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Production Engineering 4/2020
Production Engineering

Ausgabe 4/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 18.06.2020 | Assembly

Reinforcement learning for robotic assembly of fuel cell turbocharger parts with tight tolerances
Franziska Aschersleben, Rudolf Griemert, Felix Gabriel, Klaus Dröder

Open Access 02.08.2020 | Assembly

Improvement of a rivet geometry for the self-piercing riveting of high-strength steel and multi-material joints
Benedikt Uhe, Clara-Maria Kuball, Marion Merklein, Gerson Meschut

Open Access 14.08.2020 | Machine Tool

Hybrid compliance compensation for path accuracy enhancement in robot machining
Felix Hähn, Matthias Weigold

Open Access 28.08.2020 | Machine Tool

Probabilistic information fusion to model the pose-dependent dynamics of milling robots
Maximilian Busch, Florian Schnoes, Thomas Semm, Michael F. Zaeh, Birgit Obst, Dirk Hartmann

Open Access 07.09.2020 | Production Management

Modular change impact analysis in factory systems
Guideline for individual configuration
Harald Bauer, Paul Haase, Fabian Sippl, Robert Ramakrishnan, Johannes Schilp, Gunther Reinhart

17.06.2020 | Production Process

Multiple regression analysis for the prediction of extraction efficiency in mining industry with industrial IoT
C. Maheswari, E. B. Priyanka, S. Thangavel, S. V. Ram Vignesh, C. Poongodi

Open Access 30.06.2020 | Production Process

Design, evaluation, and implementation of a model-predictive control approach for a force control in friction stir welding processes
Validation of different force-control approaches for friction press joining of aluminum with thermoplastics
Stefan P. Meyer, Christian J. Bernauer, Sophie Grabmann, Michael F. Zaeh

Open Access 06.07.2020 | Production Process

Experimental investigation of specific cutting forces and estimation of the heat partitioning under increasing tool wear in machining nickel-based super alloy IN 718
Thorsten Augspurger, Daniel Schraknepper, Thomas Bergs

Open Access 16.07.2020 | Production Process

Investigation of using RFID for cure monitoring of glass fiber-reinforced plastics
Marius Veigt, Elisabeth Hardi, Michael Koerdt, Axel S. Herrmann, Michael Freitag

28.07.2020 | Production Process

Experimental and numerical investigation of fiber metal laminate forming behavior using a variable blank holder force
Hamza Blala, Lihui Lang, Shahrukh Khan, Sergei Alexandrov

Open Access 17.08.2020 | Production Process

The influence of the ratio between the wire and process velocities on the wetting process during laser brazing
Thorsten Mattulat, Peer Woizeschke

Open Access 02.09.2020 | Production Process

Measuring the bore straightness during reaming with sensoric tools
Andreas Bretz, Eberhard Abele, Matthias Weigold

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