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Management Control in Local Public Administrations in France - Typological Construction and Organizational Determinants - the Case of Large Intermunicipalities

This article is part of the fields of public management and management control. Its objective is to shed light on the management control function in local public administrations. In this perspective, an analysis of the role of the territorial …


The Organisational Culture of Vietnamese and Chinese Corporations: Do Age and Gender Make a Difference?

Globalisation has developed the requirement for superiors to manage worldwide organisations across cultures successfully. Comprehending and setting up proper organisational cultures for corporations are urgent tasks for international leaders and …


The Impact of in-Service Training and Motivation on Job Performance of Technical & Vocational Education Teachers: Role of Person-Job Fit

In-service education and training (INSET), motivation and person-job fit of workers are considered vital for the performance of employees. The focused purpose of the study is to examine the associations between in-service training and motivation …


The Determinants of Performance Management Outcomes in Public Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Role of National Culture and Organizational Subcultures

Performance management is one of the hottest topics in most countries today, and the rush for performance reforms has become a norm in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, few attempts have been made to explore the cultural dimension of public …


The Opportunities and Constraints to Collaboration in Public Sector Management

This article synthesizes current insights about the opportunities and constraints to collaborative public management. Despite the swath of research on collaboration there has been little attempt to present the opportunities and constraints in a …

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Public Organization Review seeks to advance knowledge of public organizations around the world. Its focus is on `public', broadly defined, to include governmental, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations, and their impacts on human life and society, as well as their influence in shaping human civilization. The Review publishes empirical, theoretical, analytical and historical articles of high academic quality that contribute to the advancement of understanding `public' organizations. Of particular interest are (1) studies of public organizations and their administration at all levels of analysis; (2) studies of intra and interorganizational relationships, including interactions with private corporations, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations; (3) studies of state and society, politics and market, social change and public organizations, and globalization and national governance/administration; (4) studies of organizational theory, behavior, change, development, leadership, policy, and management; (5) studies of organization-elite, organizational elite-mass citizens, and public-private sector interface; and (6) studies that further the cause of the common good and contribute to a humane civilization.

This journal is significant as it focuses on public organizations at every level anywhere in the world. The Journal is unique in that it is devoted entirely to these types of public organizations as the central forces in shaping the structure, directions, changes, and progress in society and civilization, as well as their centrality in the process of governance and administration of society.

The journal is published, in English, four times a year. Following the standard, anonymous-referee procedure, all manuscripts are subject to the review of the Editor and the Editorial Board. The journal commits itself to a timely response.

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