prescriptions. The baseline data and the tracking data of the two groups were collected and analyzed by descriptive statistics, comparison of means, analysis of variance and correlation analysis to study the effectiveness of intervention. The results of tracking survey showed that residents had better acceptance for the use of intervention. Before and after the intervention, there was a certain change about the residents’ physical exercise behavior and there were significant differences in the behavior variables (P $$<0.05$$). Physical exercise behavior belongs to preventive innovation which requires corresponding health education and intervention. The research adopts a step by step mode to implement targeted intervention measures, and peer groups make it easier to accept and prove to be efficient for the individuals. And the research provides a new idea and method for the physical exercise intervention.

Xinyan Guo

SEM-Based Value Generation Mechanism from Open Government Data in Environment/Weather Sector

Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activities on the biophysical environment. More and more citizens are engaged in the open data movement for different purposes, in particular, emerging private companies are being built on Open Government Data (OGD) to predict extreme weather events for environmental protection, to satisfy more social requirements (e.g. job creation) and to make economic profits, simultaneously. Emerging companies are utilizing OGD to generate values. Building on a synthesis of the OGD literature and established theories of value generation, we develop a structural equation modelling (SEM)-based model to explore the causal relationship between OGD and value generation. This study constructs the conceptual structural equation model and lays a foundation for the upcoming research.

Xiaoling Song, Charles Shen, Lin Zhong, Feniosky Peña-Mora

Impact of Management Information Systems Techniques on Quality Enhancement Cell’s Report for Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

The way to achieve high quality education is through the quality affirmation. Higher education Commission has developed processes for the evaluation of the scholastics program’s quality. The department of Quality Assurance has set up Quality Enhancement Cell which works under indicated Criterions. The point is to compose gathered information to produce useful information for QA clients. At present QEC is setting Self-Assessment Report through their predefined Performa and manual of models to help scholarly foundations. The fundamental issue of setting up this report is the utilization of manual strategies, which is the reason for delivering reports with repetitive errors and clearly, lumbering to oversee. The proposed solution for this issue is, as one may have seen in this time, fast move towards automation. MIS techniques will be applied by utilizing software development tools and database integration and broadly utilized reporting tools. Utilizing above mentioned tools and techniques will empower QA and clients to play out their job viably, reduce the repetitive information, save clients time and upgraded clarity. A more easy to understand Graphical User Interface helps client to accomplish more exact data for the decision making which will help them complete their tasks in impressively less time. This procedure have a major space for system enhancement system management more graphical reports more auxiliary changes by the assistance of software development tools.

Faraz Ullah Khan, Asisf Kamran

A Priority-Based Genetic Representations for Bicriteria Network Design Optimizations

Network design is one of the most important and most frequently encountered classes of optimization problems. It is a combinatory field in combinatorial optimization and graph theory. A lot of optimization problems in network design arose directly from everyday practice in engineering and management. Furthermore, network design problems are also important for complexity theory, an area in the common intersection of mathematics and theoretical computer science which deals with the analysis of algorithms. Recent advances in evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are interested to solve such practical network problems. However, various network optimization problems typically cannot be solved analytically. Usually we must design the different algorithm for the different type of network optimization problem depending on the characteristics of the problem. In this paper, we investigate the recent related researches, design and validate effective priority-based genetic representations for the typical network models, such as shortest path models (node selection and sequencing), spanning tree models (arc selection) and maximum flow models (arc selection and flow assignment) etc., that these models covering the most features of network optimization problems. Thereby validate that EA approaches can be effectively and widely used in network design optimization.

Lin Lin, Jingsong Zhao, Sun Lu, Mitsuo Gen

Study of County Level Government’s E-Government Efficiency Evaluation in Sichuan Province Based on DEA

The county government plays a fundamental role in the Chinese governance. The e-government system of it can directly reflect the quality and efficiency of its service. Thus, it’s significant to evaluate the efficiency of the e-government at county level. Nowadays, there’re plenty of methods to do this kind of evaluation. This paper mainly uses principal component analysis to establish the index system, and adopts the CCR and BCC models, two of the data envelopment analysis DEA, to reflect the current input and output efficiency of 147 counties’ e-government in Sichuan Province. The analysis reveals that most of the e-governments’ comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency and scale efficiency are non-DEA effective in county level governments of Sichuan Province, and the differences in development among them are quite distinctive. What’s more, the local governments’ information department should embark on improving their investment scale and technical efficiency in order to enhance the efficiency of e-government.

Yu Liu, Jiawei Liu, Zhaohui Zhang, Liangqing Zhang

Comparing Visitors’ Behavior Through Mobile Phone Users’ Location Data

In recent years, so-called “big data” have been attracting the attention of companies and researchers. This study aims to identify the number of visitors of each period and their characteristics based on the location data of mobile phone users collected by the mobile phone company. The study sites of this survey are tourist destinations in Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama city, including Kanazawa city, which became nationally popular after the Hokuriku Shinkansen opened in 2015. The opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen brought more visitors to many areas. However, it also led to fewer visitors in some areas. The positive effect was remarkable in Kanazawa.

Masahide Yamamoto

Research on Geo/Geo/1 Retrial Queue with Working Vacation Interruption and Nonpersistent Customers

Queueing phenomenon is prevalent in all areas of society and a reasonable queueing design can improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction. In order to adapt to the new requirements of web service system, this paper studies a Geo/Geo/1 retrial queue with working vacation interruption and nonpersistent customers. Firstly, a series of assumptions about the queueing system are put forward and the corresponding transition probability matrix is obtained. Then the stationary condition of the queueing system is derived. After that, the stationary distribution and the performance measures are obtained by using the matrix-analytic method. Finally, numerical analysis is conducted to discuss the effect of parameters on performance measures, furthermore, the performance of the queueing model is optimized to obtain the best parameters and the minimum cost.

Mingcong Wu, Yong Huang, Yang Song, Liang Zhao, Jian Liu

Pan-Tourism Urbanization Model Based on System Dynamics: A Case Study of Barkam

With the rapid development of urbanization, tourism-driven urbanization process has become an important development strategy in China. There are many examples of the tourism urbanization, however, the integration with industries is scarce. In order to describe the characterization of the industrial clusters system, this paper uses SPSS [8] to analyze the data. And it also uses DYNAMO simulation language and Vensim [2] to establish the pan-tourism urbanization model based on the theory of industrial cluster and system dynamics. Simultaneously, taking Barkam city in the northwestern Tibetan area of Sichuan as an example, this paper analyzes the operation mechanism of pan-tourism urbanization mode to find the optimal system structure, which can provide corresponding scientific basis and theoretical support for promoting the development of urban and rural areas, improving the level of new urbanization and building new towns.

Lin Hu, Lu Gan, Qian Yang

A Study on the Three Different Channel Models in Supply Chain Under the Network Externalities

With the rapid developments of Internet, many manufacturers and retailers choose not only the offline channel but also the online channel. According to the choices of different channels, this paper models three types of channel models in supply chains. Considering the presence of the network externalities, the degree of substitution between online and offline channels and consumers’ preference for two entities (the manufacture and the retailer), we study the effect of retailer’s choice to online channel and the differences among the three different channel models. Our main findings are that compared to the first two models, the sales price of unit product will be smaller and in contrast the market size will be bigger in the third model. Also, when the entities make the best strategies, the retailer’s profit and the total profit of the channel can reach the maximum. The study shows that the introduction of online channel can create more social values, which is why the dual-channel model of retailers is so widespread. In the end, a numerical example is given to verify the conclusions.

Jinjiang Yan, Jiankai Xing, Kai Zhu, Ke Liu

Construction of Restoration System for Old Books Written in Braille

Braille books follow a process of deterioration different from ordinary printed books. Braille is a reading letter and visually impaired people touch the boss with the finger’s belly. Therefore, in Braille books that are frequently read, Braille is dirty with aged use, holes open, and they collapse. In old Braille books, braille collapses and deteriorates due to pressure from left and right books in the library. Therefore, in this research, we convert Braille books into machine-readable electronic data. First, a Braille book is scanned by an image. Next, we detect braille by image recognition technology one by one from braille page. And we classify and identify Braille. Furthermore, we correct errors such as misdetection of braille and misidentification. Finally, we save the result as character code.

Yuko Shimomura, Hiroyuki Kawabe, Hidetaka Nambo, Shuichi Seto

Enterprise Operation Management


Discrimination of Personal Opinions from Commercial Speech Based on Subjectivity of Text

This paper presents a method for discriminating personal opinions from commercial speech. Today many personal opinions such as complaints about a particular product can be found on the Web. Mining useful information from these opinions is important for a wide range of applications. Personal opinions on the web, however, are often contaminated with commercial speech. Commercial speech is generated by companies and individuals for the intent of making a profit. The data cleaning process that discriminates personal opinions from commercial speech is important for obtaining useful results in opinion mining. As a data cleaning method, we propose a language-independent method for discriminating personal opinions from commercial speech based on subjectivity of text. Assuming that subjective words frequently occur in personal opinions rather than commercial speech, we define the subjectivity score of each word. Estimating the total subjectivity score of a given text, the proposed method identifies whether the given text expresses personal opinions or commercial comments. From experiments using texts datasets written in different languages, we have found over 90% of personal opinions can be correctly discriminated from commercial speech by the proposed method.

Yoshio Seino, Takahiro Hayashi

Shift in the Regional Balance of Power from Europe to Asia: A Case Study of ICT Industry

During the last couple of decades, ICT sector became the most innovative service sector that affected the living standards of human beings all over the world. In the beginning of the 21st century, some of the Asian countries made reforms in the ICT sector and spent an enormous amount for the progress of this sector. On the other hand, developed countries in the European Union (EU) faced different crises which badly affected the dissemination of this sector. Consequently, EU countries lost their hegemony in the field of information technology and resultantly, some of the emerging Asian countries like China, India, and South Korea got supremacy over the EU in this field. Currently, these countries have a strong IT infrastructure, R&D sector, IT research centers working for the development of ICT. Moreover, this paper investigates reasons for the shifting of the balance of digital power from Europe to Asia.

Zahid Latif, Jianqiu Zeng, Shafaq Salam, Zulfiqar Hussain, Lei Wang, Nasir Jan, Muhammad Salman

The Empirical Evidence of the Effect on the Enterprises R&D from Government Subsidies, Political Connections and Rent-Seeking

This study investigates the impact of rent-seeking behavior, political connections, and government science and technology (S&T) subsidies on the research and development (R&D) of private listed enterprises. Based on empirical data of China’s private listed enterprises between 2008 and 2012, this paper performs validation at three levels and obtains suggestive conclusions. First of all, the purpose to obtain more S&T subsidies motivates private listed enterprises to take rent-seeking activities which can facilitate them in establishing political connections (PCs). Secondly, rent-seeking activities could eventually result in crowing-out effect of the R&D input, especially for the local PCs. Thirdly, the side effect of rent-seeking is more significant for enterprises located in provinces of high corruption levels, which weakens the availability of government S&T subsidies. The improper intervention of government distorts the market resources allocation.

Dongliang Cai, Zhen Yang, Wu Jiang, Qiuhua Xu

Scenario-Based Location Arc Routing Problems: Introducing Mathematical Models

A location arc routing problem (LARP) is an important issue that finds the best locations of depots and routing simultaneously. It deals with a routing problem, in which demands are on arcs instead of nodes. Additionally, parameters may not be deterministic in real problems. Thus, this paper addresses an uncertain LARP through developing a deterministic mathematical model regarding to the respective literature and employing two scenario-based approaches. The objectives of the model are to minimize the maximum regret and minimize the mean and deviation of the objective function value (OFV). A numerical example is generated and the results analyze the performance of scenario-based models.

Alireza Amini, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Sadoullah Ebrahimnejad

The Impact of Industrial Structure Change on Economic Growth

Taking case of Hebei Province, by building the regression model, this paper estimates and measures the rationalization and high-level of industrial structure effect on economic growth. The results show that the rationalization of industrial structure and advanced industrial structure can bring positive effects on economic growth. The effect of industrial structure rationalization on economic growth is greater than advanced industrial structure. In addition, the relationship between the rationalization of industrial structure and economic growth is basically stable in Hebei, while the relationship between advanced industrial structure and economic growth is instability. Finally, this paper puts forward some suggestions to optimize the industrial structure to promote economic growth.

Hongxia Liu, Zongtang Xie, Xin Song

Disclosure Behavior of Annual Reports of Listed Companies Under Digital Worship

Digital worship is widely used in China. Does this phenomenon also affects the China’s stock market? Does Digital Worship influence the choice of disclosure time of listed companies’ annual reports? Through the empirical analysis for stock market of China, it founds that the listed companies’ behavior of timing of annual reports released is affected by the short-term influence of digital worship, which is a new market phenomenon. The research of this paper has reference significance for investment decision-making, risk management and understanding the behavior of listed companies and investors.

Xiaojing Xu

Energy Finance in Promoting Renewable Energy Sustainable Development in China: The Channels and Means of Financing

As global climate warming and the continued use of fossil energy are unsustainable, it has become imperative to accelerate the development of renewable energy. As one of the largest developing countries, this is especially true for future sustainable development in China; therefore, focusing on renewable energy can significantly reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels. With policy support, China’s renewable energy industries have had rapid development and are now at the international forefront level in some fields. However, the renewable energy industries are facing challenges, particularly in terms of energy finance. Basically, the renewable energy industry in China is facing a contradictory dilemma because of funding shortages and inefficient investment strategies, due in part to government-centered renewable energy investment and financing. In view of this, the renewable energy financing and the corresponding polices in China are discussed in detail in this paper. Issues of energy finance are also analyzed.

Lei Xu, Yanfei Deng, Yuan Yuan, Karen Mancl

The Study on Factors Affecting the Attraction of Microblog – An Empirical Study Based on Sina Microblogging Site

New media like microblogging site becomes increasingly popular in China nowadays. Microblogging site has become an important social platform for information communication, and also an important marketing channel for enterprises. However, marketing messages are often submerged in a large amount of information on microblogging sites, so how to get more attention for their marketing microblogs becomes a concern of enterprises. Based on the data from Sina Weibo, we put forward “Attraction Index of Microblog” to measure how much attention a microblog has attract. Then we used several quantitative methods like correlation analysis and association rules to find the factors affecting the attraction of microblog, in order to provide some guiding ideas for marketing users to improve the attraction of their microblogs. With empirical studies, we found that microblogs published by authenticated users are more attractive. Whether the microblog has media information does not affect the attraction of microblog. The more fans and microblogs an authenticated user has; the more attractive the user’s microblogs are. For a non-authenticated user, the number of fans somehow affects the attraction of their microblogs. The microblogs which are published at 7–10 am or 19–21 pm are more attractive.

Yue He, Yue Zhang, Min Xiao, Lingxi Song

A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Loading Cells with Flow Shop Configuration

This paper proposes a three-phase methodology for worker allocation and flowshop scheduling in a multistage manufacturing environment. A case study using a shoe manufacturing plant is examined. The proposed methodology consists of genetic algorithm and mathematical models. Phase 1 allocates workers in between operations in two separate stages in the manufacturing process. Phase 1 evaluates how workers are allocated between and within the manufacturing stages. Phase 2 uses worker allocations from phase 1 to perform cell loading based on machine-level-based similarity using genetic algorithms. Four different Genetic Algorithm approaches are proposed and evaluated. Furthermore, the impact of different manpower levels are also studied. Phase 3 schedules products within cells to optimize makespan, total tardiness, or number of tardy jobs.

Patrick Gannon, Gürsel A. Süer

Research on the Competitive Strategy of Two Sided Platform Enterprises Based on Hotelling Model

In this paper, to take the group buying platform as an example, we use Helloing model to analyze the influence the pricing and profit of the platform enterprises under the different homing behaviors of users. The analysis platform of enterprise competitive strategy from the perspective of pricing and profit, we show that compared with network externalities, the influence of differences is bigger about platform enterprises; changed the competitive strategy to improve customer loyalty can bring more profits; mutual cooperation between the platform of enterprise will increase the enterprise platform competitiveness. We hope to provide references for the competitive strategic choices of the platform enterprises.

Zeming Wang, Yinpeng Guo

Research on Tourists Experience in Traditional Culture Festival Activities Based on the Importance-Performance Analysis Research Method

Chinese excellent traditional culture is an important source of the party in governing the country. Xi Jinping, emphasized the historical influence and significance of Chinese traditional culture several times, and gave it new connotation of the time. Represented by Chengdu Temple Fair in recent years, the traditional culture festival activities were not only for the protection and inheritance of traditional culture, but also became the organic composition part of the local tourism festival activities. In this paper, we stand in the perspective of tourist experience and take Chengdu Temple Fair as the research object. It carried on the questionnaire design and survey to understand of tourists focus and satisfaction. The IPA methods help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses and give improvement suggestions.

Lu Li

How Cross Listing Effects Corporate Performance: Measurement by Propensity Score Matching

With the wave of overseas-listed companies returning to A-share market, this paper, taking the perspective of corporate governance, uses Propensity Score Matching (PSM) to measure the difference of operating performance between cross-listed companies and non-cross-listed companies, and uses Structural Equation Model and path analysis to examine the impact mechanism and specific effect of cross listing on operating performance. The results show: (1) Compared with non-cross-listed companies, those companies cross-listed in both A and H-share market, have witnessed a worsening of operating performance, a significant increase of ownership concentration and liabilities to assets (L/A) ratio, and a significant decrease of asset liquidity. (2) Cross listing has affected operating performance mainly through debt structure, asset liquidity, less through ownership structure. The results of this paper can provide the theoretic and empirical basis for future cross listing of companies in China.

Yingkai Tang, Huang Huang, Hui Wang, Yue Liu, Jinhua Xu

Factors Affecting Employee Motivation Towards Employee Performance: A Study on Banking Industry of Pakistan

The study provides the cognitive support for developing employee’s motivation level at optimized level through consciousness towards applied approach and unrealistic ideas. The diligence of the research is to present the factors that help to motivate the employees to perform their job well. Whereas, the study restrains empirical and descriptive analysis of variables which comprehensibly highlight the significant relationship among the independent variable and dependent variable; the close-ended questionnaire is constructed to compute the statistical data. The study identifies the strong relationship among the defined factors that enhance the employee’s motivation level in banking sector. Although the research is also aware the management and the managers of banks about the most preference factors that improves the employee motivation in the banks. This study valued the integrating knowledge, experience, action to groom skilled employees in the banks. Moreover, the main contribution of the research evaluating the role of the motivational factors in banking industry.

Abdullah Khan, Shariq Ahmed, Sameer Paul, Syed Hasnain Alam Kazmi

How Content Marketing Can Help the Bank Industrial: Experience from Iran

In today’s market, Content marketing is one of the most efficient and successful ways you can do that, but only if you know how to use it correctly. We tried in this article to find, are there any relationship between sensitive content, quality content, new content and content marketing? The study had been designing a questionnaire consists of 37 questions in Likert scale to help us finding our hypotheses clearly, after analyzed the data of questionnaires with SPSS software we fund our three hypotheses and for accept or reject them we use another questionnaires with 40 questions in Likert scale and among 550 randomly selected regular customers of Bank Mellat in Tehran (the capital of Iran) and 400 roperly filled questionnaires were collecting. Then analyzed all the questionnaire with Amos software. The result show all of those items(sensitive content, quality content, new content) can have effect on the customer. So an empirical investigation to determine factors influencing on content marketing in banking industry because in this area there are a lots of brands and customers that can use all of them very easy so they should find different way for attract customers. The result can help the bank industrial to improve their content marketing and increase their customer.

Sima Zomorodian, Yi Lu

The Establishment and Application of AHP-BP Neural Network Model for Entrepreneurial Project Selection

It is even the most difficult and critical step in starting a business. Unfortunately, prior entrepreneurial project selection (EPS) methods are barely satisfactory. In this paper, we constructed AHP-BP neural network mode based on the traditional BP neural network. It effectively reduces the input dimensions of traditional BP neural network, significantly raises its learning speed, and improves the prediction accuracy. In the end, empirical study shows that this model is able to fully absorb the tacit knowledge of expert assessment, reduce subjective randomness, which provides important references to entrepreneurs in starting a business, thus it is worthy being popularized and applied.

Ke Wu, Xiaofeng Li

Improving the User Experience and Virality of Tourism-Related Facebook Pages

The percentage of people using social network services (SNSs) exceeds 60% in Japan; SNSs are being used by people of various age groups. Recently, the number of companies that use Facebook Pages to advertise their activities and the number of organizations that use them to disseminate information have been increasing. In tourism, disseminating local information on Facebook Pages and increasing the attractiveness of the pages are expected to lead to the promotion of regional tourism industries. In this study, the current state of the use of tourism-related Facebook Pages was examined. The engagement rate and the number of fans were used as an indicator of the attractiveness of Facebook Pages. An increasing the attractiveness of Facebook Pages was examined through emotion analysis of user comments.

Ayako Sawada, Taketoshi Yoshida

Meta-analysis of the Factors Influencing the Employees’ Creative Performance

Innovation has become a popular topic in society. The creative performance fluctuates with the employees’ mood caused by the working environment. Many factors have been suggested to be affecting the employees’ creative performance. The paper answered the questions as “What are the factors that affect the employees’ creative performance through employee behavior? What is the proportion (weight) of each of these determinants?” Furthermore, this study resolves this problem via the meta-analysis, which refers to do systematic quantitative analysis by former studies to summarize the research results of creative performance over the last ten years, and to ascertain the factors influencing the creative performance as well as to determine the correlation between them. Suggestion having been proposed including the further investigation of the interaction between the factors impacting the employees’ creative performance as well as explore the corresponding effects. And it is necessary to note that changing one factor may eliminate the effect of several factors, which may cause negative change in the staff creative performance and there is joint efforts needed in terms of enhancing the employees’ creative performance.

Yang Xu, Ying Li, Hari Nugroho, John Thomas Delaney, Ping Luo

The Impact of Mixed Ownership Reform on Enterprise Performance–An Empirical Study Based on A-Share Listing Corporation in China

This paper, with data of 486 listed companies from 2003 to 2014 over the time span of 12 years, finds that the proportion of non state-owned shares in the Fixed-Effect Model is negatively correlated with the profitability of the company, and it is positively correlated with the company’s development capacity; The proportion of circulating stocks has a significant positive impact on the corporate debt solvency and development ability; The proportion of the largest shareholder’s shareholding and the proportion of the top ten shareholders are significantly correlated with the total asset growth rate, while separation rate of two rights and total asset growth rate are negatively correlated. Moreover, by using the Difference-in-Difference Model to test the reform policies, the regression results find that the restructuring has a significantly positive impact on corporate profitability and development capacity. The consistency of two methods confirms that the mixed ownership reform policy has a positive role in promoting the profitability, debt solvency and development capability of state-owned listed companies.

Sheng Ma, Wenjie Li, Sicheng Yan

Online Impulse Buying on “Double Eleven” Shopping Festival: An Empirical Investigation of Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations

“Double Eleven” online shopping festival has become the most celebrated and largest online shopping event in China. This phenomenon originates the need to explore impulse buying behavior in relationship of double eleven festival. This study aims to investigate the structural relationship between hedonic, utilitarian web browsing and online impulse buying behavior on “Double Eleven” shopping festival. Data was collected from 426 online shoppers in six different districts of Beijing. In order to assess the measurement model and to test the hypothesis structural equation modeling was utilized by using AMOS 21. Additionally, Reliability, Discriminant and convergent validity was used for the results of proposed model. The results of this study found that utilitarian and hedonic web browsing positively influence on online impulse shoppers with regard to “Double Eleven” shopping festival in China. To the best of our knowledge, this study is pioneer, aiming at exploring the dynamics of online impulse buying behavior with utilitarian and hedonic predictors with regard to biggest online shopping festival in China. This study provides a deep understanding of e-shoppers toward online impulse behavior in the field of Chinese e-commerce industry that can be generalized to other countries also. Implications for scholars and e-tail managers of our study are discussed.

Umair Akram, Peng Hui, Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Muhammad Hashim, Yixin Qiu, Ying Zhang

Decision Support System


Fuzzy Multi-attribute Grey Relational Analysis Using DEA and AHP

This research applies the method of grey relational analysis (GRA) for multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problems in which the attribute weights are completely unknown and attribute values take the form of fuzzy numbers. In order to obtain the attribute weights, this research proposes an integrated data envelopment analysis (DEA) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach. According to this, we define two sets of weights in a domain of grey relational loss, i.e., a reduction in grey relational grade, between each alternative and the ideal alternative. The first set represents the weights of attributes with the minimal grey relational loss in DEA. The second set represents the priority weights of attributes, bounded by AHP, with the maximal grey relational loss. Using a parametric goal programming model, we explore the various sets of weights in a defined domain of grey relational loss. This may result in various ranking positions for each alternative in comparison to the other alternatives. An illustrated example of a nuclear waste dump site selection is used to highlight the usefulness of the proposed approach.

Mohammad Sadegh Pakkar

A Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach for Supplier Selection Under Fuzzy Environment

Supplier selection is crucial and multi-criteria decision making problem in supply chain. Nowadays in competitive business environment, supplier selection is a critical task for purchasing department in every organization. Appropriate supplier helps manufacturer to reduce cost, consistent quality product, and enhance competitiveness in market. In order to select potential supplier, it is essential to tradeoff between tangible and intangible factors. Uncertainty and vagueness of decision makers opinion is an important characteristic of this problem. Fuzzy analytical hierarchical process (AHP) and extent analysis method is used to choose appropriate supplier under fuzzy environment. The application procedure of FAHP and extent analysis method is elaborated through numerical example.

Adnan Sarwar, Ziqiang Zeng, Richard AduAgyapong, Nguyen ThiHoaiThuong, Talat Qadeer

Cement Plant Site Selection Problem with Carbon Emission Trading Mechanism

Location problem is a fundamental task for the cement plant enterprises. This paper mainly investigates this problem with carbon emission trading mechanism. In practice, most of cement plant location problems are multi-objective and uncertain in nature. To enhance the general practice of cement plant location problem, this paper proposes a fuzzy random bi-level multi-objective model with carbon emission trading mechanism. Genetic algorithm is used to seek the approximate best solution of the model. A numerical example is also given to show the effectiveness of the proposed model.

Lurong Fan, Zongmin Li, Pingwen Wu

Representation and Analysis of Multi-dimensional Data to Support Decision Making in the Management

The paper considers questions related to the formal description of concepts used in the multivariate analysis of data, as well as to the set of operations on multidimensional cubes structuring the data. Discussed are questions in regard of the effectiveness of a class of multidimensional data models, and searching ways to solve the problem of “explosive” growth in the volume of data in a multidimensional OLAP-analysis.

Shavkat Ayupov, Abdulla Arifjanov

Fuzzy Logic Applied to SCADA Systems

This article focuses on the monitoring of a wind farm in real time based on big data collected by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The decision-making of the type of maintenance to be applied can be insured by SCADA system. This system generates alarms based on the collected data. False alarms cause false interventions by the maintenance team resulting in loss of production and costs. The reduction of these false alarms makes it possible to contribute better to the management of the maintenance of the wind farm. In this paper, we propose a new approach for the identification of alarms by Fuzzy Logic based on the data collected by the SCADA system. The alarms generated in this case can be divided into two categories: orange alarms corresponding to faults requiring the intervention of preventive maintenance and red alarms corresponding to critical states that can cause system failures.

Tahar Benmessaoud, Alberto Pliego Marugán, Kamal Mohammedi, Fausto Pedro García Márquez

On Causal Analysis of Accident and Design of Risk-Proof Procedure for Nuclear Materials Operation: The Case of JCO Accident

This paper aims to examine a risk-proof procedure for nuclear materials operation through the causal analysis of JCO accident in 1999. Nuclear chain reactions are, by now, commonly used in the nuclear reactors, and thus it seems that there is no basic problem in fission processes from the scientific point of view. However, the criticality accident that occurred in JCO suggests that one should carefully examine this accident from the nuclear physics point of view. Indeed the nuclear chain reactions should have taken place in the small area of sedimentation tank. In fact, when people carry the uranium nitrate solution into the tank, then this solution with uranium should get into the critical state at given uranium nitrate solution. The root cause of the accident should not be very simple from the nuclear physics point of view, and it should be quite important to examine why the uranium nitrate solution could have become critical. Based on the analysis result, this paper also proposes the conditions for the operation without criticality accident which leads to serious damage of workers’ life.

Sachiko Oshima

Multi-stage Logistics Inventory for Automobile Manufacturing by Random Key-Based GA

When evaluating a logistics system, automobile companies commonly search for the minimum transportation cost, which is significantly influenced by inventory problems. These inventory problems are extensive and varied. In many actual logistics systems, there are the three-stage network models take inventory values into consideration. Safety inventories are kept in distribution centers (DCs). In this study, we adapted a model to set-up a number of plants and DCs. We then performed numerical experiments by using demand data that we created on the basis of data disclosed by an automobile company. In this study, we propose a random key-based genetic algorithm (rk-GA) with the distributed environment scheme, we compared it with random key and spanning tree-based GAs, and report the advantages of the proposed method, random key-based genetic algorithm with distributed environment scheme (des-rkGA).

Hisaki Inoue, Jung Bok Jo, Mitsuo Gen

The Impact of Temporary Employment on Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover Intention: The Moderating Effect of Organizational Identification

Temporary employment, compared with permanent employment, impacts on employees’ attitudes and behaviors. This study provides empirical evidence on the relationships between temporary employment and employee’s turnover intention and organizational citizenship behavior. Using a two-wave panel design, we collect data from a sample of 355 employees from 66 teams in four Chinese organizations. Our results show that, temporary employees have higher turnover intention than permanent employees, but in terms of employee’s OCB, the difference between temporary and permanent employees is not significant. Further, we also explore the mechanism how employee’ss organizational identification as a moderator-for temporary employees high in organizational identification, the negative relationships between temporary employment and OCBs and the positive relationships between temporary employment and turnover intention would be both attenuated.

Xiaoye Qian, Qian Li, Qiong Wu, Yilun Wu

Integration of Sound and Image Data for Detection of Sleep Apnea

To detect sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), we propose a method that integrates sound and image processing results using overnight sound and video data. In sound processing, snoring sounds are initially extracted using an unsupervised method. The zero-cross ratio (ZCR) and power (PWR) are calculated for the snoring sounds, and the total validations (TV) for ZCR and PWR are calculated using the sound data. Then, a support vector machine (SVM) is used to classify SAS and non-SAS subjects using TV values. In image processing, inter-frame absolute difference values are calculated every 1 s from video data, and multiscale entropy (MSE) is calculated using the time series data. Then, an SVM is employed to classify SAS and non-SAS subjects using two MSE values selected based on the Bhattacharyya distance. To integrate sound and image data, we focused on the number of detected snores. When two results do not match and the number of extracted snores is greater than five per hour, the sound processing result is adopted. When the number of snores is less than five per hour, the image processing result is adopted. The proposed integrated method demonstrates better accuracy than that obtained using only sound or image processing results.

Takehiro Kasahara, Kota Nomura, Yoshihiro Ueda, Yuji Yonezawa, Masatoshi Saito, Hirohisa Toga, Yuki Fujimoto, Koji Kojima, Haruhiko Kimura, Hidetaka Nambo

Pricing Strategy Study on Product Crowdfunding

The pricing strategy of crowdfunding has always been its highlights and difficulties. A pricing strategy formula concerning with the price discrimination is obtained through the in-depth studies of the price discrimination theory and the mechanism of crowdfunding pricing, considering the crowdfunding financial limits which constitute constraint conditions. This article carries out a study on the effect of advertising profit of crowdfunding and founds the profit function. Furthermore, it studies the model of crowdfunding based on the 1P theory to solve this issue. Finally, the article provides a corresponding pricing strategy on product crowdfunding based on the above studies. It is expected to contribute to the field of theoretical research on crowdfunding and the pricing strategy through this article, and provide inspiration and reference for enterprises and entrepreneurs when they make the pricing strategy decisions.

Min Luo, Yong Zhang, Huanmei Zhang, Xia Li

The Support System of Innovation-Driven Strategy in Private Enterprises: A Theoretical Model

The theory of Innovation System has been used to understand the complexity and instability of innovation. Recently Strategy management researchers have found Innovation-Driven Strategy is transferred from national level to enterprise level. The dualistic Innovation System is dominated by government agencies and enterprises in parallel, which is less conducive to innovation of private enterprises. The dualistic main-body Innovation System is converted into the multi-nested Innovation Support System by building a Support System of Innovation-Driven Strategy (SSIDS) in private enterprises. Through analyzing the connotation, structure and characteristic, a new theoretical model is pioneered that serves as a guide for innovation strategy in private enterprises.

Tao Xie, Guichuan Zhou, Shuangyi Zheng

The Emission Reduction and Recycling of Coal Mine Water Under Emission Allowance Allocation of Government

Water shortage and water pollution problems have become increasingly severe, especially in these areas with the coal mining industry. In this paper, a bi-level multi-objective optimization model based on the trade-and-cap mechanism with fuzzy coefficients is developed to deal with environmental water problems in large scale coal fields, in which both the emission right and mine water recycling are considered. This model fully considers the relationship between the government and the coal mines and also the equilibrium between economic development and environmental protection. To deal with the inherent uncertainties, the model is defuzzified using a possibility measure, and a solution approach based on the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker condition and interactive fuzzy programming is designed to search for the solutions. A case study is presented to demonstrate the practicality and efficiency of the model. The results showed practicality and efficiency in the proposed model of reducing the coal-water conflict. Finally, a comprehensive discussion is provided and some propositions is given as a foundation for the proposed management recommendations.

Ning Ma, Shuangyi Zheng

Modeling and Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Fuzzy Time Windows

Considering that the customers could accept service in multiple time periods and the fuzziness of service time periods, this paper deals with the multiple time windows as fuzzy variables and quantifies the customer satisfaction level according to the membership function of the beginning time to be served, on the basis of the given acceptable satisfaction level, the vehicle routing model with multiple fuzzy time windows is constructed in order to minimize the transportation cost and number of vehicles and maximize the satisfaction level. Then according to the model characteristics, we use the punishment factors to deal with the constraints and apply particle swarm operations to solve the proposed problems. The experimental results show the effectiveness of proposed algorithm in solving the vehicle routing problems with multiple fuzzy time windows. Comparing the calculated results with the hard time window model results, it is found that our proposed model is more effective to reduce the cost of distribution.

Fang Yan, Yuanyuan Wang

Optimization of Operating of the Systems with Recurrent Service by Delays

For systems with recurrent service delays of the beginning service are introduced. It is shown that for some systems delays reduce a customer average waiting systems. The class of so called stochastic systems for which it is advisable to introduce delays is described. Numerical and graphical examples demonstrating results are given. There are given also examples, when introducing of delays can increase a customer waiting time before service.

Asaf Hajiyev, Narmina Abdullayeva

An Epidemic Spreading Model Based on Dynamical Network

This paper proposes a epidemic spreading model considering dynamic change of networks. A function p(t) reflecting the dynamic change of network is established, which is a probability that the infected from the susceptible at time t. This function replaces the constant rate in the traditional model and a variant of the SIR model was built. This model can reflect the dynamic change of network. At the same time, a dynamic analysis of the model was conducted. Then, epidemic spreading model simulations are conducted with different parameters in ER random networks. The results show that epidemic spreads faster and more broadly in network when the smaller the parameter c, the larger parameter q. That is, epidemic often spread faster and more broadly when people take protection measures slowly and moving speed of people is slow.

Yi Zhang

Analysis of Enterprise Microblog Marketing in Different Industries Based on DEA Model

In this paper, we propose a evaluation system for the enterprise microblog marketing effectiveness, combine DEA method to establish the evaluation model, and applying the quantitative evaluation method of input and output to evaluate the effect of microblog marketing among different enterprises. In the empirical part, in order to verify the feasibility of the model, we compare the effectiveness of the relative marketing effect of 50 official microblog in 5 different industries based on Sina microblog. The result shows that microblog marketing effect among different enterprises is different. In the five major industries, the integrated marketing effect of mobile phones industry is best, followed by Home Furnishing, skin care, snacks, the worst is the women’s clothing industry. In the end, by combining the development characteristics and situation of each industry, the paper puts forward some measures to improve the marketing effect of enterprise microblog.

Dan Zhang, Yufeng Ma, Aixin Wang, Yue He, Changzheng He

Accounting for Clustering and Non-ignorable Missingness in Binomial Responses: Application to the Canadian National Survey on Child Safety Seat

Motivated by a Canadian national survey on child safety seat use, we propose a procedure for incorporating non-ignorable missingness in a binary response using logistic regression model with random effects. The proposed method applies an expectation maximization (EM) algorithm to the Penalized quasi-likelihood of the artificially completed data. We provide closed form formulae for estimating the covariance of the regression coefficients as well as the odds ratios of interest and probabilities of missingness. The proposed algorithm can be easily implemented by using familiar statistical packages that fit generalized linear mixed models. The method is illustrated by applying it to data from Canadian national survey on child safety seat use.

Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Abdulkadir A. Hussein, Anne Snowdon, Yiwen Tang

Equity and Sustainability Based Model for Water Resources Planning

This paper presents a decentralized multi-objective bi-level model for water resources planning, in the upper level of the model, the regional authority as the leader determines to allocate how much water to each sub-area to maximize equity and minimize the environmental pollution, and then the sub-areas in the lower level make decisions on allocating water to water sectors based on different allocation principles with the analysis of relationship between supply and demand to maximize the benefits. In the decision making process, fuzzy random environment is considered to describe the internal uncertainty, an expected value operator is used to deal with the fuzzy random variables. Finally, a case study is used to verify the applicability of the proposed model.

Yan Tu, Jun Gang, Benjamin Lev, Xiaoyang Zhou

SCADA and Artificial Neural Networks for Maintenance Management

Nowadays, the reliability of the wind turbines is essential to ensure the efficiency and the benefits of the wind energy. The SCADA system installed in a wind turbine generates lot of data that need to be processed. The information obtained from these data can be used for improving the operation and management, obtaining more reliable systems. The SCADA systems operate through different control rules that are predefined. However, a static control of the wind turbine can generate a miscorrelation between the control and the real conditions of the wind turbine. For example, two wind turbines can be separated several kilometers in the same wind farm, therefore, the operation conditions must be different and the control strategy should not be unique. This research work presents a method based on neural networks for a dynamic generation of the control strategy. The method suggests that the thresholds used for generating alarms can vary and, therefore, the control of the wind turbine will be adapted to each specific wind turbine.

Alberto Pliego Marugán, Fausto Pedro García Márquez

Advances in Engineering Management of the Eleventh ICMSEM


Advances in Green Supply Chain, Resource Optimization Management, Risk Control and Integrated Project Management Based on the Eleventh ICMSEM Proceedings

Management Science and Engineering Management (MSEM) have significantly contributed to developments in society and economy, especially in management and control processes. In this paper, we first describe the basic concepts covered in the eleventh ICMSEM proceedings Volume II. We then conduct a review of engineering management (EM) research to identify the key areas, from which green supply chain, resource optimization management, risk control and integrated project management were found to be the most widely discussed research areas. After a summary of the key research achievements in the four areas, the high frequency EM keywords in the proceedings volume II are identified using NodeXL. The research trends both from MSEM journals and the ICMSEM are then summarized using the CiteSpace tool. As always, we are committed to providing an international forum for academic exchange and communication through the ICMSEM and plan to continue our innovative MSEM progress in the future.

Jiuping Xu

Green Supply Chain


Modelling a Supply Chain Network of Processed Seafood to Meet Diverse Demands by Multi-branch Production System

The demand for processed seafood has recently increased owing to diversity of taste and the crises of food supplies. Processed seafood companies have the potential to manufacture various products by combining fish varieties and processing methods. They also associate with many customers such as other food processing companies, food service industries, FMCG companies, and end users. This study aims to reveal the supply chain model of processed seafood to multi-customers by the multi-branch production system. A model is constructed to understand the practical system from a theoretical perspective. The main finding of the study is that four paths of the proposed network model between a seafood processing company and customers exist: (1) defrosting to processing, (2) cleaning to service, (3) processing to service, and (4) seasoning to retail. These findings clarify the supply chain network in the industry and help consider business opportunities.

Koichi Murata, Seiichiro Isobe, Hiroshi Katayama

Hybrid Global Supply Chain Design Considering Product Families and Layered Cellular Design

This paper proposes a new hybrid global supply chain strategy for a global blood sugar manufacturing company. In this approach, products are analyzed based on product families. Product families can share cells across the globe if needed. The results are compared with the host market strategy where three manufacturing plants located in three regions to meet world demand. Manufacturing plants are designed considering layered cellular design approach under stochastic demand. This approach allows three cell types; (1) dedicated cells where each dedicated cell can be used only by one family, (2) shared cells where a cell can be shared by two product families, and (3) remainder cells where a cell can be used by three or more families. The main focus of this paper is to compare both alternatives with respect to number of manufacturing cells and number of machines needed. In this case, number of machines remained the same for both approaches. However, the proposed new approach led to more dedicated cells.

Jue Jiang, Gürsel A. Süer

Design of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Model with Efficient Operation Strategy

In this paper, a closed-loop supply chain model with efficient operation strategy (CLSC-OS) is proposed. In the CLSC-OS, various facilities which can be used in forward logistics (FL) and reverse logistics (RL) are taken into consideration. A mathematical formulation is proposed to design the CLSC-OS and it is implemented using genetic algorithm (GA) approach. In numerical experiment, for efficient operation strategy, several scenarios using various factors such as remanufacturing rate, profit premium rate, discount rate, and return rate based on revenue-cost rate is considered and analyzed. Experimental results shows that discount rate and profit premium rate have a significant influence on revenue-cost rate.

Xing Chen, Anudari Chuluunsukh, YoungSu Yun, Mitsuo Gen

Optimization of Supply Chain Based on Internet Plus

“Internet plus supply chain” one of the internet plus strategic action, basing on information technology and platform, promotes the high fusion of elements of supply chain and modern science & technology, and upgrades efficiency of supply chain. The basic factors-information technology guarantee and information sharing, which keep the supply chain operation efficiently, protect the “three flow”-material flow, information flow and fund flow efficient and order movement on the supply chain. This paper analyses the situation and the problem about “three flow”, and discusses how to improve the efficiency of supply chain system, from client, to manufacture, and to logistics and financial service with the help of internet technology.

Wen Hua

Assessing the Recycling Efficiency of Resource in E-Waste Based on MFA of Reverse Logistics System

The waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE, e-waste) has caused many issues, such as waste of resource and environmental pollution. This paper applied material flow analysis (MFA) method to analyze the flows of recycled resource from WEEE and process of reverse logistics from recycling to reuse. And analyzed the discarded TV data in K company (a leading television producer in China), and calculated the recycling efficiency of metals. The research showed that recycling efficiency of the metals from discarded TV in K company is 12.3%, which is far below the criterion (In Japan, the “Household appliance recycling and reuse” recycling efficiency of useful resource from discarded television by the television manufacturers must be above 55%). At last, we gave some suggestions for developing recycling efficiency of manufacturing enterprises and recovery enterprises in China: (1) Improving the recycling efficiency of manufacturer, retailer and consumer can contribute to improve the recycling efficiency in the whole reverse logistics system; (2) Improving the technological level of decomposition and dismantling of e-waste in the recycling process can increase the recycled material; (3) Manufacturing enterprises should have the green production concept and the participants in the supply chain should follow the concept of EPR (Extended Product Responsibility).

Minxi Wang, Xiaoling You, Xin Li

Analysis of Supply Chain Collaboration with Big Data Suppliers Participating in Competition

The combination of big data theory and supply chain management theory has brought the subversive change for the enterprise cooperation mode, the paper considered that when the big data suppliers to participate in the competition of the supply chain, the condition of overall profit of the supply chain in the two cases of cooperation and non-cooperation decision making. Firstly, the profit model of each member enterprise is established by the demand function theory, and the whole profit model of the supply chain is obtained in the case of decentralized decision-making, then, the profit model for common decision making of supply chain based on the maximization of supply chain is analyzed. After compared the two profit models, the conclusion was obtained that when big data suppliers join supply chain competition and one party gains the dominant position in the supply chain, collaborative decision-making is the key to enhancing the overall profitability of the supply chain.

Shuai Liu, Hongchun Wang

Fuzzy GM(1,1) Model Based per Capital Income Predicted of Farmers in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Area: Take Leshan City for an Example

The per-capita income of farmer is an important technology index which is the measured level of agriculture development and the status of farmers’ life. This paper aims at developing a new fuzzy grey predicting model to predict the per-capita income of farmer. The fuzzy possibility is used to check the error of the proposed model, and the test results show that the accuracy of the model is quite high, providing a scientific basis for policy makers.

Zhiyi Meng, Caiyang Xu, Hongxing Lan

Eco-Cycle Comprehensive Operation Performance Evaluation–A Case Study of Baotou Steel Group

With the advent of circular economy, enterprises have no longer given priority to the economic benefits, but also focus on social responsibility and sustainable development. In order to accelerate the ecological change of enterprise system, every enterprise vigorously carries out green technology innovation and development. Therefore, how to evaluate the performance of ecological cycle has become a problem for management personnel. This paper takes Baotou steel group as an example, which is one of the largest steel companies in China, and establishes an ecological cycle performance evaluation index system from the aspects of economic operation, resource impact control and ecological circulation innovation. Based on that, the entropy-topsis model is used to evaluate the performance of ecological cycle in Baotou steel group. Through the evaluation, we find out that the ecological cycle performance of Baotou steel rose before 2010 and still at the middle and primary stage of its eco-cycle development. The results show the evaluation index system and method can help management personnel to realize the status of their company’s eco-cycle development. It also can help policy makers to make better green policies and strategies, promoting the eco-cycle transformation in China.

Yuyan Luo, Zhong Wang, Yao Chen, Yahong Wang, Jiming Xie

Optimization of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Model with Part and Module Inventory Centers

In this paper, a closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) model with part and module inventory centers is proposed and optimized. Part supplier, module assembler, manufacturer, distribution center and retailer in forward logistics (FL) and customer, collection center, recovery center, secondary market and waste disposal center in reverse logistics (RL) are taken into consideration for constructing the proposed CLSC model. Especially, for the reuses of recovered part and module, part and module inventory centers are also considered. The proposed CLSC model is represented by a mathematical formulation, which is to minimize the sum of various costs resulting from each stage of FL and RL under satisfying various constraints. The mathematical formulation is implemented by an adaptive hybrid genetic algorithm (a-HGA) approach. In numerical experiment, various scales of the proposed CLSC model are presented and the performance of the a-HGA approach are compared with those of several conventional approaches. In conclusion, the efficiency of the proposed CLSC model and the a-HGA approach are proved.

YoungSu Yun, Anudari Chuluunsukh, Xing Chen, Mitsuo Gen

The Innovation Research of College Students’ Academic Early-Warning Mechanism Under the Background of Big Data

With China’s higher education from “elite education” to “mass education”, students’ academic problems have become increasingly serious. In the big data era, building college students’ academic early-warning mechanism is of great significance for the training of qualified college students and improving the quality of higher education to keep pace with the times. However, in recently, the college students’ research of academic early-warning mechanism based on the big data is relatively rare. This paper introduces the current research status of academic early-warning mechanism and the background of big data, and summarizes the characteristics of big data. Then it expounds the impact of big data thinking on the traditional academic early-warning mechanism about the four aspects: decision-making, forecasting, service and evaluation. This article focuses on putting forward an innovation model of academic early-warning mechanism concerning the information collection system, information processing and analysis system, program-making system and information release system based on big data, which will guide the practice of big data in the field of college students’ academic early-warning.

Yu Li, Ye Zhang

Bottleneck Management of Multi-stage Sorting-Packing Operations with Large-Scale Warehouse System

Integration of plural local DCs (Distribution Centers) into a large-scale DC with automatic warehouse system is considered as an effective strategy among logistics industries for responding to the diversifying needs of customers and markets, optimizing distribution operations and resource saving. However, as numerous items must be handled in such integrated DC, adequate design of the components such as warehouse, sorting-packing lines and their operation system is a critical issue for maintaining competitive advantage. This paper, focusing on the last issue, discusses the utility of TCM (Target Chasing Method) based dispatching policies for bottleneck management of entire process. Various PCVs (Pseudo Control Variables) are examined to utilized, which represent the state of the system, easy to observe but indirectly controllable (e.g. number of items and waiting time in queue, work load rate in each sorting-packing line). Performance analysis is examined by simulation experiments and obtained results suggest that smooth flow of items in each stage of sorting-packing line is realized by the proposed dispatching policies. Especially, dispatching policy for Just-In-Time delivery to customers that intends to adapt delivery time to customers, reveals the weak portion of the entire system.

Tetsuya Sato, Hiroshi Katayama

A Carbon-Constrained Supply Chain Planning Model

This paper focuses on a simplified supply chain planning network consisting of manufacture and distribution in the context of carbon emission constraint. The problem is formulated as a bilevel programming model mathematically. An effective solution strategy is then presented to handle the bilevel model. A numerical example is proposed to illustrate the proposed model and algorithms. This study highlights the impact of carbon emissions constraint on the operational decisions of supply chain.

Zhimiao Tao, Jing Xu

Supply Chain Coordination by Revenue Sharing Contract Under Different Carbon Emission Policies

To solve the problem of global warming, governments have carried out some corresponding policies to reduce carbon emissions. In this paper, we considered a two-echelon supply chain consisting of a supplier and a manufacturer, and researched the supply chain coordination by revenue sharing contract under two different carbon emission policies, Mandatory carbon emissions capacity and Cap-and-trade. The study indicates that: under both two carbon policies, the revenue sharing contract can coordinate the supply chain. Manufacturer’s revenue sharing proportion under cap-and-trade is always less than the situation of no carbon emissions constraint. The expected profits of manufacturer under cap-and-trade can be greater than the situation without carbon emissions constraints in certain conditions.

Li Lu

Research on Integration of Livestock Products Supply Chain Based on the Optimal Match Between Supply and Demand

China is a big country on livestock production and Chinese livestock products output value is increased yearly. However, Chinese livestock products are still mainly dominated by self-employed farmer’s production mode which leads to imbalance between supply and demand, periodic fluctuations in prices. In this paper an integration of livestock products supply chain is proposed to solve the imbalance problem. A sample of a duck farm is chosen to show the process of the integration. First a discrete-event simulation model is built by the supply chain which is composed of hatching, breeding, and packaging and transporting. Then production plan, transport routes and the number of fixed assets are adjusted to achieve the goal that the mean of supply-demand ratio is close to 1 and the variance is close to 0.

Liang Zhao, Yong Huang, Zhusheng Liu, Mingcong Wu, Lili Jiang

A Novel Multi-Objective Programming Model Based on Transportation Disruption in Supply Chain with Insurance Contract

Supply chain risk management is becoming increasingly a hot research issue. When the disruption occurs, insurance can be used to reduce the risk. In this paper, we set a novel multi-objective programming model based on transportation disruption in supply chain with insurance contract in order to protect the whole supply chain members. Then use a case to investigate the applicability of this model. From this mathematical model, we obtain the optimal order quantity and the pure premium, which can help the manufacture and the retailer make a better plan. And the insurance can protect the manufacturer and the retailer’s profits. In the future, the insurance will be used in supply chains widely.

Kai Kang, Jing Zhao, Yanfang Ma

An Interval-Parameter Based Two-Stage Stochastic Programming for Regional Electric Power Allocation

Electricity has become an indispensable part of human being’s life. In China, regional electric power allocation, involving multiple groups who pursue the biggest social benefit, has been facing some serious problems and raising people’s more and more concern. In this paper, an interval-parameter based two-stage stochastic model is built to solve the problem of planning of electric power allocation target in the perspective of the State Grid Corporation. In the model, the interval-parameter is used to deal with uncertainty of the problem and the two-stage decision making helps take corrective actions after a random events occurs. The application of the model was demonstrated efficiency and practicality with the case study in real world. Combining models proposed in this paper with some related policy implications, it is useful in improving actual operation and helping better decision.

Jingqi Dai, Xiaoping Li

Pricing Strategies of Closed Loop Supply Chain with Uncertain Demand Based on Ecological Cognition

With the consumer’s ecological cognition becoming more and more higher, remanufacturing has became a trend. It is imperative for contemporary enterprises to find out some ways to balance the profit of supply chain and the government. In this paper, we consider the closed loop supply chain that consists of the manufacturer, retailer and consumers. The retailer is responsible for the acquisition of used products from consumers, and sold them together to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer producing new products and remanufactured products, they were sold together in the market. Based on the ecological cognition and value judgment of consumers, it is easy to derive the demand quantity of remanufactured products and new products. First, we formulate the cooperative and competitive game model to investigate the manufacturer’s and retailer’s pricing strategy. Next, in the case of different ecological cognition, we studied the behavior of government subsidy. A mathematical model is presented to formulate the problem to get the optimal decision for the government. Finally, we compare the characteristics of the two models, and draw the corresponding conclusions.

Dongjing Yu, Chunxiang Guo

Beds Number Prediction Under Centralized Management Mode of Day Surgery

In this paper, we firstly use simulation methods to reach the conclusion that the beds allocation scheme under centralized management mode is more advantageous to either elective surgery patients or day surgery patients, and the beds allocation scheme under decentralized mode is more equitable. Then we do a large number of experiments to explore the beds number allocate to day surgery patients under centralized management mode, and seek the allocation scheme which is advantageous to day surgery patients and the equity is closest to the same situation under decentralized mode. At last, based on the data we obtain from the experiments, regression and neutral network are used to predict the beds number allocated to day surgery patients under centralized management mode.

Jianchao Yang, Luo Li, Hongsheng Ma, Yong Luo

A Standardization Methodology for Visual Management in Lean Supply Chain Environments

A rather important tool of Lean used in a plant is Visual Management, because people pay more attention to everything that is visual than any other sense. This kind of eyes management allows the abnormalities to stand out and simplify the work that needs to be done. Visual Management within an organization, assumes that all the tools used in the plant are standard, to be the same in the rest of the organization. In order to help organizations about the develop of visual standards, the author proposed to develop a Standardization Methodology divided in two sections, the Current Situation Analysis Methodology and a Future Design Methodology. The first one refers to all stages that precede the analysis of instruments of some plants, while the second one concerns the creation of improvements. The enhancement proposals were focused on processes that could be an advantage to the existence of a standard tool. Most of these tools are low cost of employment and there are some advantages in their use: they allow more transparency on processes and they make the shop floors look like cities.

André Simas, Virgilio Cruz-Machado

Resource Optimization Management


Online Fault Detection in Solar Plants Using a Wireless Radiometer in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A novel Non-Destructive Test (NDT) is presented in this paper. It employs a radiometric sensor that measures the infrared emissivity of the solar panel surface embedded in an unmanned aerial vehicle. The measurements provided by the sensor will determine if the panel is healthy, damaged or dirty. A thermographic camera has been used to check the temperature variations and validate the results by the sensor. The study shows that the amount of dirt influences the temperature on the surface and the energy generated. Similarly, faults in photovoltaic cells influence the temperature of the panel. The NDT system is less expensive than traditional thermographic sensors or cameras. Early detection of these problems, together with an optimal maintenance strategy, allows to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of this renewable energy source.

Carlos Quiterio Gómez Muñoz, Alfredo Peinado Gonzalo, Isaac Segovia Ramirez, Fausto Pedro García Márquez

Demand Response Mechanism of a Hybrid Energy Trading Market for Residential Consumers with Distributed Generators

Smart grid (SG) as a complex advanced electricity system is capable of facing with the growing energy demand, where energy consumers are connected not only to the conventional grid but also to some local energy markets for bidirectional energy trading. In this context, this paper presents an optimization problem the demand response problem where a hybrid energy trading system consisting of a conventional grid, a local trading system, a number of energy consumers, having distributed generators and battery, and some generator companies. In this case, it has been considered that the local trading center (LTC) is a non-profit oriented LTC which aims at benefiting the energy consumers and energy sellers. The optimization model is formulated as a mixed integer Linear Program (MILP) with a bounded number of variables and constraints. Furthermore, the solution can be obtained in polynomial time and provides the optimal scheduling for the problem such that the costs were minimized while the total demand is satisfied.

Nastaran Naseri, Babak Rezaee, Shahin Kazemzadeh

A Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Evaluation Method of Water Resource Security Based on Pressure-Status-Response Structure

In many circumstances, water resources advancement and usage has come to or surpassed the global warning level. With expanding water request and shortage, utilities require compelling techniques for ideal utilization of accessible water resources. This paper proposes a fuzzy multi-criteria evaluation method for supporting the evaluation of water resources security. Firstly, this paper establishes a novel water resource security evaluation index system based on the Pressure-Status-Response (PSR) structure. Then, a revised TOPSIS method was utilized to handle fuzzy ratings and integrate the ranking outcomes. After that, data for 9 provinces from Yellow River basin are collected and the proposed methodology is applied to test the feasibility.

Talat Qadeer, Zongmin Li

Management of Technological Modes of System Distributed Generation Electric Energy on the Basis of Daily Schedules of Electric Loadings

Currently the concept of distributed power with application of renewable energy sources is gaining popularity and is becoming not only a supplement but also a real alternative of traditional energy supply from centralized networks. The distributed generators of electricity integrated into Unified Energy System (UES), represent difficult system in which communication between observable parameters and a system condition has difficult and ambiguous character. Therefore, the approach to management in the automatic control systems, based on management on output parameters, is inadequate as a matter of fact. In this case formation of operating influence should be carried out on the basis of data about a current condition of object of management. The daily schedules of electric load allow properly assess the mode of the work of electrical equipment and the enterprise as a whole, identify the bottlenecks and reserves, to set the optimal mode of the work. In this paper are considered an issue of the development of methods for the estimation of electrical loads for the various types of electricity customers in the residential and public buildings and addresses issues of the integration of distributed generators to the UES and ensuring the optimal management of technological modes of their work.

Abdulla Arifjanov, Romen Zakhidov

Haze-Related Air Pollution and Impact on the Stock Returns of the Listed Steel Companies in China

The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of air pollution, especially the haze, on the stock returns of steel mills. This study collects data from air quality index, variables represent characteristic of the eleven steel mills in China and the stock returns ratio from the stock market etc. SPSS19.0 is utilized to conduct a descriptive analysis of the correlation between the principal air pollution(including PM$$_{2.5}$$, PM$$_{10}$$), the variables represent charactering(monetary funds, net assets, liabilities, operating margin, financial leverage, and total asset growth) of the elven steel mills in China and the stock returns ratio from the stock market etc. Hence, through the research on the air pollution index, analysis of the listed company’s earnings and stock price, and by using the linear regression analysis method, research shows that the serious air pollution have a negative impact on the profitability of iron and steel enterprises through the emotion and expectations of investors. It is imperative for people to tackle air pollution urgently.

Kai Liu, Ying Li, John Thomas Delaney

Low Carbon-Oriented Coupling Mechanism and Coordination Model for Energy Industry Investment and Financing of China

Based on the perspective of low carbon and greenhouse gas emission reduction, this paper utilizes the synergy theory to analyze the coupling and coordination characteristics of China’s energy investment and financing, and argues that energy investment and energy financing constitute a composite system and find that it has a stress effect on the climate environment, and the climate environment has a constraint effect on energy investment and financing. According to the analysis of the coupling relationship between the two, the energy industry investment and financing coupling coordination model and evaluation index system are established. By revealing the development law and evolution trend between the two, we will actively promote the coordinated and coordinated development of economic growth, energy supply and climate and environment, and provide new research ideas and analysis methods.

Yanfei Deng, Lei Xu, Ning Hou

Space-Time Analysis for Water Utilization Efficiency of Urban Agglomeration and Its Economic Influence Factors łłin Chengdu Urban Agglomeration

This paper uses the DEA method to establish the evaluation model of water resources efficiency to make an empirical study on the urban agglomeration of Chengdu city in 2008–2014. The results show that the efficiency is increasing year by year, and the economic efficiency and environmental efficiency of the water resources utilization are improved. Meanwhile, under the control of the technology, education and transportation level to analyze of efficiency from the economic factors, this paper gets the conclusion that: (1) the city water use efficiency and the level of economic growth showed a significant linear correlation. (2) Technology shows no obvious linear relationship with the efficiency of water use. Traffic enhances the effect of openness on water efficiency. Education is negatively correlated to the efficiency. It indicates that the urban agglomeration should enhance the traffic infrastructure on its regional economic advantage, optimizing the industrial.

Yeyun Huang, Yunqiang Liu

Exploring Linkages Between Lean and Green Supply Chain and the Industry 4.0

A new paradigm with a considerable influence on the industrial value creation is begun to evolve. Industry 4.0 represents the development to the fourth industrial revolution. A new shift in business and technology trends is confirmed. With this new paradigm of high-tech industry, supply chains will develop into highly adaptive networks. Lean and Green supply chain management should have better opportunities to be performed, becoming more efficient and competitive. The aim of this study is to link the lean and green supply chain characteristics to the Industry 4.0. This paper has twofold: first, presents an overview of the phenomenon Industry 4.0 and the lean and green supply chain management. Next, a conceptual model is developed which incorporates the Industry 4.0 topics to the well-known lean and green supply chain. This paper provides an understanding of the role of lean and green paradigms in the new era of industrialization.

Susana Duarte, Virgilio Cruz-Machado

A Model of Maker Education in Chinese Universities: The Perspective of Innovation Ecosystem

Maker education is an important mission of Chinese universities for the entrepreneurship and innovation. However, current maker education failed to meet the makers’ demands for real-time awareness of space, adaptive automatic resources, diverse innovation activities and tools with intelligent support in the makerspace. Therefore, the innovation ecosystem has emerged to be the best choice to solve those problems. This paper first reviews literatures on maker education, and then analyses fundamental principles and elements of the innovation ecosystem. After that, essentials and properties are discussed for innovation ecosystem-oriented maker (IEOM) education. At last, the model of IEOM education is developed, including innovation subject, innovation activity, and smart innovation environment.

Qinglong Zhan, Mengjia Yang

Pricing and Greening Policy for Manufacturer with Low Carbon Strategic Customers

Global warming is mainly caused by excessive emissions of greenhouse gases especially the carbon dioxide, which makes the carbon reduction become hot issues to businesses and consumers. This article considers a manufacturer produce one product and assumes the customers are of low carbon and consisting of myopic customers and strategic customers. The customer decision is affected by the price and unit carbon emissions of the product. The paper examines the optimal pricing and greening policies for the manufacturer with and without green technology investment. It shows that the optimal prices in two scenarios are decreasing in the ratio and patience of strategic customers. The presence of strategic customers is detrimental to the manufacturer and the negative impact increases as the ratio and patience of strategic customers increases. It also shows that with the addition of carbon sensitive degree, the manufacturer will improve the regular sale price and invest more in green technology when the customer number exceed a certain threshold. Finally, the article analyzes the effect of green technology investment on the optimal price and find that the optimal price with green technology investment is lower than that without green technology investment.

Wen Jiang

Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Reservoir Immigrants’ Joint Venture

This paper combined the previous results with the actual situation of the immigrant area, proposed the main factors which would influence the joint venture, such as technology level, the familiar degree of both sides of cooperation, the costs and benefits of cooperation and coordination. To establish the evolutionary game model of immigrant joint venture, Finding the influence factors and the “free-rider” punish coefficient, the investment allocation coefficient, the income distribution coefficient how to affect the direction of the joint venture for immigrants according to payoff matrix and the Jacobi matrix.

Xiaofeng Liu, Tingting Song, Yanhua Liu

Solid Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova

Waste management refers to all operations implemented for the proper management of solid waste: methods of collecting, recycling and recovery, processing, treatment, storage, transportation, analysis and monitoring. The main topics in this paper are the following: institutional framework, national legislative and regulatory frameworks of waste management; Integrated management of municipal waste; Hazardous waste management; Secondary wine product management; Management of plastic waste; Infectious medical waste management. Thus, ASM in collaboration with a private company implemented two technologies for complex treatment of solid waste. The following goals were currently reached in RM: a sector of complex full processing of plastic waste was created at industrial scale, a pilot line was put into operation, for sorting, processing and obtaining of new products from secondary polymer raw materials and an authorized point was created for managing infectious waste resulting from medical activities in medical institutions and hospitals, by collecting, sorting, packing, transporting and neutralizing these wastes to prevent environmental contamination. The neutralization of infectious medical waste is performed by vacuum sterilization method using the STERISHRED 250, which is the most modern method of solving local problems of infectious medical waste processing without incineration.

Gheorghe Duca, Aliona Mereuţa

How to Popularize Green Residential Buildings in China: A Survey Study from Sichuan

Green buildings have been ushered in a period of rapid development in China. For there are few researches on economic benefit analysis, a result that most of Chinese people don’t want to purchase residential buildings because of misunderstanding that green buildings have a higher cost. This paper focuses on how to popularize green residential building in China. In order to achieve the goal, the field survey is carried out, qualitative and quantitative descriptive methods are used to analyze the statement of green residential building in Sichuan Province. There are two important conclusions. Firstly, the incremental cost control of green building in our province is relatively reasonable. However, the incremental selling price is much higher than the incremental cost. Secondly, ordinary people can accept is much lower than the selling price. Finally, in order to improve the popularization of green residential building, some suggestions are provided.

Jun Gang, Dirong Xu, Ying Wei

Prognostics of Lithium-Ion Batteries Under Uncertainty Using Multiple Capacity Degradation Information

Prognostics of lithium-ion batteries play an important role in the intelligent battery management systems. The State of health (SOH) estimation for batteries often needs to be implemented under uncertain situations for the complicated operating conditions. In this work, a novel integrated approach based on a mixture of Gaussian process (MGP) model is presented for lithium-ion battery SOH estimation under uncertain conditions, where the degradation process parameters distribution can be learnt from the multiple available capacity measurements. To capture the time-varying degradation behavior, the distribution information of the degradation model parameter is extracted by fusing the training data from different battery conditions with the MGP model. Moreover, by exploiting the degradation model parameter distribution information, the PF algorithm is employed to predict the battery SOH. The correlation case study and comparison analysis are provided to show the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed prediction method.

Fan Li, Yusheng Wang

Analysis of the Effect of Low-Carbon Traffic Behavior on Public Bicycles

With increasing concern about PM$$_{2.5}$$, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and the problem of the “last mile”, the public bicycle system is gaining importance as viable mode in urban transportation worldwide. In order to more successfully promote the public bicycle to the residents, it is obviously necessary to understand in-depth what can affect the residents’ usage of public bicycle. The study elicit the influence of demographic, attitude towards the behavior, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control on the usage of public bicycle. Based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and the binary logistic model, the paper conclude that the variable of gender, age, occupation and income are closely contacted with the usage of public bicycle. And the education qualification has a little effect on it. And there are significant relationship between usage public bicycle and environmental friendly, flexible, find-time, cleanness, the bicycle lanes, signals for cyclist, suitable weather.

Jing Ma, Xin Liu, Zhineng Hu, Yong Cheng

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Niche Overlap of Tourism Enterprise on Tourist Satisfaction

Vicious competition of tourism enterprises results from product homogeneity deeply manifested as homogeneity of tourism enterprise resource utilization, thus becoming the key impeding current tourism development. This paper uses niche theory as reference, illuminates the conception and connotation of niche overlap of tourism enterprise, and proposes its three-dimensional measurement model by interviews and questionnaire surveys of tourism enterprises, and this thesis also tests the data using methods such as EFA analysis and CFA analysis. On this basis, the influence mechanism of niche overlap of tourism enterprise on tourist satisfaction degree is analyzed by using structural equation. Verification result shows overlapping degree of space-time resource niche of tourism enterprises, niche overlap of market resource, niche overlap of ecology resource are all significantly negatively related to tourism satisfaction negatively.

Shaojiang Lin, Jiaying Chen, Jing Tang

Long Term Scheduling for Optimal Sizing of Renewable Energy Sources for Hospitals

Energy use is on the rise due to population increment and technology development. Generating electricity energy with fossil fuels causes environmental problems; moreover, their cost is high because of their depletion. For solving energy crisis and environmental problems, alternative methods for energy generation should be considered such as Renewable energy sources (RESs) which are considered as a promising alternative for fossil fuels. On the other hand, hospitals are one of the major consumers of energy. Energy costs consist a large amount of hospitals’ costs; therefore, hospitals aim to minimize these costs owing to competition among health centers. The objective of this paper is to propose a long term scheduling model for the optimal sizing of the RESs among candidate technologies to meet the hospital’s demand while minimizing the costs and maintaining reliability subject to economic and technical constraints. The model is run with real data from a hospital in Iran.

Shabnam Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri, Babak Rezaee, Masoud Amel Monirian

Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Mobile Phone Recycling–A Case Study in China

With the rapid pace of technological development, electronic waste (e-waste) has become one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. The exponential growth of e-waste, which is disposed of in landfills, incinerated, or dismantled, now significantly contributes to the massive increase in overall waste. This paper assesses the waste produced from recycling mobile phones in China and examines the influence of the waste that is released into the environment. The mobile phone recycling process at formal recycling facilities in China is investigated as a case study. The results highlight the toxicity of the waste and the influence such waste has had on the environment. Life cycle assessment (LCA) was employed to analyze the mobile phone recycling process and Gabi was used to quantitatively indicate the flows and environmental impacts. The results showed that resources recovery, human health, and ecosystem quality are the main effects of the mobile phone recycling waste produced. Based on this quantitative analysis, to reduce the environmental impact of mobile phone recycling, the demand for recycled materials, environmental awareness, law enforcement, and the e-waste recycling system were found to be significant drivers.

Tingting Liu, Moudi Mahdi, Liming Yao

A Malmquist Index-Based Dynamic Industrial Green Efficiency Evaluation in Sichuan Province

In this paper, the DEA-Malmquist index is used to evaluate the industrial green efficiency of 18 cities in Sichuan province during 2008–2014. The study found that in the overall level, the industrial green efficiency of Sichuan prefecture level cities’ is low, but it is growing year by year in recent years. The technical efficiency index grows rapidly, and the technological progress index weakened the role of technical efficiency. Industrial green efficiency of Chengdu Plain economic zone is the highest in the four economic zones, followed by the Panxi economic zone, South Sichuan economic zone, lowest in Northeast Sichuan economic zone. Industries need to increase the intensity of the green transformation in Sichuan province.

Xuhong Liu, Xiaowen Jie

Risk Control


Machine Learning and Neural Network for Maintenance Management

The paper presents a novel approach that allows to optimize the ultrasonic wave sensors for a condition monitoring system employing. It can detect and diagnosis different faults with a signal, such as delamination, mud or ice on blades of wind turbines. This methodology allows to avoid the redundancy of sensors, since a specific number of ultrasonic transducers can determine the structural condition using guided waves. The signal is pre-processed with the aim of removing the noise, then extracted and selected features to be later classified by Machine Learning and Neural Networks. Finally, for each damage or anomaly, the best classifier will be evaluated. The best classifier of each damage will act on a parallel network that will process the signal sent by the sensor.

Alfredo Arcos Jiménez, Carlos Quiterio Gómez Muñoz, Fausto Pedro García Márquez

Volatility Spillover Between Foreign Exchange Market and Stock Market in Bangladesh

This paper investigates the link between foreign exchange market and stock market in Bangladesh through volatility spillover between the markets. It also examines the volatility persistence and asymmetric effect of information on the volatility of these two financial markets. Using data from January 1, 2009 to December 12, 2016 Taka/USD exchange rate’s volatility and the stock return’s volatility of CSE General Index this paper utilizes ARCH and GARCH models to investigate the spillover, persistence and asymmetry effect of volatility. The results reveal high level of presence of volatility of CSE General Index but not of the Taka/USD exchange rate. The result also finds asymmetric effect of information i.e. bad news is followed by higher volatility compared to that of after good news in the stock market. However, the result shows that volatility in the CSE General Index spillover that of the Taka/USD exchange rate but not vice versa. The meaning and significance of the study is also presented in the paper.

Shibli Rubayat, Mohammad Tareq

Cost/Efficiency Assessment of Alternative Maintenance Management Policies

In this work we compare a number of maintenance scheduling policies for a collection of deteriorating machines. We consider a framework where a manager must allocate the effort of a small number of technicians for providing preventive maintenance to a larger number of machines. The aim is mitigating wear and preventing failures or breakdowns, guaranteeing the system’s availability, reliability and safety. We evaluate different maintenance regimes that emerge in practice, distinguishing two main groups: time based and condition based policies. The comparisons are conducted by means of an intensive computational assessment of the performance of the different policies discussed.

Diego Ruiz-Hernández, Jesús María Pinar-Pérez

Heijunka Operation Management of Agri-Products Manufacturing by Yield Improvement and Cropping Policy

The environment of agricultural businesses in Japan is changing drastically due to decreasing self-sufficiency rate and the number of farmers, increasing average age of concerned workers, and competition with imported products. To cope with these trends, national government revised agricultural land law which came into effect in 2009 and some companies in this industry are implementing industrial management methods such as lean management for better performance. Besides the general common problems of manufacturing industry, agri-products have distinctive features such as production in natural environment, perishability of products, demand volatility although products are living necessaries. Based on the above cognition, this study discusses implementation of Heijunka (the method of level production and supply) operation, which is one important concept of lean management.

Ritsuko Aoki, Hiroshi Katayama

Optimizing Reserve Combination with Uncertain Parameters (Case Study: Football)

Preventive maintenance is critical when non-stop operation with maximum efficiency and reliability is required. In such conditions, proper identification of reserve and spare parts in terms of types and models, order and stock sizes as well as replacement timings become highly important. Arranging reserve sets, many constraints such as costs, space, obsolescence and deterioration must be met. Therefore, an integrated model for appropriate selection of reserves and timing for substitution is needed. This model can be similarly used in multiplayer sports such as football games. In this paper we propose an uncertain mathematical model to solve reserve combination strategy.

Masoud Amel Monirian, Hamideh Razavi, Shabnam Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri

A Bayesian-Based Co-Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization for Flexible Manufacturing System Under Stochastic Environment

In recent years, flexible scheduling attracted considerable attention, motivated by both important practical issues and interesting research problems, especially under stochastic environment. In this paper we discuss a stochastic scheduling problem whose scale arranges from small to large. The objective in the schedule is to minimize the processing time over all of the jobs. However, stochastic environment will bring more difficulty especially for large scale because the sudden change of processing time for each operation may break the current optimal solution and lose efficiency. So, we propose a Bayesian network based particle swarm optimization (BNPSO) for solving this stochastic scheduling problem. Firstly, we use new framework named co-cooperative (CC) evolutionary framework which decompose all decision variables into several small group containing part of decision variables to overcome large scale problems. And then, BNPSO adjust the group scene according to their interactive relationships based on Bayesian network structure. Meanwhile, importing self-adaptive mechanism for parameters in order to satisfy the stochastic environment. Some practical test instances will demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

Lu Sun, Lin Lin, Haojie Li

Exchange Rate Movements, Political Environment and Chinese Outward FDI in Countries Along “One Belt One Road”

This paper explores the role of political environment (PE) and exchange rate (ER) movements in determining China’s outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) for a period of 2003–2015. It includes 65 countries along “OBOR” (One Belt One Road) to build up a panel data base. ER level, ER volatility and Political Environment are examined in relation to Chinese OFDI in these “OBOR” countries. The empirical results show that RMB appreciation is associated with higher Chinese OFDI flow but Chinese OFDI is not sensitive to ER volatility and PE instability. Considering the growing importance of the “OBOR” initiative, we believe that our research results shed light on the trend of Chinese OFDI.

Wenjing Zu, Haiyue Liu

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Survivors in Hard-Hit Areas of the Lushan Earthquake: Prevalence and Risk Factors

To estimate the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and assess determinants related to PTSD among survivors in areas after the 2013 Lushan earthquake in China. This study used the survey instruments included the PTSD Checklist-Civilian Version (PCL-C) and the Social Support Rating Scale (SSRS). We found that the prevalence rates of suspected post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in hard-hit areas were 35.6% ($$n=500$$). The incidence of PTSD was more prevalent among women (43.41%), compared with men (27.27%). Based on multivariate logistic regression analyses, female sex, Tibetan ethnicity, being injured, having family members injured and social support were significant risk factors in hard-hit areas.

Zongtang Xie, Hongxia Xiu

How Corruption Affects Economic Growth: Perception of Religious Powers for Anti-corruption in Iraq

Iraq is one of the most corrupt countries, as since it was part of TI’s statistics occupy the last positions. The paper aims to analyze and understand the perceptions of corruption in Iraq and provide a general framework for anti-corruption by social tools. The education society has selected as study sample by questionnaires randomly at the University students reached (600) student and economics data from 1979 to 2015. The multiple regression analysis, percentages and charts are used to present the results. The findings indicate that corruption is a factor behind the deterioration of the country. The regression test show negative relationship between corruption and economic growth then, religious powers. In additional, the embezzlement and bribery are more common forms in state institutions appearances. The study value suggests answers out scope of government procedures in the fight against corruption that provide social tools relate with self-behavior for corruption problems.

Marwah Abdulkareem Mahmood, Yizhuang Tian, Karrar Abdulelah Azeez

Procurement Risk Mitigation for Rebar Using Commodity Futures

This paper presents a model to mitigate the risk of budget overruns during procurement of raw materials. A case example in rebar procurement fora typical metallurgical manufacturing company in China is used. The demand data was supplied by the company and the rebar price data was obtained from Shanghai Futures Exchanges. The novelty of this study lies in the incorporation of budgetary control into the objective function of the model. A multistage rebalancing strategy of the futures position is used to reduce the impact of unexpected changes in rebar supply price and finished product demand. The complex objective function is approximated by a quadratic expression, and suboptimal solutions are obtained for cases where raw the material price is independent of the customer demand. When compared with the company’s spot buying approach without hedging, the results from the model show the proposed multistage futures balancing model can help reduce the budget overspending by as much as 32%. Further experiments are carried out to study the effects of changing price and demand volatilities, and the results confirm the usefulness of model in mitigating the underlying risk.

Jian Ni, Wei Zhou, Dan Yang

Ubiquitous Healthcare and Ubiquitousness of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control: Theory and Design

With the gradual maturing of technologies such as cloud computing, high-speed mobile Internet and Internet of things, to realize the Ubiquitous Healthcare in the health field is not only an irresistible trend, but also a realistic possibility. According to the chronic disease management theory and the service-oriented architecture, this study proposed the designing scheme and implementation methods of a mobile service platform for the big data collection and analysis of chronic disease based on cloud computing. With this platform, community residents can enjoy the convenient and quick health self-management services, while community healthcare staff can provide timely and efficient services to the patients with chronic diseases or those potentially high-risk individuals precisely. This paper is aimed to provide theoretical reference for the ubiquitous healthcare research specifically in chronic disease prevention and control, and also help in the practice of upgrading community health service and promoting a supply-side structural reform in chronic disease management.

Zhihan Liu

Can Media Supervision Improve the Quality of the Firms Internal Control?

Using the sample of firms listed in China Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) from 2011 to 2015 we empirically test the effect of media coverage on the corporate internal control quality and the quality of internal control information disclosure. We found that the higher the degree of media coverage would lead to higher quality of internal control and information disclosure. The empirical results of this paper indicate that media can act as an important external supervision mechanism besides of state laws and regulations to regulate the behavior of corporate internal control, to protect the interests of investors, and to enhance investors’ confidence.

Tian Yang, Qianwei Ying, Xingyao Li

Fuzzy Chance Constrained Twin Support Vector Machine for Uncertain Classification

In this paper, we propose a new fuzzy chance constrained twin support vector machine (FCC-TWSVM) via chance constrained programming formulation and fuzzy membership, which can deal data with measurement noise efficiently. This paper studies twin support vector machine classification when data points are uncertain statistically. With some properties known for the distribution, the FCC-TWSVM model is used to ensure the small probability of misclassification for the uncertain data. The FCC-TWSVM model can be transformed to second-order cone programming (SOCP) by the properties of moment information of uncertain data and the dual problem of SOCP model is introduced. In addition, we also show the performance of FCC-TWSVM model in artificial data and real data by numerical experiments.

Qilin Cao, Xiaodan Fu, Yaomin Guo

A Projection Pursuit Combined Method for PPP Risk Evaluation

Risk assessment is very crucial to the building and operation of PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) project in its long-term cooperation during the long life circle. Based on the risk factors and their influences, the traditional risk assessment method of PPP project is achieved by the experts experience, Therefore, the evaluation result is subjective. Under the background of Big Data, the study proposed a projection pursuit combined method to model the PPP risk, which was called projection pursuit risk assessing model. Firstly, we use Monte Carlo simulation to get the data of the risks factors and their influence. Secondly, establish a multivariate regression function with projection pursuit method to research the relationship between the multivariable risk factors and the increment of internal return rate of PPP project. Thirdly, we offer the project risk level through the analysis of the regression results. The application in the specific project of this new method shows that the new model can accurately estimate the risk level of PPP project, and explain the trend of project risk.

Xinli Zhang, Tianjin Wang, Sihan Li

Optimal Ownership Pattern to Control Agency Conflict in Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan

Asymmetric information always creates conflict of interest between stakeholders. Purpose of this study is to discuss agency conflict from perspective of financiers, and suggesting its remedies as controlling mechanism. Monitoring role of different types of ownerships is studied. Study has investigated the impact of four different types of ownership structures namely; managerial ownership, family ownership, institutional ownership and ownership of block-holders on agency issue. Role of financial institutions is also discussed. To explore the agency problem from view point of both equity-holders and debt-holders, Agency cost is divided into agency cost of equity (ACE) and agency cost of debt (ACD). Study has also given empirical evidences to check the robustness of each monitoring mechanism. Using financial data of top capitalized 100 companies of Pakistan from 2010 to 2015; results are drawn by fix and random effect (GLS) model. Ownership of insiders, block-holders and institutions were found to be most effective monitoring devices for firms’ growth. Study also contains recommendations for investors and debtors.

Muhammad Kaleem Khan, He Ying, Umair Akram, Muhammad Hashim, Xiaoyue Yuan, Lv Gaoyu

The Impact of Institutional Investors on Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from the Shanghai Stock Market

The article mainly consists of four sections, the first section is the basic introduction and literature review, the second is the background review of institutional investors and stock synchronization, the third is the empirical research and the last is the Conclusion. This paper use the basic literature review method, descriptive statistics and OLS models analysis to explore the Impact of institutional Investors on Stock Price Synchronicity. Using the data of 569 listed firms at Shanghai stock market from 2009 to 2012, this paper investigates the impact of institutional investors’ behaviors on stock price synchronicity. We find that the institutional investors’ long-term investments can reduce stock price synchronicity and increase the information efficiency of the stock market. However, the short-term trading of institutional investors does not necessarily reduce stock price synchronicity. Therefore, the Chinese police-makers should regulate institutional investors and encourage constructive long-term investment behaviors, to make it really rise to enhance the effectiveness of capital market information, and improve the efficiency of capital market resource allocation. The main contributions of this paper is that we investigate the stock price synchronicity from the perspective osf institutional investors’ behaviors and A–share market.

Li Kun, Lei Yu, Xiaoxue Hu

Research on Risk Allocation Model in PPP Projects: Perspectives from the SOEs

PPP (Public-Private-Partnership), which is the cooperation between the government and private sector, is a major innovation in public service mechanism. Effective risk identification and reasonable risk allocation is not only a major challenge to each party, but also the key to manage projects efficiently, reduce the whole life cost and improve benefit. Under the influence of special economy, politics and culture, the state-owned enterprise accounts for absolute proportion of private sector in China. However, the systematic analysis of the state-owned enterprise participating in the PPP project is deficient. Given that the Chinese central governments have sped up the development of the PPP application in recent years, this paper provides a risk allocation model through the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, which is aiming at optimizing the allocation of risk, reducing transaction costs and enhancing comprehensive benefits from the perspective of state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

Chuan Chen, Tengteng Yan, Ping Chen

An Exploratory Case Study of the Mature Enterprise’s Corporate Brand Building Based on Strategic Perspective

Corporate brand plays an increasingly important role in intensive competition. Therefore, further research needs to be done on the relationship between strategic action and corporate brand. Particularly for mature enterprises, how to build corporate brand through strategic action is an important issue in this research field. Based on the case studies of Jinjiang Hotel Industrial Co., Ltd. and Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., this paper analyzes the corporate brand management of mature manufacturing and service-oriented enterprises, giving the conclusion that strategic action will contribute to the corporate brand management and the brand construction of a mature enterprise is the consequence of its strategic action, since enterprises can manage corporate brand building by improving brand awareness, brand structure and the building path to construct their own corporate brands.

Yuan Yuan, Jing Xu, Liming Zhang, Rui Zhou

Case Study: Packing and Distribution Logistics Optimization of Fashion Goods

In this short paper, we describe the development and implementation of the optimal packing and distribution of fashion products applied to a leading outdoor fashion brand in South Korea, Kolon Sport (K/S), through the academic-industry Business Analytics project with KAIST. We explain the framework of Business Analytics defined for the project and how modeling and analysis were performed under the framework. The packing and distribution decision involves how to determine a set of different box configurations and how to distribute these boxes to stores to meet store demand. The packing and distribution problem was formulated as a mixed-integer linear program, and a solution approach was developed to efficiently solve the industry-size problem in a timely manner. The modeling and analysis were performed with SAS packages. In particular, the optimization model was implemented with SAS/OR. The proposed approach was validated with simulation and on-site pilot test. The simulation showed an improvement in the packing and distribution process of around 15% in terms of meeting the demand in the stores, and it projected a $$5\sim 10\%$$ improvement in revenue. After the successful pilot test, the approach was implemented in the internal IT system of K/S in July 2015. Consequently, the mass-produced items for the fall/winter season of 2015 were distributed by the system.

Young Jae Jang, Shin Woong Sung

Integrated Project Management


Algorithmical and Program Functions of Innovation Project Management in Technoloji Park

It was analyzed the present status of the innovation projects management problem in many technology parks of European, Asian and American countries. On the base of some of exists methods of option and creation process of innovation projects, there were defined the basis directions by innovation project management in technology park, also scientific problems of subject area and option of the best projects by means of flexible complex program system. In depend on the defined scientific problems in the paper, the process of managing an innovation project on the beginning stage of working in the departments of the technology park at higher educational school in Azerbaijan was considered. On the basis of the priority scientific directions and the scientific profiles of scientific technology park in the Sumgait State University (SSU) have been defined ways of decision a problem of an innovation project management from its registration till its option and input to the data base by an expert. On the base of the structural scheme of technology park in SSU, its scientific profiles, infrastructure and specialists, a new conception managing innovation projects in the technology park of SSU in Azerbaijan by means of complex flexible interface was offered. For executing all procedures of innovation project management on the stages its creation, experimental research, manufacture and business, special algorithm was worked out. By means of this algorithm, the block-scheme of managing functions, the program tool for development of new innovation project in the technology park beginning from the registration of the project till its assessment was created.

Elchan Ghuseynov, Javanshir Mammadov, Shafahat Rahim Rahimov

Two-Stage Fuzzy DEA Models with Undesirable Outputs for Banking System

In this paper, we propose two stage fuzzy DEA models with undesirable outputs to evaluate banking system. The banking system is divided to two subsystems: production stage and profit stage. In the model, two kinds of assumptions (constant returns to scale and variable returns to scale) are considered, and fuzzy parameters are adopted to describe the uncertain factors. Chance constrained operator is used to handle the proposed model and equivalent transformations are given to make the models solvable. We illustrate and validate the proposed models by evaluating 16 Chinese commercial banks. Some discussions are also presented to show the differences and advantages of the models.

Xiaoyang Zhou, Rui Luo, Benjamin Lev, Yan Tu

Increasing Effect in Lodger Number of Hot Spring Hotel According to the Started Operation of Hokuriku Shinkansen

In Hokuriku district, economic efficiency is improved according to the stated operation of Hokuriku Shinkansen. However, there are some variations in the effect each area. It is necessary to utilize the effect into a future tourism strategy by indicating the effects. In this experiment, the effect is evaluated using the characteristics of the lodger number in nine spa areas of Hokuriku district. As a result, there is a larger effect as an area is near to a Shinkansen station and the increasing rate is over 30%. Other areas except Wajima area have the rates of 15 to 20%. The one for Wajima area is 33%. It keeps at a distance from Kanazawa which is the nearby station of Wajima area. Popular NHK television-drama (title is “Mare”) was televised for end of March to September 2015 (half-year). Wajima area was the filming site. It is estimated that there is an effect over 10% as the filmed site. There is a large effect by connecting Hokuriku with Tokyo area by Shinkansen (high speed railway).

Takashi Oyabu, Junko Nakamura

Charging Infrastructure Allocation for Wireless Charging Transportation System

The dynamic wireless charging electric vehicle (DWC-EV) is the most developed form of EVs which use wireless power transfer (WPT) technology. The vehicle can be charged using a wireless charger embedded under the road, and an extremely competitive advantage of DWC-EV is that it can be charged while on the move. Thus, this system allows EVs to overcome the range limitation, long charging time, and heavy battery weights. In DWC-EV system, the battery and charging infrastructures called power tracks are major elements to operate vehicles, and these factors occupy large portion of initial investment cost for establishing the system. This paper suggests a mathematical model to optimally find the battery capacity and the allocation of power tracks in a multiple-route public transportation system. In addition, genetic algorithm (GA), which is one of widely used metaheuristics, is proposed as a solution approach to solve large and complex problems. Since chromosome design determines the format and information of chromosomes, it is crucial to the quality of the solutions and the performance of GA. We suggest two chromosome design methods and the methods to deal with infeasible chromosomes. A number of numerical experiments for comparing solutions and computation time are conducted, and we use the optimal solutions suggested by CPLEX solver as criteria. We also show that the proposed GA design method can be useful and effective compared to the exact solution approach based on the mixed integer programming (MIP).

Min Seok Lee, Young Jae Jang

The Research of Incentive Model Based on Principal-Agent for R&D Personnel in System-Transformed Institutes

The lack of innovation and vitality from R&D personnel is a major problem to system -transformed institutes’ innovation activities, and the short of rational and effective incentive mechanism is the source. Based on the analysis of present compensation and motivation, this paper established an incentive model of income distribution and a bonus incentive model by principal-agent theory, and then discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two incentive models. The result shows that the incentive model of income distribution is more conducive to stimulate the enthusiasm of R&D personnel for system-transformed institutes.

Ying Wei, Jun Gang

Research on the Influencing Factors of Public Sense of Security and Countermeasures in Major Emergencies–An Empirical Analysis on the Public Sense of Security in View Of the Explosion in Binhai New Area in Tianjin

In the crisis, the biggest psychological threat to the public is the loss of public sense of security. Through the related research, it is hypothesized that critical events, countermeasures of the government and the media, emergency response capability of the individual and the emergency psychological behavior of the group are the four main factors influencing public sense of security in the emergencies. A total of 330 samples were randomly selected from those people who had experienced the explosion in Tianjin. By exploratory factor analysis and the structural equation model examination, the fourfactors all have different degrees of explanation towards the loss of public sense of security. According to the conclusion, we can see that it is the key for the government to construct the governance mechanism by enhancing the emergency response capability of the group improve their certain sense of crisis and their sense of control of the situation.

Jing Yang, Wei Xu

Effect Assessment of the Free Tissue Flap Colorimetric Card in the Postoperative Flap Management for Tumors of Oral and Maxilla-Facial Region

The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of free tissue flap colorimetric card in the postoperative flap management for tumors of oral and maxilla-facial region. Through observing 42 patients who used free tissue flap colorimetric card after operation, it was found that twelve patients had vascular disease, three had insufficient arterial infusion, and nine had venous return obstruction. Among them, one patient who had insufficient arterial infusion and two had venous return obstruction received re-anastomosis of vascular surgery and hemostasis surgery, and then all patients recovered well. The paper conclude that the free tissue flap colorimetric card is a simple, timely, accurate and effective tool for the observation of flaps, and it is suitable for clinical application.

Xiongtao Yang, Xueying Wang, Qing Yang

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on High-Tech Enterprise Performance: Applied Study in China’s Second-Board Market

This paper chooses high tech enterprises listed on China’s Second-board Market as research objects. The aims of this thesis are to find out the impact of intellectual capital on the performance of high-tech enterprises. This study has carried out an empirical analysis with the method of multiple linear regression. The empirical findings indicate a trend that for high-tech industries on the GEM, the improvement of their performance efficiency depends more on the human capital compared to structural capital and physical capital. Both human capital and structural capital significantly influence the performance efficiency of enterprises in the high-tech industry, while physical capital practically doesn’t impact it significantly. According to the empirical findings, this paper has put forward some advices on capital allocation for Chinese high-tech enterprises.

Hongchang Mei, Kunling Wang

Site Selection of Public Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station by Using an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Projection-Based Approach

As an important solution to reduce the dependency on crude oil and minimize transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions along with other pollutants, electric vehicles (EVs) are broadly promoted by government. As the energy provider of EVs, electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs) play important roles in electric vehicle popularization. The effective site selection of EVCS is in favour of promoting the willing of consumer to use EVs. In this paper, we apply multi-criteria group decision-making (MCGDM) method to site the public fast electric vehicle charging stations. To avoid the information lost in aggregation process, we use an intuitionistic fuzzy projection-based approach. The proposed method is applied into a numerical example, and the results show that the proposed MCGDM is feasible and efficient for EVCS site selection.

Lin Zhong, Zhibin Wu

If the Medical Expenses Do Effect the Rural Residents’ Consume

We exploit a fixed effect model to examine if the uncertain medical expenses of rural residents reduce their total consume using the provincial-level panel data from 2000–2013. To obtain a robust results, we then add the model with the time fixed effect. The results show that, rural residents’ medical expenses share raise will reduce the share of rural residents’ total consume in GDP by more than 6%, and this effect is more obvious than the rural residents’ education expenses which is less than 6%. We also find that if the government increase the funds proportion of health care, the medical demand of rural residents will raise which may reduce the percentage of rural residents’ total consume in GDP by more than 6%. By the way, liquidity constrains may also enhanced the rural residents’ precautionary saving motives based on the medical expenses. So we can conclude that the medical expenses of rural residents do effect the consume demand of rural households significantly. And the government need to control the rural residents’ medical expenses if they attempt to expand the consumption of rural residents.

Songtao Jiang, Yuan Ji

A Discrete Time-Cost-Environment Trade-Off Problem with Multiple Projects: The Jinping-I Hydroelectric Station Project

Stronger environmental protection regulations and innovative contracting methods focused on reducing environmental impact through new incentives have placed increasing pressure on decision makers, especially those on large-scale construction projects. This increase has led to a need to identify optimal decision and select the most efficient construction modes for each activity to minimize not only the project’s time and penalty costs but also its environmental impact. To address this need, this paper applies a mathematical model based on a hybrid genetic algorithm with fuzzy logic controller (flc-hGA) to the time-cost-environmental trade-off problem with multiple projects under a fuzzy environment. Applying the proposed method to the case study of the Jinping-I Hydropower Station, a large-scale project in Southwest China, clearly demonstrates its economic, technological, and social ecological effectiveness.

Huan Zheng

Research on Equalization of Public Services Based on Changes of Urban and Rural Population Structure

This paper starts the discussion from five aspects population distribution, age structure, employment characteristics, family characteristics and flow population, and conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis on the changes of urban and rural population of new period of China, so as to master the basic situation and development trend of urban and rural population. On this basis, the paper proposes suggestion and countermeasures on equalization of public services in urban and rural areas in our country, basically from three aspects-“increasing the flexibility of the urban and rural public service supply mode”, “promoting the urban and rural service supply balance and accessibility” and “strengthening the effective supply to important groups and regions”.

Qian Fang, Yi Sheng

Economic Cycle, Accounting Conservatism and Financial Constraints

This paper adopts cashflow sensitivity of cash holding model to investigate the influence of economic cycles and accounting conservatism on corporate financial constraints, and to investigate the different impact of the two mechanisms from the property right perspective. Our results show that the recession of economic cycles aggravates the degree of corporate financial constraints, and this negative influence is more apparent on non-SOEs than SOEs. Moreover, the increase of accounting conservatism can release corporate financial constraints, and the alleviating effect of accounting conservatism is more significant on non-SOEs.

Hong Wang, Pan Liang, Juqiu Deng

Traffic Lights Dynamic Timing Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Learning

Traffic light control is an issue that metropolitan cities are confronted with because of ever-increasing vehicles growth. A proper timing strategy can release the congestion level and minimize vehicle delays better than standard fixed signal timing (FST) strategy. In this paper, a self-adaptive Q-learning based traffic light green time control strategy (QTGCS) is designed to reduce the congestion. Q-Learning acts as the learning mechanism for light at each intersection as an independent agent to release itself by operating traffic light duration dynamically. Q-Learning is based on discrete representation of state and action spaces. In order to make QTGCS not independent of the environment and designer criterion, Fuzzy Q-learning based traffic light green time control strategy (FQTGCS) is proposed by applying the fuzzy logic control to optimize timing strategy based on the number of vehicles receiving from the adjacent intersections. We show through simulation that our algorithm effectively over the real road networks.

Chenqing Lu, Feng Wen, Mitsuo Gen

Research on the Collaborative Governance of Innovation Network Based on the Extended JM Model

Orderly and efficient operation of the network security innovation, and actively promote the coordination effect of innovation network, is the key to further promote the economic development, is also an important way to achieve an innovative country. Based on the connotation of the collaborative governance, run, and the network structure of governance logic thinking and further analysis of the preliminary exploration to construct the basic framework of innovation network collaborative governance, in order to solve the existing problems such as insufficient innovation network effects play.

Chiyan Zou, Changyi Zhao, Tao Wang, Xin Gu

Performance Evaluation of Housing Price Regulation Policy in China: Based on ARIMA Model and Intervention Analysis

Chinese housing market is rapidly growing up. However, the study on housing market regulation is inadequate. In this paper, housing price indexes from 2006 to the present are analyzed based on the ARIMA model and intervention analysis, and the change of this index can reflect the effective date and valid date of country’s housing price regulation policy. This paper established systematically the quantitative analysis model, studied the timing effects of new regulations, and improved the quality of the house price index by using the monthly data. Based on the model results, we evaluated the performance of the regulation policy of housing price on three criteria including anticipation, conductivity and additivity. This can provide the field evidence for policy makers to design better housing policy.

Chang Liu, Yixiao Zhou, Wei Zhao, Qiang Jiang, Xuedong Liang, Hao Li, Hua Huang, Shucen Fan

A Descriptive Analysis of the Impact of Air Pollution on the Mortality of Urban and Rural Residents in Mianyang

The paper uses the air pollution data of Mianyang, a city in Sichuan Province, and the death data of its urban and rural residents from 2008 to 2014 to investigate the relationship between air pollution and human mortality. SPSS19.0 is utilized to conduct a descriptive analysis of the correlation between the principal air pollutants (including PM$$_{10}$$, NO$$_2$$, SO$$_2$$) and the mortality (including gender, age, education, respiratory diseases, non-respiratory diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases). Hence, the paper shows to what extent air pollution affects the mortality rate of the people in Mianyang, thereby further evaluating the influence of air pollution on the health of the residents. The results indicate that the rising trend of air pollution is consistent with the expansion of industrial production. The paper estimates that the mortality rate is correlated to air pollution during the normal development of society. The government should emphasize air pollution control and take measures to reduce air pollution, so as to improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents and to reduce the mortality caused by air pollution directly or indirectly.

Jianping Xu, John Thomas Delaney, Xudong Chen, Liming Yao


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