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Quality & Quantity 6/2019

Ausgabe 6/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

25.04.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

Measurement of attitudes towards homosexuality: testing measurement invariance across European countries

Jan Gromadzki

14.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The role of social control in Brazilian homicide rates

Sandro de Freitas Ferreira, Suzana Quinet de Andrade Bastos, Admir Antonio Betarelli Junior

15.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

A methodology for cross-national comparative focus group research: illustrations from discussions about political protest

Maarten Johannes van Bezouw, Anastasia Garyfallou, Ioana-Elena Oană, Sebastien Rojon

07.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

How do we tell authoritarian diffusion from illusion? Exploring methodological issues of qualitative research on authoritarian diffusion

Thomas Ambrosio, Jakob Tolstrup

28.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

An alternative update of the two-step QCA procedure

Tim Haesebrouck

25.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Hysteresis of unemployment rates in Africa: new findings from Fourier ADF test

OlaOluwa S. Yaya, Ahamuefula E. Ogbonna, Robert Mudida

01.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The economic Gordian Knot of Brexit: an East and Southeast Asian perspective

Ruiz Estrada Mario Arturo, Evangelos Koutronas, Donghyun Park

29.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Italians’ general satisfaction and perception of the country’s priority problems: A regional analysis of the phenomenon and its evolution from 2000 to 2015

Domenico Tucci, Lorella Sicuro, Domenico Di Spalatro, Fabrizio Maturo

30.05.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Food risk communication: analysis of the media coverage of food risk on Italian online daily newspapers

Barbara Tiozzo, Anna Pinto, Federico Neresini, Stefano Sbalchiero, Nicoletta Parise, Mirko Ruzza, Licia Ravarotto

07.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Modelling the relationship between financing by Islamic banking system and environmental quality: evidence from bootstrap autoregressive distributive lag with Fourier terms

Sakiru Adebola Solarin

15.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

A cross-regional analysis of military expenditure, state fragility and economic growth in Africa

Charles Shaaba Saba, Nicholas Ngepah

10.06.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Interpersonal communication, voting behavior and influence in election campaigns: a directional approach

Moreno Mancosu

03.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The anthropological and ethnographic approaches to social representations theory: a systematic meta-theoretical analysis of publications based on empirical studies

Annamaria Silvana de Rosa, Laura Arhiri

03.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

Correlation of military expenditures and economic growth: lessons for Romania

Oana Ramona Lobont, Oana Ramona Glont, Leonardo Badea, Sorana Vatavu

01.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The effect of physical factors on crowd walking behavior at religious gatherings

Poojari Yugendar, K. V. R. Ravishankar

14.08.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

Putting ‘political’ back in political trust: an IRT test of the unidimensionality and cross-national equivalence of political trust measures

T. W. G. van der Meer, E. Ouattara

16.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

Focus group methodology: some ethical challenges

Julius Sim, Jackie Waterfield

15.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Viewing the advantages and disadvantages of modern democratic political system from the political philosophy system of Confucianism in China

Xin Luo Yang

31.07.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019 Open Access

Do interactions cancel associations of subjective well-being with individual-level socioeconomic characteristics? An exploratory analysis using the European Social Survey

Takis Venetoklis

10.08.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

The power of the President: a quantitative narrative analysis of the Diary of an Italian head of state (2006–2013)

Mauro Tebaldi, Marco Calaresu, Alberto Purpura

06.08.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Does economic growth cause military expenditure to go up? Using MF-VAR model

Feng-Li Lin, Mei-Chih Wang

23.08.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

Psychometric validation of Atest-EF and attention profile of students during physical education classes

Jorge Santos, João Petrica, João Serrano, Marco Batista, Samuel Honório, Luís Maia

21.08.2019 | Ausgabe 6/2019

(Moral) philosophy and (moral) theology can function as (behavioural) science: a methodological framework for interdisciplinary research

Fabio Zagonari

12.09.2019 | Retraction Note | Ausgabe 6/2019

Retraction Note: Estimation of the most influential science and technology factors for economic growth forecasting by soft computing technique

Dušan Marković, Igor Mladenović, Miloš Milovančević

12.09.2019 | Retraction Note | Ausgabe 6/2019

Retraction Note: Determination of the most influential factors for number of patents prediction by adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique

Miloš Milovančević, Dušan Marković, Vlastimir Nikolić, Igor Mladenović

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