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Production Engineering 2/2020
Production Engineering

Ausgabe 2/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

25.01.2020 | Communication

Springback analysis of thick-walled tubes under combined bending-torsion loading with consideration of nonlinear kinematic hardening
A. Farhadi, A. Nayebi

20.12.2019 | Computer Aided Engineering

X-ray computed tomography to investigate industrial cast Al-alloys
Ajith Bandara, Koichi Kan, Hisashi Morii, Akifumi Koike, Toru Aoki

Open Access 25.01.2020 | Machine Tool

Impact-based feed drive actuator for discontinuous motion profiles
Peter Zahn, Alexander Schulte, Alexander Verl

02.01.2020 | Production Management

Multi-objective optimization of lean and resource efficient manufacturing systems
Sebastian Greinacher, Leonard Overbeck, Andreas Kuhnle, Carmen Krahe, Gisela Lanza

01.01.2020 | Production Management

A shifting bottleneck procedure with multiple objectives in a complex manufacturing environment
Paul Cayo, Sinan Onal

12.02.2020 | Production Management

Integrated production scheduling and distribution allocation for multi-products considering sequence-dependent setups: a practical application
Nur Aini Masruroh, Hanifa Astofa Fauziah, Sinta Rahmawidya Sulistyo

Open Access 12.02.2020 | Production Management

Continuous modelling of machine tool failure durations for improved production scheduling
B. Denkena, M.-A. Dittrich, L. Keunecke, S. Wilmsmeier

03.12.2019 | Production Process

A comparison of some modified confidence intervals based on robust scale estimators for process capability index
Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh, Shipra Banik, B. M. Golam Kibria, Hayriye Esra Akyüz

27.11.2019 | Production Process

Contact pressure, slip-rate, and temperature dependent friction analysis regarding damage free deep drawing of stainless steel
Thomas Bergs, Daniel Trauth, Matthias Nick, Rafael Hild

09.12.2019 | Production Process

Ball end micro milling of areal material measures: influence of the tilt angle on the resulting surface topography
K. Klauer, M. Eifler, B. Kirsch, J. Seewig, J. C. Aurich

08.01.2020 | Production Process

Assessment of tool holder performance in roughing with end mills
Process dynamics and surface formation
Oliver Rosenthal, Wolfgang Hintze, Carsten Möller

Open Access 29.01.2020 | Production Process

Analysis of incremental die bending of wires and tubes
Viktor Holstein, Matthias Hermes, A. Erman Tekkaya

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