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These conference proceedings focus on the topics of data-driven decision-making, stochastic decision-making, fuzzy decision-making and their applications in real-life problems. Beijing University of Chemical Technology organized IFDS2016, the 4th International Forum on Decision Sciences, with the theme “Data-Driven Decision-Making.” The proceedings collect 84 selected papers presenting cutting-edge modeling and solution methods and include numerous practical case studies, making it a valuable resource for students, researchers and practitioners working in the fields of decision science, operations research, management science and engineering.



Innovation Research on “Three-Dimensional Central Coordination” of University-Industry-Government under Triple Helix Perspective

The Triple Helix Theory is a new starting point for international innovation research with increasingly widespread social impact, currently the University-Industry-Government Triple Helix has become one of the main theoretical innovation researches, also had a profound impact in practice. The theory attempts to find the power source of innovation bodies and dynamic mechanism of regional economic continuous innovation, to provide a sustainable development path for the country or regions. Based on abroad research on Triple Helix and combined with University-Industry-Government cooperation reality, the thesis creatively puts forward the “three-dimensional central coordination theory”, aiming to make the industrial market demand as center, to mobilize the enthusiasm of stakeholders, and promote comprehensive development of social economy.

Shibo Qin, Zhixia Zhou

The Innovative Pattern of Bulk Commodity Supply Chain Based on Internet Finance

The development of electronic bulk commodity trading market is booming in China at present. The role of supply chain finance (SCF) financing business is increasingly important in commodities trading. It can solve the problem of financing difficulties, reduce financing costs and raise the efficiency of the trade by supply chain finance. With the flourish of Internet technology, such as E-commerce, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and so on, supply chain finance has turned into the online financial supply chain from offline to online. As a new financial pattern, Internet Finance (ITFIN) is also appeared because of the organic collection of Internet technology and the financial function. This paper analyzes the pattern of Internet finance, the situation of electronic bulk commodity trading market and developmental history of bulk commodity chain finance in China. Finally it proposes the financial innovative pattern of SCF + ITFIN.

Liyong Chen, Xinwei Gao

Social Attribute Preference Learning Based Design Decision of Electrical Engineering Projects

Existing computer tools for electrical engineering project design failed to assist design engineers with high-level advice within design processes. Therefore, traditional design engineers had to rely on their own limited knowledge and experience, when making crucial decisions on engineering parameters of electrical engineering projects. In this paper, a social attribute preference learning (SAPL) based intelligent electrical engineering projects design decision support method is proposed. In SAPL based decision support method, according to the historical training samples, the attribute preference weights of indicators are calculated by employing supervised random weighted networks (RWNs) learning. Then, the intelligent evaluations of test samples are performed by using the synthetical decision model and well-trained attribute preference weights. The comparative experiment on substation electrical system design database demonstrated that the proposed SAPL based method are feasible and effective, which provided us new ideas to realize decision tasks in other complicate system.

Yuanpeng Tan, Gang Xu

Global Climate Change Studying Based on Big Data Analysis of Antarctica

In climate change,the relationship between surface temperature and wind speed, moisture content, pressure can be obtained by means of statistical theory. first,We use ArcGIS software to divide Antarctica’s land surface into polygon divisions,then using the Antarctica data from British Antarctic Survey website to create a new model by regression analysis,and the fitting figure made by design export shows the influence level of each factor vividly. The result can be a reference for studying the climate change and Numerical Weather Prediction.

Yuxin Zhu

The Anaysis of our Energy Internet Development Prospect Under the Background of “B&R”

Under the background of China’s economy into a “new normal”, “One Belt And One Road” strategy and energy revolution strategy provide a good opportunity for our energy Internet development. In this paper, we do the SWTO analysis about the environment development of the energy Internet, and then put forward development proposal about energy Internet, combining with the challenges of energy Internet construction including: carry out the strategy of “B&R”, promote market-oriented reform of energy system, take “The investment bank” as an opportunity to consolidate the energy infrastructure, improve the external environment and strengthen technical support. Setting up the Energy Internet, can promote the international energy cooperation better between our country and the rest of the world.

Yinfeng Chen, Chunhong Zhu

Study on the Relationship Between Managerial Power and the Quality of Accounting Information

Accounting information is one of the important factories for investors to make the investment decision, because its quality will affect the efficiency and effect of investment decision largely. When the executive of the enterprise have a larger power, they maybe use their power to control the generation of accounting information for their own benefits. So it is necessary to explore the relationship between managerial power and the quality of accounting information of the enterprise in this market background. Based on companies from 2008 to 2013 in China as research objects, this paper explored managerial power’s influence on the quality of accounting information by empirical analysis method, and concluded that managerial power has a significant impact on the quality of accounting information. In specific, the greater the managerial power, the greater degree of earnings management and the worse quality of accounting information disclosure. This means that, if we want to enhance the quality of accounting information, we have to establish a sound corporate governance structure, to promote the company’s chairman and general manager of the two jobs to separate by regulation, strengthen the constraints on managerial power, thereby to increase the transparency of their accounting information, accelerate the resource allocation efficiency of capital markets, and to further improve the effectiveness of China’s capital market.

Yanfang Sun, Dongchang Lu

Behavioral Selections of the Express Company and the Customer: An Analysis Based on Evolution Game Theory

Transportation plays an important role in logistics distribution. The application embedding in mobile phone (APP) as a key factor in transportation, is seriously considered by many express companies. This paper examined the evolution results of the express company and the customer’ behavioral selections on APP. More specifically, the payoff matrix between the express company and the customer under different strategies were analyzed, and an evolutionary game model was developed. To test the theoretical results of this model, the simulation experiments were conducted. These experiments showed the influence of diversity of decision-making parameters and variation of initial condition on evolution result through reliable numerical simulation. In the concluding part, managerial implications and suggestions were put forward based on the research findings.

Xiuxiu Zheng, Rong Du

The Effects of Social Commerce Disputes of Rating Result

In the social commerce transaction, the seller prestige is the transaction appraisal compiles the result affects the important attribute which social commerce electronic commerce succeeds. In this paper, the recorders of transaction disputes in microblog have been chosen as samples, using data mining methods, the impacts of trade disputes on rating result has been empirically studied. The results show that between the dispute type and the rating result has the remarkable connection rule. Finally based on the research conclusion to the buyer and the platform provider buyer when comes across the dispute, proposed the correlation supplies a set of reasonable countermeasure rating suggestion.

Junhui He

Project Bid Evaluation Research Based on the Aggressive Generalized DEA Model

Tendering and bidding is widely used in the construction market, and it is very important for the owner, the contractor and the construction industry to find the efficient method of evaluation of bids. In this paper, we take the project evaluation of bids as the theme, combined with the characteristics of the project, using the method which is aggressive generalized DEA model to build the index system and through the case simulation we draw the final results of the evaluation.

Jiaomin Yang, Ziyu Zhang

The Mechanism of Empowering Leadership’s Effect on Employee Creativity in DingTalk Alibaba Context

Creativity has always been considered as the driving force to sustain competitive advantage and to provide high value to customers in IT companies. The aim of this study is to investigate the mechanism of empowering leadership’s impact on employee creativity by examining the mediating roles of self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation. 153 employees and their supervisors from a software company were surveyed. Two decision-making tasks were sent to them to compare the distinctive outcomes with and without DingTalk Alibaba (DingTalk). The regression results presented that self-efficacy partially mediates the relationship between empowering leadership and employee creativity without DingTalk; while self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation jointly play mediating roles in the relationship between empowering leadership and employee creativity after incorporating DingTalk.

Ziying Mo, Yanliang Yu

The Credit Scoring Model Based on Logistic-BP-AdaBoost Algorithm and its Application in P2P Credit Platform

The problem of credit risks forecasting is one of the most actively studied issues nowadays, as it is the main risk that commercial bank faced in the management. With a fully opened the domestic financial sector, the banking industry is facing increased competition from this industry. Improving the client satisfaction, the business transaction efficiency and the risk-control ability has become the main focus of competition in the banking industry. In this paper, we apply the Logistics algorithm, BP neural network and the AdaBoost algorithm to build the model (Logistic-BP-AdaBoost model) which can estimate credit score of the applicant with their multidimensional personal data. Compared with other methods, L-B-A model have a higher assessing accuracy which can help identify the possibility of loan default of the applicant and provide a score for each applicant. We apply this model to a websites and establish an online loan platform which is expected to improve the efficiency and reduce costs of traditional lending business.

Xiaofang Chen, Cuihua Zhou, Xuefeng Wang, Yongli Li

Dynamic Simulation of Stock Market Based on SVM With Different Parameter Optimization Methods

Stock market prediction has become an important research topic in recent years, but forecasting of such financial time series still remain a big challenge to financial engineering field because stock index is a non-linear, non-stationary time series. Based on support vector regression for forecasting the daily return of the stock index, this paper is devoted to find more improved forecasting models, in which model parameters are optimized through different methods in a sliding time window. The results of simulation experiments using historical data confirm the respective advantages of the forecasting models.

Wen Chen, Yixiang Tian

The Analysis of China’s Cotton Subsidy Policy Based on MPS and CSCT

China’s cotton market is affected by the subsidy policy obviously. In different policy background, Chinese cotton market price volatility presents different characteristics, and benefits transfer between cotton producers and consumers showing a clear policy features. This paper analyzes the effect of Chinese cotton subsidies by cotton market price support and consumer single commodity transfers value from 1993 to 2014, and provides an in-depth analysis of Temporary Storage Policies and Target Price Policy. Through the analysis of historical data, this paper can draw the following conclusions: “Unified Purchase and Sale” cotton retractable mechanism would distort the cotton industry chain profit distribution mechanism, target price mechanism is conducive to promoting China’s cotton market reform, China’s cotton production will further concentrated in Xinjiang.

Jingzhou Wei, Weizhong Liu

The Analysis of Farmers Cognition and the Influence of the Cotton Target Price Reform in Xinjiang

2014 is the first year of the implementation of the reform of China’s cotton target price, the goal is to protect the basic interests of farmers under the premise of a decisive role in the allocation of market resources. In this paper, we use the research of 1726 key cotton farmers from 13 counties, 47 townships in Xinjiang, in-depth analysis the farmers’ cognition, evaluation and future of cotton production will on the goal of price pilot reform, found that the majority of farmers is in the low level of understanding the policy target price of cotton, but optimism of the future income is high. The majority of farmers think that target price will increase income, and for the policy will protect cotton yield, they have confidence; the vast majority of cotton farmers think that cotton income is less than other crops or non-agricultural employment; for the expansion of cotton area, intention is not high, and maintain the existing area is mainly.

Yawen Yu, Guoxin Yu

Experimental Economics Analysis of Environment-Friendly Agricultural Technique Decision-Making

At present there exists a large deviation between the overall decision preference on technique adoption of farmers in China and national macro-technique applying orientation and environment-friendly agricultural development goals, how to inspire adoption behaviors of environment-friendly agricultural techniques so as to promote the application and spread of environment-friendly farming techniques, has become an urgent problem for modern agricultural development. In this thesis, we adopt experimental economics paradigm, design incentives environment for technique adoption decisions of farmers, verify the following countermeasures such as increase of government subsidies, decrease of technical applying costs, reduce of technical risks, and lead of demonstrative farmers, significantly improve the adoption tendency of farmers on environment-friendly technique, and put forward stimulating recommendations on promoting the adoption of environment-friendly agricultural technique.

Zhixia Zhou, Shibo Qin

Research on the Linkage Effect Between Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Stock Index and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Fund Index

Taking the closing price of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Stock Index (CSI 300) and the Shanghai and Shenzhen fund index (SSFI) since January 4, 2005 to March 30, 2016 as the study sample, this paper adopts co-integration, error correction model and the Granger causality test to conduct empirical analysis on the linkage effect between CSI 300 and SSFI. The results show that there exists an equilibrium relationship between the two indexes in the long term; while in the short term, when short-term fluctuations deviate from the long-run equilibrium, the fluctuant fund market will aggravate the imbalanced of the stock market.

Hongmei Wen, Xinlin Li

Competitiveness Assessment of China Listed Household Electric Appliance Enterprises by the Principal Component Analysis

China’s home appliance industry has experienced the development process from weak to strong since the reform and opening up. With the start of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises in a short span of 30 years, appearing a large number of enterprises, like Haier, Green some international well-known brands. But along with the increase of the level of internationalization, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises not only to face the increasingly fierce competition of domestic, but also faces from the pressure of enterprises in the international market, so the double test lead to Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises is facing enormous challenges. In this paper, starting from the improvement of the competitiveness of China’s listed household electrical appliance enterprises and empirical analysis of enterprise internal indicators, establishes the competitiveness evaluation index system, using the principal component analysis method to select the evaluation index of the competitiveness, to get the main factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises is technological innovation and risk management control. Further put forward countermeasures of household electrical appliance enterprises listed in China: one is to increase the investment in innovation; the second is the construction of safety management of enterprise risk control system.

Xinhua Wang, Jiakun Wang, Qian Sun, Li Bai, Hao Yu

The Analysis of Internet Development Index Based on Visualization

In this paper, we use some indicators that can explain the Internet developing condition more effectively to study the development of the Internet. Conducting factor analysis through R, we obtain two factor on the Internet developing:‘Production factor’,‘Consumption factor’. And through the methods such as unitize change into a two-dimensional Internet development index. Then, we explored the explanatory power and influence of the economic development of two indices. It is concluded that the Internet development index of provincial GDP has a strong explanatory power. At the same time, two indexes not only can response the regional Internet development, and still can well explain difference in gross regional product. In addition, we found that the explanatory power in gross regional product index2 is far worse than index1. This suggests that new dimension index added in the paper to the explanation on the economy is superior to the basic indicators. Finally, the article gives some Internet development suggestions according to the results.

Wenjun Lu, Mingzhao Xie, Yirong Ying

A Comparative Analysis Study of Data Mining Algorithm in Customer Relationship Management

With the rapid development of database technology and the wide application of database management system, an increasing number of data are accumulated in the database or data warehouse of enterprises. As the most important resource of enterprises, customers leave a great deal of information in the operation of enterprises. The entrepreneurs manage the customer relationship and analyze customers’ materials by means of informatization in order to verify the customers’ needs more accurately and offer correct decision-making schemes for the enterprises’ further marketing and development. This thesis analyzes the classification algorithm, the most representative algorithm in data mining algorithms at present, which includes decision tree algorithm, Bayesian classification, neural network classification algorithm, rough set classification algorithm. It summarizes the property and characteristic of each algorithm by analyzing and comparing the theory of the present representative classification algorithms in the following aspects: the accuracy rate (the correct, predictive and unseen class label capacity of data of classification models), the speed (the computational costs of producing and using models, i.e., time complexity), the robustness (the model’s ability to predict correctly for the given data with noise and missing value) and scalability (the valid ability of configurable model for the given data set with different numbers).

Yang Liu

Research on Value Evaluation of Scientific and Technical Human Capital Based on Key Performance Indicators

Scientific and technical human capital is the key capital of high-tech enterprises. Evaluation of scientific and technical human capital value is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. Considering key performance and comprehensive quality, this paper constructs value evaluation model of scientific and technical human capital based on key performance indicators, including three-level index system with a total of 25 indexes. It uses analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to evaluate human capital value, and evaluation results can reflect the differences between individual’s value and provide the basis for human resource management and development.

Jing Wang, Jing Chen, Xue Jiang

Analysis of Factors Affecting Consumers’ Brand Trust Under Different Purchasing Behaviors

Around the different types of consumer purchasing behavior, through data analysis, the internal quality, price ratio factor, the propaganda factor and the enterprise management strength are the main factors which influence consumer brand trust. Enterprises should not only focus on these four main factors, but also consider other specific factors according to the specific consumer behavior type, then develop targeted marketing strategy.

Ailing Wang, Anfeng Guo

Big Data to Lead a New Era for “Internet+”: Current Status and Prospect

Big data era has arrived, this new concept is endowed with rich connotation. Big data leads the economy into a new era of the “Internet+” development, the society has also entered a new stage of DT (Digitization) by IT (Informatization). The innovation and development of Internet technology has brought great changes to human society, with the rise of social networks, mobile Internet and Internet of things, big data brings the spring of the “Internet+” Era, big data on social life, media ecology and business opportunities and challenges are subversive. Big data will become bigger and bigger, network science and data science provides a new scientific outlook on development and methodology. The next twenty years, the world will enter a new era of big data, high-end Internet will recast the new world. In this paper, aiming to lead the Big Data era of “Internet+” development status was discussed, and the development trend of the new “Internet+” era are prospected and suggestions.

Shan Lin, Dawei Zheng

Research on Fault Detection of High-Speed Train Bogie

With the rapid development of railway network, the safety, comfort and efficiency of high-speed train (HST) is attracting more and more attention from people. Bogie is one of the most important components in the train system. By means of sensors distributed in each position of the train, the real-time data of a large number of HST are obtained. These data contain abundant train operation information, through data mining, analysis and detection of a series of means to obtain the status of the bogie, then comparative analysis of the fault characteristics of the bogie. This paper summarizes the currently widely used in the HST bogie faults diagnosis method, mainly describes the polymerization of empirical mode decomposition and support vector machine (SVM), BP neural network, depth learning algorithm, etc. According to the advantages and disadvantages of different algorithms, puts forward the characteristics and difficulties of the fault diagnosis, and the future research direction and development trend in this field.

Chengxu Li, Dewang Chen, Ling Yang

Influence of Customer to Customer Interaction on Service Purchase Behavior Intention: Moderating Role of Customer Experience—In China E-Commerce Environment

With the development of e-commerce, e-commerce logistics service industry as a new service industry has become the focus of development to enhance the overall level of China’s e-commerce service network system. E-commerce logistics service providers in convenience and improve the efficiency of service at the same time, reduce the interaction between customer and enterprise employees, and make the customer interaction become a customer service success rate and an important factor to improve the purchase intention of customer service. Therefore, it has important research value to study the impact of customer interaction in virtual service environment on the purchase intention of service. According to the characteristics of e-commerce logistics services, customer interaction focus on the logistics network of service process, discussed in the this virtual network service environment, the relationship between purchase intention of customer interaction and service.

Ruoqian Yang

Evolutionary Game and Simulation on the Internet of Things in Supply Chain

The enterprise guide IOT innovation is the important path for the enterprise innovation and development mode change. First of all, based on the use of the Internet of things in the supply chain innovation stage, the synergy degree and degree of freedom in the process of the three dimensions, establish IOT game payoff matrix and the implementation strategy proportion of replicated dynamic equation. Then we simulate IOT customer participation in innovative ways. Research has shown that IOT innovative customers recently, with the enterprise’s desire to maintain collaborative innovation relations becoming more intense; Companies to provide a free and high degree of open innovation platform, the customer may appear rejection; Customers are choosing IOT innovation low degree of freedom of the participation way, but eventually tend to choose high degree of freedom of the participation way; The more platform for customers, the customers involved in earlier Internet innovation platform.

Jiahua Li, Junhui He

Pricing Structure Financial Products of Commercial Banks in China

Based on the classification of the underlying assets, the structure financial products of commercial banks in China can be divided into four categories, i.e. stock, commodity, interest rate and foreign currency financial products. This paper establishes models for each category of the four underlying assets and uses them to price the corresponding structure financial products of commercial banks in China. The empirical result of this paper finds that most all of the structure financial products of commercial banks in China is overvalued, and the premium degree of products have a significant relationship with product complexity, mark and issuer properties.

Mei Yu, Jianfen Feng, Zhan Chen, Dan Ralescu

A Chance Maximization Model for Uncertain Project Scheduling Problem

Project scheduling problem is to make a schedule for allocating the loans to a project so as to balance the total cost and the completion time under some constraints. This paper mainly researches on an uncertain project scheduling problem, of which the activity duration times are uncertain variables. In order to satisfy different management requirements, a new chance maximization model for uncertain project scheduling problem is built. Moreover, the equivalent crisp form of the proposed model is derived, and a genetic algorithm is introduced to search for the optimal schedule. Finally, the effectiveness of the algorithm is illustrated by a numerical experiment.

Shize Ning

The Explorer of Decision-Making in Class

Decision-making is an important course of management specialty. Students can analysis and make decision correctly by this course, but it uses a lot of mathematical knowledge and the contemporary college students are generally lack of self-control, so the classroom efficiency is low. Five aspects have been proposed in this paper: Research-based teaching is introduced into the classroom, and uncertainty decision-making is as a pilot program; Customer experience management thought is introduced into the classroom, good experience is created; Flipped classroom is combined with traditional, absorb anything and everything; High quality network courses is established which keep pace with the teaching classroom; Increase experimental course to strength student’s practice ability. Those five methods promote significantly the effect of the class at the end.

Weiwei Li

Some Power Aggregation Operators for Hesitant Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linguistic Set and Their Applications to Multiple Attribute Decision Making

With respect to multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problems in which the attribute values take the form of hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic elements (HIFLEs) and the attributes are interdependent, this paper investigates a novel MADM method with hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic information. Firstly, some hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic power aggregation operators are developed based on the operational laws of HIFLEs and power aggregation operators, such as hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic power average (HIFLPA) operator, hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic power geometric (HIFLPG) operator, hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic weighted power average (HIFLWPA) operator and hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic weighted power geometric (HIFLWPG) operator. Then, some desirable properties of these operators and the relationships between them are discussed in detail. Furthermore, based on the HIFLWPA operator, an approach to MADM is proposed under hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic environment. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate the application of the proposed method.

Xiaoyue Liu, Qixing Qu, Li Zhang, Dawei Ju

Mechanics Analysis in Cable Supported Barrel Vault Based on the Uncertain Damage

For the problem of structure uncertain damage from various uncertain factors in the process of building and using, the corrosion and relaxation of the Cable Supported Barrel Vault are regarded as the research object in this paper. Based on probability theory and finite element analysis, the lasso‘s corrosion is simulated by reducing the percentage of lasso’s cross-sectional area and the lasso‘s relaxation is simulated by reducing the degree of lasso’s pre-stress. The location and number of simulated lasso that has been chosen to calculate is in change. Under the different conditions, the calculation results of structure reaction with the maximum displacement and maximum stress in the lasso and net shell are observed, and then describe the tendency of the results and analysis its influence to the whole structure. In the end, the uncertainly quantitative analysis problems caused by corrosion and relaxation in the Cable Supported Barrel Vault are solved.

Zhansheng Liu, Huanhuan Wang, Bin Li, Jian He

Formulas to Calculate the Variance and Pseudo-Variance of Complex Uncertain Variable

Uncertainty theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with human uncertainty, and uncertain variable is used to model an uncertain quantity. Uncertainty exists not only in real quantities but also in complex quantities. Complex uncertain variable is mainly used to model a complex uncertain quantity. In uncertainty theory, inverse uncertainty distribution provides an easy way to calculate expected value as well as variance of an uncertain variable. This paper proposes formulas to calculate variance and pseudo-variance via the inverse uncertainty distributions of the real and imaginary parts of a complex uncertain variable. Besides, inequalities about variance and pseudo-variance of a complex uncertain variable is also derived.

Xiumei Chen, Yufu Ning, Xiao Wang

Measure Constraint Model and Its Properties of Closed-Loop Logistics Network

Based on the chance theory, the transportation costs of unit from the factories to the stores are regarded as random variables with probability distribution, and the transportation costs of unit from the customers to the stores and the demands of customers are regarded as uncertain variables with uncertainty distribution. A new closed-loop logistics network model with objective of minimizing the expected total cost (uncertain random variable) of closed-loop logistics is established based on the measure-constraint of the balance between production and sale, transportation costs and demands of customers in the paper. It is called the measure-constraint model of uncertain random closed-loop logistics network. The properties of the model in special uncertainty distribution are given. It is gained to the specific form that it is equivalent to primary model.

Lei Yun, Xingfang Zhang

Chance Left Constraint Model for TSP and Its GASO Algorithm

The cost of travelling from one city to another is often uncertain in travelling salesman problem. The probability distribution of some parameters which are called random variables can be based on sufficient history sample data. However, the sample data of some parameters is not sufficient or can not be trusted for the impact of external environment. New methods provided by uncertainty theory and chance theory to deal with two kinds of uncertainty in a system. A new model, the objective is to minimize the expect value of uncertain random cost and the constraint is chance that uncertain random cost is less than or equal to own expected value, is established. It is called chance left constraint model of travelling salesman problem. And a new algorithm is given which is combined with simulations of chance measure and genetic algorithm. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the model and its algorithm.

Xiaojing Shi, Xingfang Zhang

Research on the Impact of the Counter Marketing to the Sales Performance of China’s Tobacco Industry

Due to the rapid increase in consumption, the environmental degradation and resource consumption, people’s health level is reduced, which makes it more and more important to reduce the demand for the target. Through the analysis of the current situation of China’s tobacco industry management in the background of the reverse marketing, the Chinese tobacco industry sales performance index system is constructed. Based on the existing research results, the weighted TOPSIS method is introduced. According to the relevant data of China’s tobacco industry in 2013, the impact of the reverse marketing on the sales performance of China’s tobacco industry is studied.

Jinzhi Huang, Quan Hao

The Manufacturing Enterprise of China Internal Control and the Agency Costs—Based on the Empirical Study of Industry Data from 2010 to 2014

Due to the separation of ownership and managerial authority of agency problems and the agency cost control has been the practice and academia is committed to the pursuit of goals. And the internal control as an important mechanism of supervision and control within the enterprise, whether can effectively reduce the agency cost; In different marketization of external audit, different regions and different nature of property right of enterprise, the internal control of agency costs the inhibitory effect of the existence of a different, has become the current academia. This paper studies the relationship between internal control and the agency costs, and further investigation in different audit quality, different areas and different nature of property rights cases, whether internal control effect on agency cost of change. The study found that the internal control can effectively reduce the agency cost, and in less developed areas, low audit quality and state-owned enterprises play a significant role in the sample. In this paper, to effectively reduce the agency cost, improve the market mechanism to provide policy advice, at the same time improving the quality of internal control of listed companies has played a positive role in promoting.

Yingmei Li, Ying Ren

Research on the Development and Management of Intellectual Property in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Improving the ability of intellectual property development is critical to improve comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of aerospace manufacturing in China. Considering existing research results and the features of China’s aerospace manufacturing, this article provides intellectual property development management system and evaluation index system of aerospace manufacturing. Using different evaluation methods to research intellectual property development management system, then using Borda combination method, Average combination method and Differences combination method to evaluate research result after consistency check beforehand, and go on later consistency check. Ultimately, it will determine the optimal sort results of evaluation achieved a consistent evaluation methods compatible, and ensure that the evaluation results is scientific and reliability.

Liu Sichen

Under the Trend of Wisdom Supply Chain, Finance Storage Risk Identification and Aversion Countermeasures Research in Our Country

The enterprises have growth potential and explosive with big data. Big data is changing our way of life, way of thinking and management mode, and is becoming the key competitiveness of enterprise. “Financial + Internet + logistics” logistics financial platform will be more efficient, and Enterprise positioning is more accurate and safe, and the market is more open with the means of intelligence, informationization, integration into the storage risk identification, risk aversion and development countermeasures through a series of studies. It has a certain reference value for financial storage management development in the future.

Hong Wang, Qingzhong Lai, Lina Chang

Research Status of Earned Value Management

Earned value management is an integrated management method of the project cost, schedule performance measurement. In the process of the development, we put the quality, risk and human resources and other factors into account to achieve the goal of project integration management. This paper is mainly to carding division the domestic and foreign earned value management research angle. From the research on effectiveness of earned value management, the completion of prediction and performance evaluation indicators and application field and other methods, classify and summarize the research direction of EVM, and make a prospect for the future.

Hang Ju, Shuai Xu

Reliability Analysis of Unrepairable Warm Standby Systems Mixed With Randomness and Fuzziness

As the manufacturing industry competition intensifies, the manufacturers need more reliable production equipment, especially those key production processes, often need to use redundant configuration. Warm standby is one of the redundant techniques widely used to improve system reliability. But in practice, warm standby systems become more and more complex, and sometimes randomness and fuzziness are merged with each other in one warm standby system. So in this paper, the lifetimes of components in operation and in warm standby are assumed to have random fuzzy exponential distributions. Based on that, two mathematical models of unrepairable warm standby systems consisting of two dissimilar components are established. Moreover, the expressions of reliability and mean time to failure (MTTF) are presented for each unrepairable warm standby systems, respectively. Finally, some numerical examples are presented.

Ying Liu, Xiaozhong Li, Yao Ma

Research on the Marketing Strategy of the New Media Age Based on AISAS Model: A Case Study of Micro Channel Marketing

With the arrival of the new media era, the way to the marketing of a enterprise products and brand is being not only more and more innovative, but also more and more depends on the media Compared with the traditional marketing and publicity, the new media marketing contains many outstanding characteristics. Such as the wide audience, the interactive and the entertaining. This paper analyzed the users’ behavior on the micro channel based on the micro channel marketing, and according to the AISAS model more further explores the optimization of enterprise marketing strategy to be a further study to the marketing transformation of a enterprise in the era of new media, We put forward some specific measures such as the strategy of customer positioning and share marketing, which includes the realization of precision marketing, aggregate user, strengthen interaction, rational integration of marketing channels and the specific measures, in order to improve under the new media era of enterprise marketing level and improve the overall efficiency of enterprises.

Changdong Xu, Quan Hao, Guoyuan Han

Overview and Prospect of the Research on the Product Oil Consumption Tax in China

Based on existing research, this paper hackles and summarizes the current reform process of product oil consumption tax in China and gives a more detailed overview of current situations and problems. Meanwhile, this paper provides systematic and comprehensive induction and analysis for current reform measures and gives recommendation that to meet the demand of domestic product oil, the government should deepen the consumption tax reform of oil and widen the research about the horizontal and vertical fiscal relations, unification of units in different taxation process, clear classification of various oil products, transformation of product oil consumption tax collection from production side to consumption side and so forth.

Huanhuan Zhang

A Survey of Electronic Commerce Tax Collection and Management

With the electronic commerce rising increasingly electronic commerce tax collection and management has been a hot spot that is concentrated on by governs, specialists and scholars around the world. This article, along with a basic thought of the problem rising, analysis and revolutions, concludes the national government practices and academic viewpoints concerning the e-commerce tax collection and management. And then we make prospect, based on the shortcomings of existing research, such as inadequate theories, single research method and weak practical operation, about the problem analyzed deeply and practical direction in e-commerce tax collection and management in the future.

Jinghuai She, Xuedan Li

Development Analysis of O2O Model Based on Mobile Electronic Business

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile e-commerce based on smart phones, PAD and other mobile terminals is changing people’s lifestyle. O2O, a new business model, derives from e-commerce which is constantly innovating itself. Through an investigation into the background and present situation of the mobile e-commerce as well as O2O model, this thesis analyzes their opportunities and challenges in the future.

Taian Xu

Research on Modeling Customer Churn in Video Players

With the development of the mobile network, watching videos using video player on mobile terminal has become one of the most important entertainment in people’s daily life. For a video player company, the key of success in market competition is to hold more customers and ensure they will not churn. In this study, we tried to construct a stochastic model to predict customer churn. And then we collected 700 samples of user behavior data from the Internet from 17th May to 20th August. Using these data, we estimated the customer churn rate of several video player using weibull distribution and linear regression. Finally we compared the customer churn rate of each video player through some figures. Based on the model, we explained some reasons why customer churn happened and presented suggestion.

Qixing Qu, Xiaoyue Liu, Li Zhang, Lin Wang

Risk Analysis of Supply Chain Pricing Problem Based on Uncertain Measure

In this paper, we study a pricing decision problem in a supply chain consisting of one risk-neutral manufacturer and one risk-sensitive retailer. The unit manufacturing cost and consumer demand are assumed to be uncertain variables. Then two decentralized models based on game theory and uncertain programming are developed. How the channel members should make their optimal decisions is derived. By comparing the equilibrium results, we find that with the increase of the retailer’s risk sensitivity, the sales prices decrease which consequently leads to higher ordering quantities. Besides, the manufacturer can benefit from its dominant power. However, the other channel member and the whole supply chain will suffer from the powerful manufacturer as well as consumers.

Yanzhun Li, Rong Cheng

Pricing Decision Problem in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Uncertain Random Environment

As worldwide resource limitation and environmental pollution have led to an increasing attention on reverse collection and remanufacturing in many countries, pricing decision problem in closed-loop supply chain has already attracted broad research interests. Closed-loop supply chain contains many indeterminate factors and these factors may have great effects on chain members’ decisions. Hence, it is necessary to take these indeterminacies into consideration when we deal with closed-loop supply chain management problem. This paper studies a pricing decision problem in closed-loop supply chain where randomness and uncertainty co-exist. Since we consider the different degrees of the risk-aversion of the retailer, two different models are built to derive the optimal pricing strategies of the supply chain participants under different decision conditions. On the basis of these two models and numerical studies, we explore how the risk sensitivity of the retailer affects the performances of the participants’ decisions and their optimal profits. Interestingly, It is found that the manufacturer is better off when the retailer is more risk averse.

Yanzhun Li, Rong Cheng

Competition in a Two-Channel Supply Chain with Symmetric Retailers Under Channel Preference

In this paper, we study competition in a two-channel supply chain where a supplier sells a single product to multiple symmetric retailers as well as to end customers directly. A linear inverse demand function with channel preference is proposed to study the effect of channel preference on profit and efficiency. Then we study analytically the supply chain in decentralized and centralized cases and give closed-form expressions for both equilibriums. It is proved that the profit of the supplier decreases first and then increases with the augment of the degree of customer preference to the direct channel, and when the degree of customer preference to the direct channel is greater than some value, the retailer’s profit increases with its augment. In addition, we consider the difference in profits with and without channel preference and show that the channel preference has positive effects on profit provided that it is less than some value. Moreover, the efficiency of supply chain can be improved by incorporating channel preference and increasing the number of retailers.

Jinjin Liu, Hua Ke

Uncertain Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Net Present Value Criterion for Risk-Averse Decision Makers

On the basis of uncertainty theory, plenty of researches have been done on uncertain resource-constrained project scheduling problem (URCPSP). Instead of minimizing the makespan, in this paper, we address the maximization of net present value (NPV) of a project’s cash flows when activity durations are assumed to be uncertain. In addition to precedence constraint and resource constraint involved in resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP), a deadline constraint is taken into account. Thus, our aim is to maximize NPV and to satisfy the deadline constraint with certain belief degree as well. Accordingly we adopt chance-constrained programming and utilize a revised estimation of distribution algorithm (EDA) to solve this problem. In this way we present NPV criterion for project decision makers who are risk-averse.

Chenkai Zhao, Hua Ke

Research on the Development of Cross-Border E-commerce in Port Cities—A Case of Manzhouli City

Cross-border electronic commerce, as a new mode of foreign trade, represents the development direction of the future. There are the following development opportunities for the port city, such as Manzhouli, to promote Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce: the global e-commerce internationalization trend, the Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce huge potential, foreign trade transformation and upgrading urgent needs and the government strong support and so on. At the same time, there are many challenges around the Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce, such as the downturn of Russia’s economic, the regional competition of Heilongjiang port, the weak support condition of foundation, the lack of professional talents.

Dezhong Sun, Lingling Fang, Jiashu Li

Study on Development Countermeasure of Manzhouli Wood Processing Industrial Cluster

Manzhouli wood processing industry gradually formed the cluster effect after recent years of development. In this paper, we analyze the characteristics of wood industry cluster development, and use the SWOT method to analyze the lumber industry cluster development environment. At last we put forward corresponding countermeasures of wood processing industry upgrading.

Bo Pang, Dezhong Sun

The Study of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy and Customers Performance in Service Industry—An Example Analysis of High-End Catering Enterprise in Beijing

Due to the limited service industry scale, implementing diversification strategy is an effective way of the service industry enterprises to achieve expand the business objectives. However, which diversified forms for companies is effective for implementing the strategy of diversifying enterprise? The study will use the high-end restaurant chain enterprises which have used strategy of diversifying in Beijing city as the research object. Data are collected on the basis of Hankow Thames on September 20, 2015. Our empirical analysis of a large sample of 125 chain restaurants after excluding using spss21. The study found that product diversification and localization diversification had a negative influence on customers’ performance, and horizontal diversification had a positive influence on customer performance.

Jiwen Hu, Jianxin Zhu, Bin Han

The “Internet+” Based Study on the Development Strategy About Sino-Russian Cross-Border E-commerce

The cross-border e-commerce, as an emerging industry, has been the new engine for upgrading our open economy development relying on its new concept and new modal. Recently, the electronic commerce in Russia has been developing rapidly, which is very significant for our country to exploit Russian cross-border e-commerce market. Moreover, our country has carried out “Internet+” strategy since 2015, which is really a good opportunity for developing Sino-Russian Cross-border E-commerce. However, nowadays, there are still some restricted factors. So we need to optimize the policy environment, strengthen talent training and perfect our credit mechanism in order to get great improvement to Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce with “Internet+” strategy as an opportunity.

Xiaozheng Wang, Jianqiang Zhang, Dezhong Sun

The SWOT Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Travel Agency Online Marketing in Network Times

Network times is coming, with the popularity of Internet and the development of tourism, tourists’ demand and consumption habits have changed, which takes a shock to the management mode and marketing mode of the travel agency. The travel agency online marketing becomes inevitable if it wants to be in an impregnable position in the fierce competition. Realizing the importance of travel online marketing in network times, this paper analyzes it from the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats. At last we put forward some suggestions on travel agencies in marketing.

Yun Zhang

The Analysis of the Management Mode of Decision-Making Characteristics and Development Trend of Engineering Project

Engineering project management mode plays an important role in the process of construction, which can ensure the high efficiency, high quality, the implementation of the safety problems. At first, the writer introduces the history of the project management model, summarizes the different stages of development mode of decision-making of engineering project management mode, and then analyzes the outstanding characteristics of the engineering project management mode decision method, finally discusses the development trend of the engineering project management mode decision.

Jiashu Li

Study of Community E-commerce Logistic Distribution Model Based on Intelligent Community Property

With the continuous expansion of the scale of e-commerce and the continuous improvement of information technology in China, people have more and more demands on service quality of e-commerce. But, the problem of last kilometer is the same challenges of all e-commerce the logistics distribution enterprises faced. The paper carries on research to it from intelligent community angle hand, analyzes the characteristics of intelligent community and intellectual property, at the same time, the e-commerce logistic distribution model based on the intelligent community property is brought forward, which can further reduce logistics cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Min Han, Hongzhi Wang

Research on the Development Strategy of Cultural Enterprises Based on the Negative WOM

WOM with its great influence and advantages has been considered as an important means of modern marketing to open up the market. However, studies have shown that negative WOM has obvious side effect on the enterprise marketing performance, with the rapid development in the context of e-commerce; this negative impact will further expand. This paper is aimed at the development of Qingdao cultural enterprises, combined with the SIR model, the system dynamics analysis as a tool for the study of negative WOM communication process, and system simulation by using Vensim PLE, to explore the negative WOM propagation and influence factors. The results show that the minimizing potential consumers initial value, reducing the contact rate and improving the service recovery rate can be effective to dissipate negative word-of-mouth. And then put forward the corresponding marketing strategy for the development of Qingdao cultural enterprises.

Cheng Che, Weipeng Luo

The Literature Review on the Research of Derailment

The construction of the railway is developed rapidly and the train is going faster and faster, so how to control and prevent the derailment of train has become one of the important work for people. This paper has summarized the methods and the criterion of the derailment’s research. In order to analyze the mechanism of train’s derailment, this article describes three significant theories which are the theory of coefficient of derailment, the theory of modified of the motion stability and the theory of random energy; Then, this paper summarizes the main causes and the corresponding preventive measures of train’s derailment; Finally, this paper puts forward some worth problems in the research of derailment for further study, and its trends of the research on derailment of the train are proposed.

Bingfu Wu, Dewang Chen, Ling Yang

Regulation of Equity Crowdfunding in Hong Kong

In recent years, crowdfunding, an innovative method of raising capital, has emerged. That an increasing trend of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that may have difficulty accessing equity funding due to the costs of disclosure and other requirements are engaging into crowdfunding activities is observed. To harness the financial power of crowds, foreign jurisdictions including the United States have enacted specific legislations governing equity crowdfunding. In response to the global trend, it was argued that Hong Kong should follow the global practices in order to enhance its role as a global financial centre. Therefore, it is crucial for Hong Kong to explore its potential needs and possibilities in legislating on crowdfunding.

Lapfu Yeung

The Impact of Big Data on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Financing

This paper analyzes the present situation of the small and medium-sized enterprises and their financing difficulties, researches big data technology’s impact on the financing of small and medium enterprises in the era of big data. The paper main researches the impact of big data on traditional bank lending and emerging internet financing for small and medium enterprises. Studies have shown that Big Data technology effectively changed the small and medium enterprises in terms of bank financing conditions as well as the unique advantages of the emerging P2P and crowd funding in business start-up capital raised.

Ying Li

Uncertain Optimization Model for Railway Power Supply Equipments Maintenance Scheduling Problem

The maintenance of railway power supply equipment needs to be conducted on a regular basis to guarantee the safe operation of the train. In order to reduce the risk of equipment failure, optimization of equipment’s maintenance tasks is very important. Within a complete maintenance cycle, several maintenance tasks will be performed in a sequence. In each maintenance task, a large number of equipment will be maintained within the required time. However, not all of equipment is needed to be maintained at each time. Since continuous operation of equipment will lead to fatigue, even failure, the maintenance timing of equipment will determine the risk of its failure. And for a piece of equipment, the maintenance arranged in different time will lead to different risk of failure. Thus it is necessary to determine the best maintenance time for equipment thereby ensuring minimal risk of overall equipment’s failure. The failure risk of each device at different time is usually obtained via the estimation from the decision maker, which is an imprecise empirical data. In order to cope with the empirical data, we introduce uncertainty theory into the railway power supply equipment’s maintenance scheduling optimization model.

Shuang Ren, Yuan Gao, Feng Liu

Research on Yong Teachers’ Salary System in Private Colleges

Talents is the core and most competitive resource for the private colleges being in a invincible position in the competitive market. How to effectively make good use of the talents is an artistic topic, and what is the most complex and difficult is how to stimulate the talents with a fair compensation system. The success of the sustainable development of private colleges to a large degree depends on a reasonable and effective compensation management system, and fundamentally guaranteeing human competitive advantage, thus shifting it to competition advantage in the market. The construction of faculty compensation system is an important content of the system construction in private colleges. This paper firstly puts forward the main problems existing in the faculty compensation system of private colleges nowadays, and then illustrates some principles of compensation system construction, and lastly proposes some suggestions for the construction of faculty compensation system in private colleges from the four aspects of compensation level, compensation structure, compensation relationship and compensation growth mechanism. With the further development of our country’s higher education, private higher education as a new force, has become an important part of higher education in our country, since it has made an indelible contribution to the development of education. In recent years, under the guidance of favorable national macro policy, private colleges have gained sustainable and healthy development. During the developing process of private colleges, the middle-aged and young teachers as the backbone of the construction of the private colleges, play an important role. Their work enthusiasm directly affects the healthy development of private colleges. Besides the success we have made, we should notice the restraining factors during the developing process of private colleges. And one of the restraining factors is the work enthusiasm, therefore, how to stimulate their work enthusiasm becomes the focus of private colleges. There are many factors which can arouse the enthusiasm of private colleges teachers, salary system as the key factors, should cause our enough attention. For the faculty compensation system of private colleges this paper unfold some thoughts in order to put forward some valuable suggestions.

Cai Su, Xueqiang Li, Lina Chang, Chengwu Zheng

The Problems and Suggestions of Express “Real-Name System” in Our Country

In recent years, with the rise of “Internet plus express” mode, express enterprise develops rapidly, it involves all aspects of social life, greatly facilitates the life of people, but the rapid development of express delivery industry is also a “double-edged sword”, while raising the standard of living, it also brings negative effects. In order to maintain the order of the development of the express industry to avoid express delivery as a means of passing prohibited articles to criminals, many cities began to implement “real-name system”. However, the rising cost of courier company and express user’s personal information leakage, have become obstacles to the express industry in the process of the real-name system implement.

Fuhui Jing, Hui Zhu

Introduction to Network Economy Era of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the development of the network economy era, the customer relationship management (CRM) as a kind of management means, obtains more and more attention by enterprises. This article from the network economy and the concept of customer relationship management (CRM), analyzes our country enterprise under the environment of network marketing present situation and necessity of the implementation of customer relationship management (CRM), through the modern sense revealing the connotation of CRM, this paper expounds the customer relationship management (CRM) under the condition of network economy.

Hui Zhu, Fuhui Jing

Research on the Tourism Consumption Behavior of College Students in the Mobile Social Network Environment

The mobile social network has become more and more widely used in tourism with its immediacy, convenience and other characteristics. College students as a group of tourism consumers, the frequency of use of mobile social network is higher. Through the survey of Qingdao college students’ tourism attitudes, motivations, consumer decision-making behavior in the mobile social networking environment, the results show that university students’ tourism demand is strong, prefer the short distance travel companion, and mobile social network influence on college students’ willingness to travel and tourism experience is significant and it makes little effect the tourism consumption increase.

Cheng Che, Xiaolin Qi, Weipeng Luo

Application of Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm in Train Energy Saving

Since the roulette selection is random, the crossover rate and mutation rate is fixed in Genetic algorithm toolbox, an improved adaptive genetic algorithm is proposed, which using the improved roulette selection, the crossover mutation operator and the best individual preservation strategy. This algorithm can effectively solve the problem of premature convergence and random roaming. The experimental results show that the average energy consumption has been reduced by the proposed algorithm under the premise of meeting the train punctuality.

Yiwei Fan, Dewang Chen

Optimal Inventory Policy for Newsboy Problem Based on Fuzzy Random Demand

In uncertain inventory management problem, the calculation of optimal order quantity often depends on the type of uncertain demand. In many cases, it is difficult to characterize the uncertain demand by using random variable or fuzzy variable. Based on fuzzy random expected value theory, an inventory optimization model with fuzzy random demand is built. In order to solve the optimal ordering quantity, we set up a fuzzy random demand newsboy model which makes the fuzzy random revenue maximum and give a method to solve it. A numeral example shows the method is feasible and effective. In addition, we analyze the total expected cost changes with the storage cost and shortage cost, which provides a further suggestion for corporate investment decision.

Yuefang Sun, Zhaozhuang Guo

Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Price Dispersion of Online Retail Commodity

With the development of Internet and electronic commerce, online shopping has been accepted by more and more people, and the advantage of electronic commerce is becoming more and more obvious. However, the electronic commerce market and the traditional market price difference is not lower, so the price difference will be widespread and persistent. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the price dispersion of the Internet retail commodity and to make a systematic study of the related problems. This paper first introduces the concept of network retail and related theories of price dispersion, and then analyzes the current situation of e-commerce. From the two angles of retailers and consumers, the author makes a systematic analysis and research on the causes of the formation of the price dispersion of the Internet retail commodity. Then the purchasing strategy of the network transaction market and the traditional market consumers are compared, finally, according to the network retail commodity price dispersion as well as the network retail characteristics, providing purchasing strategy for consumers. Different from the past, this paper does not separate from the transaction of unilateral price discreteness problem analysis, but to Taobao, for example, Both two sides of the online retailers and consumer transactions are studied respectively. The influence of consumers on the price discreteness are fully taken into account. According to the characteristics of the network market and Analysis on Influencing Factors of price discreteness, providing consumers with online retail goods purchase strategies has a guiding significance for reality.

Linlin Liu

Empirical Analysis of Influence Factor of Investment Income of Commercial Bank Financial Product

With the continuous development of the global financial system, and the accelerating process of our financial system reform, the financial instrument becomes increasingly sophisticated and emerging in endlessly. The commercial bank financial products are popular with investors, and it is obvious that the investment income provides a very important reference for investors before they make an investment. Based on the above situation, it is essential to analyze the influence factors of investment income of commercial bank financial product. Using multiple regression method, this paper analyzes the investment income of domestic commercial bank financial products, it concludes that some factors, such as degree of risk, investment period, has significant effect on investment income, and by considering the characteristics of our commercial bank financial product market, it gives some advices to increase the investment income.

Lingyan Lou, Jing Wu, Qian Liu

Empirical Analysis on the Evolution of Development Mode of Cultural Creative Industry

With the rapid development of market economy, the development of Cultural Creative Industry has made a great contribution to the economic growth, it is obvious that the cultural creative industry is facing the issue of evolution of development mode. Therefore, this paper conducts an empirical analysis on the evolution of development mode of cultural creative industry, it puts forward the logical thinking of the model and basic hypothesis, by applying multiple hierarchical regression method, it measures the variable for 100 cultural creative enterprise and conducts empirical analysis, it finds the regulatory mechanism is able to effectively promote the development of the cultural creative industry, the market regulatory mechanism has a significant regulating effect on the relationship between government regulatory mechanism and non-innovative state parameter of cultural creative industry development, the non-innovative state parameter of cultural creative industry plays an positive effect on the performance of the development of cultural creative industry, it is obvious that these conclusions provide certain reference for the evolution of development mode of cultural creative industry.

Jun Ma

The Effect of Chinese Listed Company Manager’s Inrrational Merger and Acquisition Decision on the Performance

This paper studies the merger and acquisition (M&A) activity of Chinese listed companies based on the frame of irrational behaviors. It defines the irrational behaviors of the listed company’s manager as overconfidence, and it also builds up the discriminant model to figure out the overconfidence. It is obvious that this study is beneficial for Chinese listed company’s manager to figure out their irrationality. With the help of improved Z-Score model, it evaluates the performance of irrational Merger and Acquisition, which is caused by overconfidence. Obviously, the research on this issue is beneficial to conduct system analysis of the irrational behavior of listed company’s Merger & Acquisition decision, it will also encourage listed company to improve their successful rate and performance of merger and acquisition, in order to keep the pace with Chinese securities market evolution and the development of marketing economics.

Jing Wu, Qian Liu, Lingyan Lou

Research on Competitiveness of Listed Security Companies in China

Chinese securities industry has more than 20 years of history, during the rapid development of the securities industry, management level of Security Company has improved significantly, however it still has a larger gap with the large investment bank in the international market. Therefore, how to enhance the competitiveness of Security Company becomes very important. This paper chooses 10 a-share listed securities companies in China in 2013 as the research sample, and it selects the financial index as input and output indicators, by using the factor analysis to rank the competitiveness of listed securities company, through the study on the competitiveness of listed securities company, it will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis, in order to provide corresponding countermeasures to improve the competitiveness of the listed security company.

Qian Liu, Lingyan Lou, Jing Wu

Research on the Evaluation of Rural Credit Cooperatives in Agriculture Efficiency in China’s Various Regions

Based on the construction of China’s rural credit cooperatives, to support agriculture efficiency evaluation network DEA model, this paper uses relevant data to measure the efficiency of rural credit cooperatives in China. Empirical results show that: the efficiency of rural credit cooperatives operation in our country is relatively high, China’s rural credit cooperatives issued loans to support agriculture efficiency is relatively low, China’s regional rural credit agency agriculture efficiency differences greatly, there are relatively large room for improvement in agriculture efficiency of rural credit cooperatives.

Sha Lou

The Empirical Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Economic Development Level in Various Regions of Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang, as a major agricultural economic province, has significant differences in the level of agricultural economic development in various regions. Based on the construction of evaluation index system of agricultural economic development level, this paper uses factor analysis model to comprehensively evaluate the level of agricultural economic development in various regions of Heilongjiang province. The empirical results show that the level of agricultural economic development in different regions is obvious, the agricultural economic development in different regions is not balanced and there are more factors that affect the level of agricultural economic development in various regions.

Sha Lou

The Chinese Regional Rural Credit Unions’ Efficiency Evaluation Based on Network DEA

This paper constructs the model of the Chinese Rural Credit Union Efficiency Evaluation. Using the related data, it evaluates the efficiency of the regional rural credit unions. The results show as follows: the efficiency is higher in the stage of deposit, the efficiency is lower in the stage of loan, and the whole efficiency is lower. It suggests that we must supply the policy for the rural credit union; we must strengthen supervise on the rural credit union; we must deepen the reform for the rural credit union.

Yi Qu, Lina Zhou

Analysis of Economic Benefit of Resource-Based City’s Transformation Based on the Development of Modern Service Industry

Modern service industry can effectively save resources and improve resource utilization efficiency. It is an effective way to promote the transformation of resource-based cities, optimize industrial structure, and realize the sustainable development. Using the indicator system for sustainable development of resource-based cities, the paper builds the DEA model for comprehensive evaluation of the performance of modern service industry of 25 typical resource-based cities, and put forward the countermeasures and suggestions of development of modern service industry.

Yi Qu, Lina Zhou

Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Financial Ecological Environment in Various Regions of Heilongjiang Province

Based on the construction of evaluation index system of financial ecological environment, this paper uses factor analysis model to comprehensively evaluate the financial ecological environment in various regions of Heilongjiang province. The empirical results show that the level of financial ecological environment in different regions is obvious, the financial ecological environment in different regions is not balanced and optimization of financial ecological environment is a systematic project, which is affected by many factors.

Dehua Zhang

Research on Performance Evaluation of Agricultural Development in Different Regions in China

This paper chooses total assets and main business cost as input variables, main business income and total profit as the output variables, constructs evaluation model of operation performance in telecommunication industry in China based on DEA-CCR model, uses the relevant data to measure it. The empirical results show that the overall operation performance of telecommunication industry in China is higher, it does not show concentration and the telecommunication industry in the region has the space for improvement.

Dehua Zhang

The Empirical Research on the Technical Efficiency and the Influencing Factors with the County Agency of Agricultural Development Bank of China

This paper uses logarithmic Cobb-Douglas production function of the stochastic frontier model, uses the agricultural development bank of China at the county level organizations in Heilongjiang province in 2006–2011 financial data and studies the bank institutions technical efficiency at the county level and its influencing factors. Research shows that: the bank institutions at the county level average technical efficiency is low, and the technical efficiency of growth in recent years is behind the first industry growth rate of GDP, the bank institutions at the county level, each number of outlets and workforce of the bank have negative and positive effects on output. In addition, the agricultural population and the fiscal expenditure have positive influences on the technical efficiency of the bank institutions at the county level.

Shen Zhong

The Empirical Study on the Evaluation and Improvement of Wheat Cost and Benefit Efficiency in Different Regions in China

The paper chooses production costs, land costs and cash costs as the input variables, product yield and output value as the output variables. It constructs the evaluation model of the wheat cost and benefit efficiency based on DEA-CCR, evaluates wheat cost and benefit efficiency and measures its improvement using the relevant data in China. The empirical results show that wheat cost and benefit efficiency is relatively good in China. The investment can be reduced and there are some increasing potentials in output in most areas.

Shen Zhong

A Biclustering-Based Lead User Identification Methodology Applied to Xiaomi

Lead users are of great significance in today’s customer-centric product design environment, who are viewed as pioneers of customer needs. In order to identify the potential lead users in mass consumer products like phones, automobiles, a biclustering-based identification methodology taking advantage of BCBimax algorithm is proposed. Consequently, this method is implemented into a smart phone maker in China, Xiaomi, which has set good examples in occupying large market share by employing lead users in its design procedure.

Yunwen Miao, Hui Zhang

Discrete Tunnel-Filled Function Method for Discrete Global Optimization Problems

This paper considers discrete global optimization problems. A new transformation function for finding global minimizer on discrete global optimization problems is given in this paper. We prove that under some general assumptions the new transformation function possesses the properties of both the tunnelling functions and the filled functions. New transformation function contains only one parameter and can be easily adjusted in the realization of the proposed algorithm. Moreover, the paper intends to obtain promising computational results comparing with filled function method, and shows the efficiency of the transformation function method.

Jinrui Li, Youlin Shang, Ping Han

The Trend Research of Intergenerational Income Elasticity Change Between Father and Son

Intergenerational income elasticity is one of the important indicators to measure degree of equality of opportunity, and can directly reflect the specific social fairness in some extent. This paper selected male samples from three provinces in central China nutrition survey (Henan, Hubei, Hunan), adopted double stage double least-squares method, to calculate the intergenerational income elasticity of three provinces in central through quantile regression analysis method and research the different income position and the change trend of intergenerational income elasticity. Research shows that: 1. the average of intergenerational income elasticity between 1989 and 2011 is 0.415, which belongs to superior middling, and means that the income mobility in these three central provinces is poor. 2. The overall level of the central provinces intergenerational income elasticity is rising, but income gradually becomes illiquid and appears inverted “U” shape from local view, which means intergenerational income elasticity value increased before 1997, then decreased after that. 3. According to the result of intergenerational income elasticity quantile regression, the social mobility of moderate income group is relatively weak than low-income groups and high-income groups, and the high-income groups’ income decision ability for offspring is limited.

Shengqian Guo, Chuanyin Jin

Research on the Legal Regulation of China’s E-finance Field

With the rapid development of economy, electronic financial service plays an important role in the world, and it is an important economic development pattern. Many problems arising in the practice of E-finance, for example, the legal system is not perfect and is lack of customer privacy protection, inadequate supervision and so on. It is essential to improve the legal regulation system and perfect electronic financial regulatory system, improve laws and regulations of electronic financial services and improve customer protection and other aspects.

Hongchao Ning, Kui Li
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