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25.06.2020 | Production + Production Technology | News | Onlineartikel

Current Report on Global Adhesives Market

Dr. Hubert Pelc
2 Min. Lesedauer

Adhesives technology is an innovative key technology in diverse sectors and still offers a wealth of untapped potential. In its fourth study on the global market, the market research institute Ceresana determined that more than 14.7 million tonnes of adhesives were consumed around the world in 2019. 

With a demand exceeding 4.3 million tonnes, vinyl adhesives were the most important product type in 2019 according to the study. A wide range of vinyl-based adhesives is available, the most important of which include products based on polyvinyl acetate (PVAC). Polyvinyl acetate is additionally used to produce another adhesive, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), for bonding porous materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, cork and leather. Trailing somewhat in second place behind vinyl products were acrylic adhesives, followed by polyurethane, elastomers, epoxy and other adhesive types.

Construction industry is the main consumer

The most important market for adhesives last year was the construction industry, which accounted for more than 26% of the total global consumption for use in wall and floor coverings, for building repair and renovation, for components such as linings and panels or for heat-insulating materials. The study breaks down the adhesives market data not only according to applications but according to individual technologies as well. Water-based adhesives reached a share of around 46% of the total global consumption. The demand for hot-melt adhesives came in distant second place. Around 38% of total adhesives sales fell to the Asia-Pacific region in 2019, followed by North America and Western Europe.

The study in brief

Chapter 1 describes and analyses the global adhesives market – including forecasts up to 2027. It explains the development in sales volume, consumption and production for each region. Regional adhesives markets are analysed in detail concerning data and influencing factors for applications such as paper and packaging, construction industry, wood processing, vehicle manufacturing, footwear/leather/textiles, consumer goods and other uses. Demand for adhesives is categorised according to product types such as vinyl, acrylic, polyurethane (PUR), elastomers, epoxy and other adhesives, as well as according to the various technologies such as water-based adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, reactive adhesives and other technologies.
Chapter 2 provides an in-depth analysis of 17 countries with regard to total adhesives consumption, export, import and sales volume. It also thoroughly examines the countries in terms of applications and adhesives technologies. Market data about consumption and production values are listed for the individual adhesive types.
Chapter 3 provides company profiles of the largest adhesives manufacturers – clearly arranged according to contact details, turnover, profit, product range and profile summary.

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