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Quality & Quantity 4/2018
Quality & Quantity

Ausgabe 4/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (27 Artikel)


Women and corruption: evidence from multinational panel data
Yu Hao, Chun-Ping Chang, Zao Sun

21.08.2017 | Erratum

Erratum to: Women and corruption: evidence from multinational panel data
Yu Hao, Chun-Ping Chang, Zao Sun


Skills and labour incomes: how unequal is Italy as part of the Southern European countries?
Antonio Garofalo, Rosalia Castellano, Gennaro Punzo, Gaetano Musella


Class diversification, economic growth and urban sprawl: evidences from a pre-crisis European city
Cesare Di Feliciantonio, Luca Salvati, Efthymia Sarantakou, Kostas Rontos

Open Access 24.07.2017

A classification of response scale characteristics that affect data quality: a literature review
Anna DeCastellarnau


Agricultural exports and economic growth in Pakistan: an econometric reassessment
Khalid Mahmood, Shehla Munir


Campaign dynamics of cognitive accessibility of political judgments: measuring the impact of campaigns and campaign events using response latencies in two German rolling cross section studies
Jochen Mayerl, Thorsten Faas


A mixed-mode sensitive research on cannabis use and sexual addiction: improving self-reporting by means of indirect questioning techniques
Pier Francesco Perri, Beatriz Cobo Rodríguez, María del Mar Rueda García

Open Access 25.07.2017

Human values and beliefs and concern about climate change: a Bayesian longitudinal analysis
Gabriele Prati, Luca Pietrantoni, Cinzia Albanesi


Modelling bullying propagation in Spain: a quantitative and qualitative approach
Elena De la Poza, Lucas Jódar, Lucía Ramírez


Measuring differences in economic standard of living between immigrant communities in Italy
Francesco Schirripa Spagnolo, Antonella D’Agostino, Nicola Salvati


Personal relationships in the digital age: three female academics’ qualitative research
Saveria Capecchi


Can problem-solving attitudes explain the gender gap in financial literacy? Evidence from Italian students’ data
Sergio Longobardi, Margherita Maria Pagliuca, Andrea Regoli


The economic cost of the Islamic State on the Syrian and Iraqi economies
Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada, Alam Khan, Donghyun Park


A comparison of qualitatively and quantitatively driven analytic procedures of psychotherapeutic group sessions with deviant adolescents
Eugenio De Gregorio, Ivana Tagliafico, Alfredo Verde

Open Access 04.09.2017

Conflicting perceptions on participation between citizens and members of local government
Seyed Hamid Mohammadi, Sharifah Norazizan, Hedayat Allah Nikkhah


Immigration, socio-economic conditions and crime: a cross-sectional versus cross-sectional time-series perspective
Luigi M. Solivetti


The quantitative and qualitative evolution of the social security research
Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada, Evangelos Koutronas


The U-shaped relationship between happiness and age: evidence using world values survey data
Edsel L. Beja Jr.


Multicollinearity in regression: an efficiency comparison between Lp-norm and least squares estimators
Massimiliano Giacalone, Demetrio Panarello, Raffaele Mattera


Impact of women empowerment on rural development in Southern Punjab, Pakistan
Irfan Ahmad Baig, Zarmina Batool, Asghar Ali, Sajjad Ahmad Baig, Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman


Does economic performance affect officials’ turnover? Evidence from municipal government leaders in China
Yaobo Shi, Chun-Ping Chang, Chyi-Lu Jang, Yu Hao

Open Access 14.09.2017

Saturation in qualitative research: exploring its conceptualization and operationalization
Benjamin Saunders, Julius Sim, Tom Kingstone, Shula Baker, Jackie Waterfield, Bernadette Bartlam, Heather Burroughs, Clare Jinks


Border is better than distance? Contagious corruption in one belt one road economies
Gen-Fu Feng, Bo Sui, Min-Yi Dong, Chun-xia Jiang, Chun-Ping Chang

Open Access 03.10.2017

A mathematical approach to study and forecast racial groups interactions: deterministic modeling and scenario method
Goran Dominioni, Addolorata Marasco, Alessandro Romano

Open Access 13.11.2017

Confounding and collinearity in regression analysis: a cautionary tale and an alternative procedure, illustrated by studies of British voting behaviour
Ron Johnston, Kelvyn Jones, David Manley


Assessing information integration processes: a comparison of findings obtained with between-subjects designs versus within-subjects designs
Etienne Mullet, Gérard Chasseigne



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