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01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1-2/2011

Annals of Telecommunications 1-2/2011

Quality assurance of voice over WLANs (VoWLANs) with differentiated services

Badis Tebbani, Kamel Haddadou, Guy Pujolle


Several technical issues make commercial and large voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN) services difficult to provide. The most challenging issue when voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are ran over IEEE 802.11-based WLANs is the bandwidth inefficiency due to the considerable overhead associated with WLAN packet transmission. In this work, we propose a session-based quality-of-service management architecture (SQoSMA) to overcome the low number of VoIP calls in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs and the negative effect of new call addition when the WLAN reaches its capacity. The SQoSMA combines data and control planes to detect VoWLAN QoS degradations and performs either an adaptive audio codec switching or a call stopping to fix VoWLAN issues in a differentiated services manner. In addition, our solution deals with user sessions information, by considering user priority (from its agreement) to guarantee a certain level of its multimedia applications. Performance evaluation using a real test-bed shows that call codec change and call stopping techniques can easily assure high-priority calls with acceptable call blocking probability.

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